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  1. If possible, increase RAM to 16 GB. Make sure it's dual channel. In my laptop, going from single to dual channel did wonders to my performance. In my desktop I have the same GPU as yours. No complaints at all in v4.5.
  2. I'm a bit younger than you all: barely 36 years old, simming since I was 20 (with FS9, which I still fire up sometimes). I think 2020 and 2021 were the years I flew the most from my sims. But I can say that in these two years I spent in addons (and sims) almost the same money I spent in normal times (i.e., between 2006 and 2019), and that's not including hardware.
  3. For your question #4, you're doing fine with setting 30 FPS as a limit with RTSS. I see 4 options: - Lock FPS at 30 in RTSS (as you do already). - Lock FPS in P3D, to whatever value suits you best (preferably 30 or above). - Lock FPS in NI/RTSS to whatever value suits you best. - No lock at all anywhere (but will your CPU and GPU handle this)? - A trick more suited to FPS games, that I saw in Blurbusters: set a FPS lock slightly below your max refresh rate (i.e., 234 Hz give or take). Sincerly, I doubt P3D will reach those high refresh rates without temperature concerns, so I guess the first 3 options should be better. I'd prefer the second option (internal lock), since G-sync would avoid the stutter issue that appears with internal lock+fixed refresh rate.
  4. I've been merging these planes this weekend. I was 90% successful doing so. I started using the guide available at https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=171593. I was able to make all lights work (including VC flood), but I have yet to tune the AP (specially FLC mode, which is not working as in the 757). However, I couldn't find any spec or bump maps to add.How did you do so? Not needed. However, the merge must be in the same Simobjects folder where the QW757 is installed. This means no way to install using addon.xml. Confirmed needed. Failure to do so will result in blank displays. This is a problem for the 763 GE models: I had to use a folder for PW+RR and another one for GE. Since I use GSX, I had to duplicate them for allowing versions with or without L2 boarding. For the 762 should be easier (there are no 762 with RR engines AFAIK, so a single folder can be enough).
  5. I guess you're using RTSS Scanline X/2. What I understand is that you need to do 4 things: 1) Connect your monitor to your GPU using a DP cable (at least DP 1.2). I understand HDMI does not work for G-sync. 2) Enable G-sync in your monitor. 3) Enable G-sync in Nvidia Control Panel. 4) Change your framelock method from Scanline X/2 to either RTSS Framerate limiter or even the internal limiter. With G-Sync, you won´t need Scanline anymore. Set whatever FPS value suits you better. In theory, G-sync should synchronize refresh rate to this value. I'm still stuck in step 1, DP cables are too expensive here.
  6. Dear all, I've been reading all @SteveW´s posts regarding Affinity Mask in P3D v4.5. I've finally understood that, while HT off + no AM would be easier to setup, HT on with an adequate AM will yield better results. Also, I understand I need to send my addons (namely PF3 and ActiveSky) to the last core. For my laptop (i5-8300H, 4 cores, 8 threads), I have no option but leaving AM on. According to this post from SteveW, AM=85 (for reproducing HT off) is a good value, and AM=245 (leave Core0 and Core1 with only 1 LP for P3D) is even better. Now, I've just built a desktop with a Ryzen 5 5600X (manually overclocked to 4.5 GHz), 16 GB RAM and a GTX1650 (not paying more for a GPU these days), using an aftermarket CPU air cooler. I tried without any AM, with both SMT on and off: with SMT on, I get almost 7-9ºC higher, but I felt a smoother sim (very important when approaching KJFK 31L with 100% AI and real weather). However, I'm not sure how to extrapolate the 4-core AM=245 to a 6-core CPU: - I can just fill the additional cores with 1s, i.e., AM=11,11,11,11,01,01=4085 - Somewhere in your posts I read that P3D can dedicate up to 3 cores for itself, and then spread and share workload for all other cores. I.e., AM=11,11,11,01,01,01=4053 - Just assign 1 LP per core to P3D, similar to AM=85 in a quad-core. I.e, AM=01,01,01,01,01,01=1365. I keep FPS limited at 30 via RTSS, and unlocked in the sim. Since each system would be different, how should I test to get the best AM for me? I mean, I know the input variable will be the AM, but what should I be measuring as an output? I could test CPU temperature peak or just do a subjective evaluation of P3D's smoothness and loading times. What do you suggest? I'm lost.
  7. Sorry, I've just seen your message. Have you tried downloading the plane again from the Library here? I remember I used the freeware iFly 744 in a similar system (Athlon 64X2 4000+ and a GeForce FX5500, 1 GB RAM). Back then I didn't like VCs at all for airliners, so I don't know if it ran or not. Regarding my Xbox controller, I just plugged it. It's a wired one, so maybe this helps (also, I have no Xbox at all).
  8. I have neither seen a total one, but I had 2 close experiences: - One was in 2019, here in Argentina. 100% totality line was 100 km south of where I was, but at the time I needed to leave I was stuck in a meeting. After the meeting, I went to the highest place in the neighborhood (just a 1-km walk away), where we could watch the eclipse undisturbed by buildings. Well, not at 100% totality, but something close (I guess it was 91%). I had bought a welder lens just in case. Since it was at late afternoon (in winter), I was lucky enough to experience a double dusk that day. I mean, from daylight to almost darkness, then back to daylight and then back to darkness in less than 90 minutes? Unforgettable 😁 - Another one was in 2006, when I was still living in Colombia. I had no idea there was an eclipse that day. Anyway, I was in a welding course, and then I saw lots of people looking at the sun. When someone confirmed me they were looking at an eclipse, I donned my welding mask again, this time for watching the show. Lucky me...
  9. Not for FSX, since the NGXu was released for P3D. I never agreed with this policy of stopping sales just because so...
  10. As you may see in my signature, sometimes (when I'm mobile) I use an Xbox controller for FS. I've tried it in FS9 and P3D4, with no issue at all. For throttle, since now there are no gamepads with something that can be used as throttle, what I've done is to set one of the analog sticks and divide it into 5 zones: Increase throttle, Increase throttle small, decrease throttle, decrease throttle small, and a dead zone where nothing happens. For conventional throttled aircraft, it should be OK. However, the only Airbus planes I've tried this approach are the old Wilco and the older PSS buses for FS9. I'm sure it won't work with the Aerosoft one, but I don't know if a gamepad will work with the FSL buses.
  11. Which 737? NGX (originally developed for FSX, ported later to P3D4, with 2D panel) or NGXu (developed from scratch for v4 and v5, no 2D panel at all)? Also, which P3D version? There are 3 for sale as of now.
  12. Well, it's strange: I've purchased it last night and installed it into P3D. However, I saw no overwrite warnings at all. Maybe because I didn´t install the any other Lionheart planes in my new rig? The default Mooney Acclaim does not count. Anyway, at $7.48, it was a steal...
  13. Is it me, or now I'm seeing a 75% off? Looks like a fine single for replacing their (or LM's default) Mooney Acclaim in P3D4. I was getting tired of the FSX/P3D G1000. How good is this bird? Try asking either PC Aviator or Lionheart. I've been very satisfied with their support. Last time I needed, both were rushing to reply to my ticket.
  14. This is a known bug with Windows 10, actually. I don't remember if there's an actual fix, but some people here were discussing about this issue.
  15. I watched the whole concert several times, and I couldn't stop. I saw it once in YouTube under the search terms "Duellen - Morricone trækker først" and then on DR TV, but now I can't find it. Sad, because I loved it.
  16. Is it me, or the box artwork looks similar to FS9?
  17. I thought the Mercedes at 1:15 and the ambulance before had made it through the ford 😮 Not even Ferrari drivers are safe from this, as this guy here in Córdoba found out: He had to ship the car back to Italy for repairs...
  18. Which iFly 747 are you talking about? the freeware or the payware one? Also, which CPU model do you have? If it's the E4400, I'm sorry, but your system is too weak for the payware version.
  19. Try first switching FS9 to windowed mode. Then check again AS behavior.
  20. Well' I've built my new rig: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x, GTX1650 (until the GPU crisis is solved) and 2x8GB DDR4 3200 RAM. I did some performance tests (while I'm setting up everything), but the temperatures were a bit high for my liking (75°C at the stock 3.7 GHz). This is with the stock AMD Wraith Stealth cooler. I understand and accept this cooler was designed with other goals, and that, if I want to overclock, I need a better one first. I don't feel comfortable using water coolers (even AIO), so I'll go with an air one. However, I don't know what to compare. I mean, I know TDP for my 5600x is 65W, and that the Wraith Stealth can deal with up to 80W. I may compare using TDP, but some brands (at least Cooler Master) do not share that info in the specs of their coolers. How can I compare coolers then?
  21. Did you set Exclude THROTTLEn_Set as checked? Back when I had a dual throttle (until 9 years ago), I remember having to do so in FS9.
  22. My work monitor does not pass the test. I'll try tonight with my sim one.
  23. I went to the date in Córdoba for this tour. However, they could not use Ed Force One for coming here: the day before a tug at SCEL impacted engines 1 and 2 (Maiden were playing that night at Santiago). The band was able to charter two smaller planes and with that they were able to arrive here at SACO. In summary, after Santiago, and for two weeks on, there was no Ed Force one. But anyway, for all Latin American dates, it's not hard to find out which airport was used for this part of the tour. Just pick the biggest one in the city... Edit: see this page: https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/saying-goodbye-to-iron-maidens-ed-force-one/ You can see all the actual legs TF-AAK flew. From SCEL it jumped directly to SBBR.
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