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    Figure 1

    Anyone else think of the Borg Queen when they see "Sophia" or is it just me?
  2. There's big, then there is ridiculously big, then there is ridonkulously big. That's definitely in the ridonkulous category! 😁
  3. Noel, sounds like you are having a good time and enjoying living in a senior living center. Socialization is important to physical and mental health. I am new to the club, but I am finding that socializing helps me tremendously.
  4. Yep, working well at 10:00 EDT, July 4.
  5. 06:30 EDT and I am seeing slow and incomplete loading of pages once again.
  6. Welcome to Avsim and the world of flight sims!
  7. Welcome to Avsim!
  8. Had to be really harsh on her eyes. My first thought was that a helmet with goggles or a shield would have been a real benefit.
  9. I can see the headline now, "Elon Musk Rescues Boeing Crew". Sadly, it really does seem that if it's Boeing, it's not going.
  10. That is beyond my pay grade as I am not into the 3D modeling side of FSX.
  11. Ehhhhh... there's a joke there, but this is a family friendly forum, so I will refrain. 😁
  12. My guess is that it is an issue with the non-official version's 3D model.
  13. I sometimes feel like I'm 120 years old, does that count?
  14. My now deceased wife had a 30 year career working for the Department of Defense. She dealt with ordering military aircraft parts and often said that they were not allowed to even consider foreign made parts due to counterfeit materials and parts. It's not a new problem.
  15. Welcome to Avsim! Flight sims are addicting, I've been using various flight sims since the late 1980's. Decades ago I thought about taking flying lessons and getting a license, but it was cost prohibitive, so I'm just a sim pilot.
  16. Lowest cost bidder involved in the process, perhaps?
  17. Uhhhhhhh... don't get me started on the work ethic of the younger generation. I don't want to get banned. 😉
  18. Had to log in this morning, have not had to do that in a while, and pages are loading very slowly.
  19. Yep, the only $ is going to be in repairs.
  20. Wow! Who needs to run four RTX 4090's? Oh, right, bitcoin miners.
  21. No injuries and no fatalities, so that's good.
  22. Let's hope and pray that it'll be fine.
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