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  1. Hello All, I am using FS Flight Keeper as an digital logbook ( so i am not using acars etc ). I have some "problems " with some addon`s like the Cerasim As365, M2M mirage 2000. FS flightkeeper don`t recognize the external lights. So at the end of a flight i got a bad flight critique due to the lights ( however i did switched them on ). I read on a forum and in the manual that you have to add the aircraft cfg. However, in the aircraft.cfg i cant find the Flightkeeper text. Also not with the addon`s what are working correctly. I send several mails to the development team however no response. My question is, how can i add the external lights from the addon`s so that flightkeeper recognize the lights.?? Hope you can help me! With kind regards, Bart
  2. Hey All, My name Is Bart, 39 years old and i live in the Netherlands ( Holland ). My professional aviation career started 20 years ago joining the Dutch naval air arm ( fixed wing ). In 2008 i transferred to a commercial pilot training center, where i worked until 2014. As from 2014 until a few months ago i worked as an freelancer ( contractor ) for several cargo airlines. Due to the Covid-19, i am unemployed as from june this year. As from 2000 i am an active flight simmer with a small break from several years due to marriage and little kids. A few months ago i started again using FSX. I like to fly the Simcheck a300F ( doing postal flights across Europe. - Big jet on short haul routes - ), and short military flights ( interceptions ). I try to fly so realistic as possible; flight planning, fuel planning, weight and balance, cold and dark start up etc. I don`t like long haul flights, my max is around 2 hours blocktime. As since 2000 i am using Avsim, but never was an member, so this changed today 😉
  3. Hello Guys, After years i started again with flightsimulation, i am using FSX. I know its an old addon, but i am searching ( for a while ) for an shop still selling the Skysim Mirage 3. I can`t find any :-( Does somebody from you guys now if there is an ( online ) shop still selling this addon? I treid to contact the author ( Mark Harper )of this addon, however he does not respons to my mails.. Thanks in advanced! Kind regards, Bart
  4. Hello everybody, is there anybody available to paint following request? Schreiner Airways Cargo PH-SFL/SFM Jetlink Holland Cargo PH-JLH for the FSX Simcheck A300? pictures with copyrights at airliners.net thank you in advanced!
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