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  1. I'd get the lower right system. 12900K / RTX 3080 Ti But honestly if you can find one of those AMD 3D CPUs it may be better for a bit less cost: https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-7-5800x3d I bought a 12700K and am using my old RTX 1080 Ti still at 2K res and its very nice. SU9 screwed up the performance a little but I still get 30-40 fps with ultra settings. Without video card my system was fresh components including cost of new case and Windows 11 - about 2100 USD. I hope the GPU prices fall a bit - I'm holding out for a 40xx card but concerned the 850W psu won't be up to the task of the high end cards.
  2. Are you asking about the IAF's? Or an actual transitions? I think all the default based avionics require you to select the transitions. I'm pretty sure the G1000 NXi, PMS GTN (on WTT mode only), and of course the TDS GTN Xi allows to only select an IAF, or vectors to final, or the "central" IAF which may result in a hold in lieu of procedure turn. I've circled the transitions in red here IRL I could commence this approach from all fixes listed here except IRORE (there are some angular requirements). In that case, the facility providing radar services would need to depict the final approach course on their video map. If they had that they could vector you to final similar to an ILS. ASX by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr
  3. I'm guessing this is localized software though. They don't render the whole world like this do they?
  4. I also highly recommend this one https://flightsim.to/file/30384/dg-flugzeugbau-dg-808s
  5. This is the biggest issue I've seen from people reluctant to change to MSFS. I was talking to an acquaintance of mine and he said he wasn't going to switch because the state of IFR is abysmal. It was back in 2020 lol. He didn't know the sim has undergone so many changes (like introduction of G1000 NXi, the CJ4 mod, FBW Airbus) not to mention the third party with very realistic navigation like the TDS GTN 750Xi, PMDG and FENIX products. People are simply unaware how the sim has changed. They expect a generally static FSX-like release with one or two major updates. This is also why other real pilots claim this sim is horrible. (They're simply unaware of the changes over the last 1.5 years). I think it's vastly improved and is the best tool for situational awareness and supplement of real world flying. (VFR or IFR). At this time MSFS has the same hardcore in depth addons as previous sims with much greater visual fidelity. Weather needs some touching up but it has come along way, and AI / ATC needs a good polish as well.
  6. I do almost all of my flying in the US so I cancelled my subscription and am happy.
  7. Maybe because it can get into shorter unimproved strips? For me I want the fastest plane (but still the ability to get into strips under 3000 ft). The PC12 is a good candidate.
  8. Dave I'm pretty sure you can adjust that in the gtn itself. Try utilities or settings page. If not there it might be in the interface (the exe running in the system tray on your desktop)
  9. Oh she was working for Aerobask - they liked her sounds so much she's doing the main XP12 sounds now? Awesome
  10. Seems pretty good so far... as far as I know it's mounted correctly. I forgot to respond back to you in that other thread. It must have been an optical illusion because it's far enough off the GPU.
  11. That is an impressive livery. After painting a Carenado type livery I honestly do not know how that person did that one!
  12. I have a few myself. I presumed Ricardo was asking users if they have mostly a stock sim or addons. Maybe I misunderstood the title meh.
  13. Thread is going to the twilight zone as these ones usually do....soooo......I'm going to attempt to drive it back on course.... I think that while it is possible to have a totally stock MSFS - I will always be buying addons. If we're just speaking visuals, buying addons can be the difference between a good looking sim and an incredible looking sim. Even if you pick a hand crafted premium airport and compare it with a payware airport... the difference is easily discernable - especially when you pull up the the gate. (I usually pull up to the FBO or main ramp because airliners scare me!) For some people the difference might not something worth the cost though. Thankfully the choice lies with the end user. A stock sim vs an addon sim. Even for past sims - we still have options.
  14. Thanks gents! I hope the author can improve the cockpit somewhat... needs some texture love.
  15. Accurate cloud bases per the METAR. Asobo engine doesn't really depict cloud bases - the bottoms of the clouds are currently more or less variable elevation bands of low visibility that move around as you fly. Typically, in the real world, when a METAR says something like BKN or OVC008 you'll pop right out at 800 ft agl. This makes flying instrument approaches so much more enjoyable. If you could just set this (which you can but they're not accurate) in the custom weather screen it would be awesome. But we also need visibility as a variable to be read in METAR and set in custom weather. I think it would be neat to have the ability to type in a METAR string in custom weather for approach practice!
  16. Are you saying the mod is underwhelming or the change in font size was underwhelming? The mod is amazing and vastly changes the CJ4 from default. The text size may be about the same size though.
  17. So they want about 30 USD for the Caravan and 39 USD for the King air. I don't think that's too overpriced. Carenado sells for about the same price. As long as the king air does have some decent flight dynamics and something more believable than the default king air I'll be happy. I think we need to have a little more realistic expectations about pricing. I made a nice livery for the FSW C414 - I did it in "2D" and I'm not the best graphic artist. It took me over 40 hours not including taking nice screenshots to present the livery etc etc. I did it for free as well. Designing gauges for a whole cockpit seems more intense than making a livery. I think 30-50 USD is decent for someone's hard work for these type of aircraft.
  18. They're definitely hard to see even on my 2k 27" screen. Are you using the WT mod though? That might slightly improve things. https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/cj4/
  19. Seems to be out now... https://flightsim.to/product/discus-2c-premium It looks really really nice. They have different ways to launch and you can even tow for your friend in multiplayer. That's awesome!
  20. I was looking for some ample nacelles... guess I found them HAHA!
  21. Those look great,along with the others on discord. The good part about the G3000 is that it will get more love from WT - and then the plane will really shine. I'll be buying this one for sure - got a little stick time in the G1 before they went into production.
  22. @Cpt_Piett - are you looking for a retro autopilot or just a plane with analogue gauges and an autopilot? At any rate I highly recommend either the FSW C414 or Milviz C310. The 310 has a bit more depth but the 414 has a bit more visuals. The 310 can also be configured with no gps at all. The 414 goes higher (turbocharged and pressurized) and therefore flies a bit faster at altitude - roughly 220-230 KTAS. I fly both of those twins with the TDS GTN 750Xi - which is far from analogue hehe but it's very realistic.
  23. That part is true - however I'm in a different stage of life than many here... kids kids kids - hardly any time to fly... so I have been picking up the Carenado birds etc. IDK - piston singles are just everywhere. However it makes sense for them to start with something they already had for P3D. I just hope to see a twin like an analogue Baron TC or Aerostar eventually. Ah yes... I guess us real pilots who use MSFS are just the exception haha? I'm an active real world pilot flying piston singles and MSFS has been so much more accurate in terms of feeling of flight and scenery depiction (compared to previous sims). It could use a bit better cloud depiction though. Oh well, we all have opinions about everything.
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