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  1. BeyondATC looks like a very immersive add-on and experience to me. I am really exited about its eventual release and for me it is a must buy. It is the long-awaited missing link in flight simulation; realistic ATC and live interaction with other aircrafts. I have tried many other programs but there were always immersion killers, at least in my experience. From what I have seen so far (video’s, communications on Discord), I have every faith that Captain is going to pull this one off. I do not understand why people are suspicious about its properties and negative that no release date has yet been announced. Let’s give the developer some credits and slack .... I have waited for years for such an addon; a few more weeks or months will not make the difference. I rather have a well-developed and stable program than a (pre)beta release taking for ever to mature.
  2. SierraDelt, respectfully, you are referring to another video that is showcasing BeyondATC. What I was pointing out is an actual intervieuw witrh the developer
  3. OverKillSimulations just published an insightful interview with the developer of beyondATC on YouTube.
  4. BeyondATC does not contol AI aircraft simply because MSFS2020 does not allow it. But can't it 'read' the postition, speed etc. of individual AI plains such that at least BeyondATC can account for that in the intructions given to the pilot flying? For example; wait and hold instructions until a plane has landed or has taken off, speed restrictions in the air to maintain separation (maybe even entering holds)?
  5. This update of FSHud looks very interesting to me. For years I have been searching for an easy to use and immersive ATC program that takes notice of the surrounding traffic. If all what is promised is going to be delivered in this new version, it should be referred to as version FsHud 2.0 rather than FsHud 1.3! It looks very feature risk and promises to deliver things that have never done before. Is it correct that there are no videos out of the new capabilities of the program? I am especially interested in the interaction (and commands by ATC) of the surrounding traffic. In all the videos that I watched of FSHub I was never able to find footage of this (maybe my bad and if you can direct me that would be appreciated). Keep up the good work and I will be watching you! Marco
  6. Hi all and Nico, I started to use PSXT and Realtraffic (and AIG models) this month (I went for the one month Euro 9,95 subscription to test) and I am blown away by its realism and the amount of traffic around me. Real pitty that Fenix does not depict the live traffic (yet?). With the PMDG 737 it is really exciting to be on an approach and see all the traffic on the STAR/appoach on the radar in front of you (and from the cockpit window if the plane is closer by!). The realism as compared to what is actually going on on FlightRadar24 is amazing. To me this is one of those add-ons that has really upped the game to a new level of realism. Thanks Nico for making this availbale to the community for free! I can imagine that for some the 89 Euro subsription fee is a lot of money, but to me it is worth every penny. When in doubt, do what I did and go for the one month subscription of Euro 9,95 to make up your mind and decide whether it works for you. best wishes, Marco
  7. Dear Nico, I am having a problem with the 5.0 version of VMRGenerator. It is probably my ignorance but I seem not to be able to solve it on my own ….. I downloaded a few liveries from the WoAI website and installed the models in my SimObject directory. When starting VMRGenerator it begins searching for folders with AI aircraft, but nothing is found (?) What am I doing wrong? In previous versions of VMRGenerator I had to choose between a 32 and a 64 bit version. In the download package of the 5.0 version there is only one exe file (?) I hope that you are able to put me on the right track because I really like your nifty program! Thanks in advance for your help. hartelijke groet, Marco Bruno (NL)
  8. You don't have to. Just set your air traffic percentage in P3D at 0%. If you do not you will get an error message and PSXseeconTraffic shuts down. This program really works wonders; this afternoon I witnessed go around of a Lufthansa 747 at Frankfurt both on FlightRadar24 and P3D; live, like being there; amazing! Marco bruno
  9. This looks like a very promising program bringing our hobby to an even higher level. I installed the program but ran into some issues of which I hope some of you could help me. After installing RealTraffic 3.0.6 I do not seem to receive any traffic In the Traffic Display; what I see are the two black circles and in red NO TRAFFIC. I tried to follow some of the suggestions from this thread like changing localhost in etc, but nothing works. Do I need to make some extra configuration changes in my router/modem? Any help would be greatly appropriated! Marco Bruno.
  10. Hi Jakub, Beautiful pictures and well balanced realistic colors and brightness. Would you be willing to share your settings? Thanks! Marco Bruno
  11. I followed these steps but still am confronted with some odd behavior of EZdok. Every time I switch to the aircraft view, I first get some strangely positioned view and only the second time I click the assigned aircraft view button on the EZdok layout (or hit the assigned keyboard of joystick button I get the view that I programmed. I tried everything including deleting all views and start from scratch, but the problem remains. Any ideas how to solve this? Just for reference; could you share how your aircraft.cfg looks like after the edit? If you say disable views on the right MCDU do you mean not to save any views of the right MCDU in an EZdok view? Your help is much appreciated! Marco Bruno
  12. http://fsfx.oldprop.com/en/777Immersion/ Amazing.... Take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jb9VfzwWFk This takes the 777 to yet another level. Happy holidays! Marco Bruno
  13. Very handy indeed, Thanks very much for the efforts you put into this. I love AISIDSTAR and your tool really helps to enjoy it even more. Keep up the good work! Marco Bruno
  14. Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try!best wishes,Marco Bruno
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