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  1. I see from lionheart creations that the default sound set being used in p3d v4 is from the commander 114, which Arezone also do a sound set for, so which sound set is the one to go for, the mooney or the commander, thanks.
  2. Really hope So, as a year later I now have the pro version of AI lights reborn. I know traffic 360 works, which I also have, and I have traffic x, the original ai software I purchased, but I won't put that back on. I may remove traffic global for now until it works and run traffic 360.
  3. Hi Guys, I met you at the Cosford flight sim show and I was very impressed with your product, I hadn't heard of you before the show, even though I've been flight simming for 15 years or so. When we chatted you told me the product wasn't working with JF global traffic but you were in discussion with them as to how to get it working. Just wondering whether you had any success at getting your fantastic product to work with it yet. Thanks.
  4. I'm glad it isn't just my system that got slammed then. I've gone back to horizon genx and treescapes for now, & will wait for the patch from orbx.
  5. Anyone had a go at getting just flights revolution x in p3d v4 over horizon genx Scenery, as all my folders are renamed the revolution x installer can't find the genx installs, I tried temporarily re naming back to default but that didn't work either. Think I need to manually extract all the folders but they aren't named for a particular area so I don't know which one goes where.
  6. Ok, thanks for the reply. I will check that link out. The folder currently lives where the installer put it. I haven't had time to fly around to see if the landmarks are working or not.
  7. Thanks, I've managed to get them working. Only thing I've noticed is in UK central there is an additional scenery folder that when opened up contains agn files, I can't add this folder, not sure what it is or what they do, could be something to do with Snowdon demo.
  8. I tried to get my horizon genx scenery that was installed in P3D V3.4 into V4, I tried manually adding them in the P3D scenery add on page, but it often said a scenery of this name was already installed, as a lot of scenery folders have the same name for the different regions, so that didn't work. I then tried Lorby but that kept telling me their were no scenery files in the folders I was selecting, even though their was. I have since un installed all of my P3D v3.4 and sceneries, & then tried to install horizon gen x, it came back after installing the first area telling me I would need to add the scenery manually as it wasn't able to change the scenery cfg. Back to square one and still not installed. I'm at a loss as what to do.
  9. No I don't have that much ssd space but I do on hdd. SSD is getting cheaper all the time, I currently have 2 x 250 and 1 x 500 samsung pro drives a 500 velociraptor and a 2 tb hdd. I spent last night deleting all my P3D V3.4 installs so now I have loads of space to build on my V4 install.
  10. I used horizon gen x + treescapes and uk2000 airfields, then I added just flights revolution x which adds trees, bushes and buildings, it really is quite effective but in P3D V3.4 I very quickly get to oom. I need to now un install all my V3.4 install for space and re install all into my V4 install. Only thing that will be more difficult to do will be all my earth simulations packages, not so sure how to do them. That said I will still get the orbx true earth UK packages as they come out as they do look great, it will be interesting to see how they run on my machine as it struggles with Netherlands a bit.
  11. John at Orbx confirmed to me we won't be getting seasonal textures in true earth UK. Shame.
  12. Yes I agree, I don't blindly buy products from every producer, I support the ones I know to be good, A2A, PMDG, Majestic and Just flight fill my hanger. I wouldn't know they were good without reviews and forums expressing opinions. I do believe in evaluating a product, it just frustrates me when people bicker about something they haven't tried.
  13. Well I've been simming for many years now and have purchased every weather engine and every cloud texture program going. I do this solely to try it, give it a go. Some I like some I don't. It is without doubt active sky is the best weather engine and for me I've really enjoyed Rex soft cloud textures. I have bought every Rex texture product released and have admired the way they have often given us free upgrades. There is obviously some disappointment that the new product isn't what some thought it would be, I am yet to install it as I've been ill all week, but I have purchased it. I think about the sad loss of earth simulations who made photo sceneries with hand placed autogen because not enough simmers bothered to purchase it, why wouldn't a flight simmer want real scenery below them with all the buildings, bridges and trees etc properly placed to match real world. How unhappy do we get when we lose good add on developers, just think before you slam someone down. I am still looking forward to trying skyforce 3d.
  14. Hi all, After further testing it happens on all aircraft on initial loading, if I change aircraft after loading it corrects itself. If I change from full screen to windowed it goes offset again, changing aircraft corrects it again. Closing P3D down I can see it is doing something odd with the screen resolution. I'm wondering if it is something to do with Nvidia DSR factors.
  15. Seems to be just the default aircraft that have the cockpit view problem.
  16. Hi, no I don't have ezdock or chase plane. I have a totally vanilla P3D V4 install at the moment, least until I sort the stutters , & now the weird cockpit view.
  17. Hi all, I have a really goodV3.4 install but my V4 is stuttery so I have tended to not bother with it. Every now and again I see something to help with the stutters so I give it a try. After loading up the default F22 at the default airport my view is not central in the cockpit but is also looking off to the left & zoomed in. I tried rebuilding the cfg, changing screen resolutions, & changing from wide screen view on & off. Nothing so far has put the view right. Any ideas anyone please ?
  18. Ok, I will have a go with the recommendation. I don't hold out much hope as it was stuttery with no add ons. I tried the same settings as V3.4 + lowering and raising the settings. Nothing got rid of the stutters. Oddly both Nvidia control panel and I Spector only show 1 P3D exe, being black icon for V4. Even if I manually add V3.4 icon when I go back the blue V3.4 icon has gone. V3.4 runs nicely V4.1 doesn't even though the cpu core utilisation is really good.
  19. Hi, I have a 3700k @ 4.5 GHz, 16 gig 2133 MHz ram, 3 Samsung SSD, 250 gig for op system & scenery 500 gig for P3D, EVGA classified 780 gpu. I get the same stutter with totally default everything & with add ons. It has done it from the first install.
  20. Mmm. It made no difference on my pc. My frames are jumping all over the place, even down to 8 FPS here & there. I've tried turning settings down / up & in the middle, it makes no difference.
  21. I just recently moved from V3.4 to V4 and have had micro stutters and came across this thread. I will definitely try 59 Hz refresh rate. Thanks.
  22. It isn't a true full screen mode, yes it fills the screen, but i'm not sure what the actual term for it is but it isn't a proper full screen mode like what we had in FSX. This can be proved by recording with Nvidia geforce recording, you have to have capture desktop acctivated or else it doesn't record anything. This suedo full screen mode also limts the way vsync works for half refresh rate. I had a really smooth sim with FSX, with P3D even with all its updates is still not smooth on my PC, especially when looking to the sides in full cockpit mode.
  23. I've been waiting for them to give us back the full screen mode and better AA, but that never happens.
  24. Hi all, I thought I had a problem with my UK2000 larger airports with scenery shading. During my investigations, un installing re installing, moving scenery priorities etc I finally decided to disable all add on sceneries and it would appear the fault is with the default scenery shading as well. Any clues how to fix this please ? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g0bwvet1s7dj02v/AAAFSWyrTOF1c_nTsZAJAcz9a?dl=0
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