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  1. I am using Nod32 AntiVirus. Already on the road....would you point Pieter to how to solve that issue?
  2. Yes, actually I did :-) No clue how that happened, but the OldProp certificate was listed in the store from untrustworthy certificates (go look in the Internet Explorer control panel, there certificates). Once I removed it from there installation worked fine.
  3. I just bought ChasePlane and have downloaded and installed VFXCentral. When VFXCentral starts the first time you see an update dialog counting towards 100% and then a dialog box saying "Downloaded file is not signed from OldProp Solutions Inc." In the temp folder I can find a file auto_updater.exe, which cannot run directly because it expects some parameter (saying "Missing update args"). The system OS is Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.192] 64-bit. Your help is most appreciated!
  4. I more than happily wait for that. Most appreciated, thanks again!
  5. Could I please ask you to make that utility available again? The link is broken. Thank you very much! Martin
  6. I just went through several re-installs of FSX and then did a system switch from XP to Vista because of this :-)I never realized that is is supposed to be snow. I was scanning the forums for smoke and debris flying when taxiing on the runway. I suspected wrong altitude levels causing tis effect and finally was sure that my DVD media was installing a corrupted file.After I posted screen shots somebody told me that this is the MS interpretation from snow. I am an imaginary guy, but that thought never occurred to me.Well, now I have FSX on Vista and I am even more satisfied than before. And yes, how the original poster said: this is the one completely unacceptable thing I have seen in FSX. Nobody knows an alternative?Cheers,Martin
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