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  1. So I flew in an SR22 today and watched the pilot go through all the pages. That’s why I asked. He modified the flight plan as we flew from khto to Klom. I sure wish the SR22 in MSFS worked better.
  2. Sounds wonderful, I love GA stuff as that’s all I fly. So are there additional pages on this new g1000 nxi like a full engine page , checklist page , options for different maps, traffic alert options, etc?
  3. Wow so you really increased the effect. So what's the change feel like? Have you tried it in a fast plane? I tried the vertigo and it was moving all over the place.
  4. So i tried this change and I "think" it made a difference. It's hard to compare when not testing side by side. I think I like it though it may be slightly overdone with doubled numbers. The angle of the panel seems to move more up and down when compared to the bottom of the screen. Very easydok like as stated. It does make the planes more twitchy and fast planes even more twitchy. And for some reason, it seems to make me notice the stutters more,,,though I have no idea why that would be. Great find!
  5. Here's another idea...the app is called flight planner and it generates flight plans around various places around the world. It also has plans around famous or notable sites in MSFS. https://flightsim.to/file/13148/grand-tour-flight-planner
  6. Does this plane have the "aged and worn" look of a plane of this vintage?
  7. There are a bunch of free conversions from FSX to MSFS with mixed cockpits at Flightsim.to. The authors loudly proclaim that they do not have a realistic flight model. I like to try them out and I think they are often fun to fly. They are also easily erased if one doesn't like them. I do realize this is not the same as someone charging for similar conversions. I guess if they are totally up front about what they are selling, then it's not so terrible. If, however they pretend these planes are something they are not, then that's just wrong.
  8. I thought it was advised that the WT G1000 should be renamed to aworking title so it would get loaded first. Is this still true?
  9. I think these planes are fun. If I didn’t know what the real cockpit looks like, I’d believe the one that’s used. Anyway all the functions are there and there is no harm trying it out.
  10. Is there a setting to modify those carts? In my local store the freewheeling casters are getting annoying. Totally unrealistic…
  11. So what actually constitutes a realistic flight model? Adherence to the POH, stall performance, sensitivity to controls, adverse yaw, turbulence effects, rudder effectiveness, ground handling , etc? GA planes, airliners, gliders…. not easy to lump it all into one single thing
  12. As much as I love the arrow 3, I’m having trouble getting excited about these new turbo add ons. Cockpit looks the same, performance is similar....I don’t get it. I seldom fly above 10000 feet and if I did I’d use a faster plane like the A36 turbo mod. Are they really that different from the pa28? Even at the cheap price, I’ll wait for the warrior I think. Just my opinion, fwiw
  13. Sorry I missed the updates listed for the g1000 and g3000. How about the plane mods...are they working?
  14. I'm mainly interested in the G1000 and G3000. Are they working in the new version? How about the Mods for the planes, like A36 turbo, 152, etc?
  15. So Just flight is supposedly coming out with both planes, but the turbo arrow probably first. Which one to get? The turbo seems not that different from the PA28, which is great plane. It will be discounted though for owners of the PA28. How does the Warrior fit into the GA lineup between the Pa28, the A36 and the Mooney? What’s your preference?
  16. A Slightly different approach. Fly tourists on a ride through Arches National Park, Utah. Download the Arches scenery from flightsim.to, Take off from Canyonlands Field Airport, KCNY in your H135 Helicopter. Follow route 191 to the entrance to the park and hang a left to enter the park. Follow the roads and hover around the amazing scenery. Finally, head northwest towards the airport and land in one of Heli spots. A very satisfying ride and only takes 30-45 minutes. I guess this could be a bush trip too.
  17. I don't understand this talk about money..no developer is getting rich developing for MFS.
  18. I think the old sim FLY had better atc, as I recall.
  19. I think this is precisely what the dev had in mind...and it does have a definite basis in reality. Not much chance any of us could really fly the real thing.
  20. I didn’t buy a 3080 to slow it down. It also has a loud fan noise in graphic applications as well...that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them. It just the price of doing business , but I think it should be water cooled if it gets that hot. My corvette has a mode to open up the butterfly valves and wake up the neighborhood. I actually paid for that..hehe.
  21. My 3080 fan is loud when I run Msfs... very annoying. Computer is dead quite otherwise.
  22. What’s your vector, Victor? Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  23. I wish you could zoom away from the plane, but not change the zoom of the landscape. Not possible in external view, but maybe in drone.
  24. If I recall. It’s the engine switches that turn on the FADEC. Not at all obvious.
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