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  1. Well, the FFA might not take too kindly to this stunt... whatever the FFA is. Oh, wait, FFA=Future Farmers of America. 🤣
  2. FSX has a flaw in its code in which there is too much battery drain when the engines are not turning a generator or alternator, even if nothing is turned on. The payware version of FSUIPC has a feature that extends battery life to a more realistic level. Alternatively, you can switch to a default aircraft, then back to the Carenado just before you want to restart the engines, this will provide you with a charged battery.
  3. There has been some rumors about it being a free upgrade, but I'm guessing it will end up having some cost to upgrade, if an upgrade route is possible. Who knows, it might be so ground breaking that it will require a clean install.
  4. I seem to recall that when Windows 10 was released, it was advertised as the last version of Windows. Guess not.
  5. Yes, all figured out, right up to the moment where he doesn't. As the saying goes, there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots.
  6. Welcome back to the world of flight sims!
  7. Welcome to Avsim! Yes, are eager to help and to help you spend more of your money. 😃
  8. Perhaps a release on July 10, to coincide with the beginning of the Battle of Britain. If not then, perhaps September 15, which is the observed anniversary day.
  9. Yes, turn off Accu-Feel's turbulence, let Active Sky handle the turbulence. That was my solution when I encountered absurd amounts of turbulence.
  10. Perchance, do have A2A's Accu-feel installed? I had severe turbulence with a combination of Accu-feel's turbulence enhancement and the turbulence generated by Active Sky.
  11. Looks to me to be some pretty serious turbulence.
  12. Makes me feel better about buying a pre-built system with an RTX 3070.
  13. From the movie "Men in Black": I think this scene sums it up rather well.
  14. You would definitely want the OS on the NVMe drive. You can also put P3D on the NVMe drive, if there is sufficient space, otherwise, put sims and everything else on a SSD. With SSD and NVMe drives, you do not want them to be more than 75% full, otherwise, performance will suffer.
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