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  1. I am experienced in vox ATC as I used it in fsx and p3d and I loved it, I've been eagerly awaiting it to release fir msfs, even contacted vua email for notifications on release. Can I have a link to the discord please as the one above says expired. Also if you need a tester for the new software using VR I'm happy to test it out for you. Thanks.
  2. I believe VOX ATC is very close to being ready for msfs now, can't wait.
  3. Well I'm still hoping vox atc are developing for msfs, but to date I still haven't seen anything about it on there news feed, very disappointing.
  4. Yeah I was starting to come to that conclusion myself, I do get sounds from my satellite speakers, but when I come to render a YouTube video 5.1 surround sound is not an option. Im really surprised msfs isn't 5.1 surround sound as FSX and P3D were.
  5. Funnily enough I got the trial for dts and it turned my surround sound off in Windows, I had to go and reconfigure the whole setup, and msfs was only in stereo with it as well, so I won't be purchasing that either. Its weird because in fsx and p3d when I was creating my YouTube videos it always gave me the option to select 5.1 surround sound for my clips but I don't get that option with msfs.
  6. I have a dedicated 5.1 surround sound system connected to my creative x fi titanium fatal1ty sound card, is this dts sound unbound app a free app for pc or is it a purchase or subscription please. Also how easy is it to set it up for a pc to surround sound system please?
  7. Hi, OK I've run the navdata reader. I normally fly around the UK, I'm not getting any chatter, it's found a frequency to use that was near my location, so it wasn't saying out of range, or com 2 not powered, but I'm not hearing any chatter, is this down to the fact you're not allowed to record UK ATC chatter ? OK, I've fixed it, for some reason it was locked onto a Gloucester frequency, when it should of been on a frequency near Farnborough. I shut down the software and re launched it, and hey presto I've got chatter, cool.
  8. Thanks Mark that's great, I will check out the link you've provided, still haven't started my trial period of pilot2atc yet, I was waiting for the sim update before I tried it.
  9. Would it be fair to say that this software will work better with pilot2atc activating the live chatter. I usually fly in the UK but I found out of range for most of my flight, I did get some chatter on the odd occasion.
  10. Well I mostly fly vfr, and with the JF piper arrow, I think msfs is the best currently available for that.
  11. I Really enjoyed voxatc in FSX, then had it when I moved to P3d, I've been looking at pilot2atc for msfs, but having used voxatc I definitely prefer the way voxatc functions to pilot2atc, with pilot2atc you have to go to a selection box and select the different controllers you want to speak to, where as vox ATC sort instructs you to let's say, contact ground, on the relevant frequency, and then you can't move forward until you've tuned your radio to that frequency, then the text you need to speak is there ready for you, if like me you don't always remember what you should say. I know pilot2atc does show you the text to speak, but the whole process seems a bit clunky. Come on voxatc join the party.
  12. Always good to have someone who knows what that are talking about to clarify what is going in in the inner workings of the pc.
  13. Well it took around 3 hours of testing various nvidia settings and msfs settings, nvidia settings in the vsync box I tried adaptive, adaptive half refresh rate, which is what I used to use in FSX and p3d, but it didn't cure the screen tearing, and allow the 3d application to control vsync. In the sim I tried vsync on and off and 60 fps locked and 30fps locked, alongside all the other nvidia vsync settings. Best settings for my system and TV screen is, vsync on in the sim, fps locked at 30 fps. Nvidia control panel settings for the 3d application are allow the 3d application to control vsync and triple buffering set to on. This is now the smoothest I've ever had msfs 2020.
  14. OK, I have my 5.1 surround sound set up and working in Windows, but I don't see any option in msfs 2020 to use 5.1 surround sound, am I missing something or does it just use automatically, thanks.
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