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  1. How are the VRAM and FPS impacts with the ORBX buildings?
  2. Glad all is well. I love PFPX's capabilities and there really is nothing that comes close to it as far as depth and customisation goes.
  3. Love the UK2000 scenery.
  4. Only in v4 and 5 have I used it. I have my Activesky turbulence slider at 35, and have never had an autopilot kick out in the PMDG or FSL aircraft if that's of any help.
  5. RealTurb is an add-on you should look at too - adds a lot to the experience. You'll experience mechanical turbulence from nearby hills etc. that you don't get with any another add-on. You need ActiveSky to use it. I realise you were asking about "wing flex", but I thought I'd throw this add-on in. Quite a few guys, including RW pilots, have commented that it is quite good.
  6. I have been using it the same way as Ray for years. Very good utility. I also send my controls through it and adjust curves/deadzones with it etc. A very very handy tool. Autosave works very well. Just be sure to clean out any 3rd party aircraft saves after a while. I let FSLabs go for a year or two of autosaves in their folders - had nearly 100GB of them!
  7. Like the name Flash! I agree regarding the PFPX planning capabilities. If my namesake RudyB can forward it (maybe private message/email?) I would also be keen to get hold of this file! Thanks for any help you gents can offer, Rudy
  8. I think their bus will be worth any wait - if you look at streams from BlackBox711, even recent versions of the Fenix still lack the flight characteristics of the real thing (e.g. pitch/power, flare, fuel flow models) as described by Mr Howie a year or so ago. They will have a lot on their plate to get that up to scratch. The most faithful desktop a320 Sim is the FSL, and I reckon it will be too in MSFS. I still don't use MSFS due to lacking a weather radar, historical weather, proper weather depiction etc. I really hope these things will be seen to.
  9. Sounds like I'm out with my 1080 8Gb and 4K monitor. Shame. Not going to upgrade just to use it when the rest of my add-ons are running well.
  10. Hi all, I use RDShade with 5.4 EA on at the moment, but actually revert to original shaders with the “ozone fix” to stop dawn/dusk looking too green at dusk/dawn/night (https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=144145). Basically I have two questions: Does ENVPLUS HDR night brightness give one the ability to get nice dark nights? Does ENVPLUS include the ozone fix so sunsets/sunrises aren’t too green? RDShade is good but doesn’t fix the ozone issue and also doesn’t give the ability to control much about night as far as I know. Any advice and experiences are welcome… cheers, Rudy
  11. PFPX has far more customisation and detail available to the user than Simbrief. Simbrief is by no means a replacement for all the advanced functionality of PFPX.
  12. I'm pretty sure Majestic Dash 8 has internal sounds in its cabin views. Maybe someone can confirm?
  13. It's a shame you have to take them from SimMarket. Lovely sceneries
  14. Thanks Umberto - your products are great and I look forward to continuing using them 🙂
  15. PMDG are not what they once were. They used to release groundbreaking add-ons, but have since settled for being “good but not best”. Don’t get me wrong, most of their products are solid, of far-above-average quality and reliable, but it became clear after the release of the FSL A320 that they’d given up trying to compete and push the boundaries. The last decent release they had was the 747 in my opinion. The NGXu leaves much to be desired, and PMDG constantly weasels out of expectations it sets out for its customers. It was strongly implied, and is not unreasonable to expect, given the communication from Randazzo, that an LNAV and Navdata update was forthcoming. All PMDG planes track LNAV atrociously in all but the least demanding of paths. It was strongly hinted at and talked about, but like many other things RSR says are planned for the future, it has been “weaseled” out of for P3D users who have long been waiting for it. When I say “weaseled out of”, I mean that RSR will say it’s not officially cancelled, but we all know we’ll never see it in this life. I’d like to be wrong, but I also would like PMDG to show a bit more honesty with their intentions rather than just kicking the can down the road
  16. The reasons for historical weather are clear. What I find amazing is the amount of people who come onto a thread about it and say “I don’t need that”. Great. Good for you. I don’t go to threads about 90% of features being requested I don’t care about making a nuisance of myself though. I suggest some here follow suit. For me, it is one of the main reasons I haven’t moved to MSFS. The reasons for it will become even more apparent with the release of long haul aircraft.
  17. Pity they didn't include the ozone fix in this udpate.
  18. Updated - have noticed little/no difference in performance - but haven't extensively tested. Flew FSL A320 with EZCA3 and ActiveSky. All worked well. I only updated the client.
  19. The point is, such a landing bug exists, and is acknolwedged by PMDG, as I stated in Post #13 of this thread quite a while ago: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum/24207-autobrakes-not-working-sometimes A clearer video illustrating the problem is here:https://youtu.be/4mUPQ1aQ6BY PMDG said its a P3D problem that they were waiting for LM to fix.
  20. There is something weird, at least with the 747 (haven't tried the 777), that if the nose is held up, it will not decelerate and will pick up/lose/pick up/lose speed unless you point the nose down. They said at one stage it was a P3D limitation. Take that with as much salt as you like. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum/24207-autobrakes-not-working-sometimes
  21. How does it compare with RDShade?
  22. Cheers Eric, I'll give this a go.
  23. I have to do this after every computer restart unless I want P3D to continually drop in volume because of something stupid going on with Windows.
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