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  1. Hi I've just installed the last PreciptFX version for FSX (sp2). It works fine but I cannot see any wheels smoke during hard braking (wheels stop running so antiskid is disabled) in any aircraft. I use Steve's DX10 Fixer. Thanks for help!
  2. I was just wondering why the MFDs (and the distant trees) are worse in the first picture than in the second picture, even with AA turned off in both situations. I checked, i cannot see differences between NoAA and 2x. I have antialias checked in the FSX display options. But in Nvidia Inspector AA are all in off
  3. Hi, I post below two shots about CFAS gray out option, but there is a difference on MFDs and the far trees between the two pics: https://ibb.co/5TWNZwj https://ibb.co/x8QzpJc And there isn't difference if I select 2x and CFAS ON, or reverting "2x" to "NoAA", but leaving CFAS ON (that turns gray).
  4. Hi, I have FSX sp2 and DX10 fixer last version. I have found no apparent differences in graphic between CFAS On and either "2X" or "NoAA" selected (CFAS turns gray but on on state). Except several FPS increments between the two options. So in what situation i can see a difference?
  5. Hi, I have this issue. Several ships are shown only when I am a few hundreds of meters from them. Otherwise I can see only wakes and smokes.I have Fsx- Sp2, Win10, Nvidia mx110 (notebook), and Steve Dx10 fixer/Dx10 ensbled.Thanks in advance
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