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  1. Can I add my problem too. My airbus throttle quadrant indents are slightly misaligned. I have seen a suggesting editing the ini. File in the work folder. My ini file is not letting me edit it. Can you please advise which editor to use . Many thanks
  2. Hi Many thanks for the suggestions. I am having problem with the values 'range'. I get the overlap messages when I calibrate in the efb. I need help in how to set the correct values in the edit option on top of each axis. At the moment I am just entering values blindly hoping for good result. I am sure there is logical way . each time I put a value ,say for the flex, the dead zone either becomes too big or too small. The worse case was when the idle reverse started overlapping with flex. Now the toga is overlapping climb.... Initially after the update the levers in the fbw a320 kept randomly moving ...luckily that got sorted when I manually removed all fbw folders on the hard drive and reinstalled. Qas
  3. Hi everyone. I had been using this with the FBW A320 for a while with no issues, until the new update yesterday. Now although the quadrant works in other planes, in the FBW A320 I cannot calibrate the various indents. I am having problems with the separation values... I get either the overlap messages or too narrow gaps between the idents. When I move the quadrant the left lever , the plane lever follows the movements. but when the right lever on its own or both levers are moved together, the plane's lever go crazy. Erratic forward /backword movements. Also the planes levers do not want to go into reverse thrust. They assignment in control panel looks ok. The levers work perfectly in the generic Asobo A320 and the Cessna . I would be grateful for any help from anybody who is familiar with calibrating the throttle via the efb in the flybywire A320. Many thanks in advance. Qas
  4. Hi everyone. Before the su5, everything was running perfectly. Since the update even after a reinstall I am still having many issues. I have done fresh install of the developer version of the fbw a320. Everything seems to work fine except the throttles. The rlef5 throttle seems to move in sync with the thrustmaster tca quadrant. The right hand lever has a mind of its own...it moves in chaotic manner when the corresponding lever is moved..the movements are very Jerky or super fast. In the msfs control settings the levers move ok. In the asobo a320 the levers move ok. In the cessna they move ok. When I try to calibrate in the fbw a320 efb..the ranges offered are all over the scale. Has anyone else experienced this nightmare....i would be grateful for a solution. Do we any experts on calibrating ,using the efb...I need help in setting values to the different indents. When I try to calibrate I get a huge difference between idle and climb range...this leaves only few millimetres for the flex and toga steps. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions. Qas.
  5. Worst experience so far. Controllers lost all assignments. Planes do not move . Could not do a flight. Doing fresh in stall. I wish there was an option to upgrade. Qas
  6. Hi everyone I seem to have lost custom weather. What ever I select I get clear skies..no rain or snow etc. I have googled for answers and followed all sorts of advise....multiplayer options.Resetting all user options and even removing everything from the community folder. I don't know how long this has been as I have always used live weather option and trusted I was seeing real weather depiction. Any help would be appreciated. Qas
  7. hi I have managed to install the app-many thanks for the advise. Qas
  8. Hi Many thanks for quick reply. I have downloaded the app for the mobile phone. Do I need to download a similar app for my pc? If so, can you please advise the process....I don't know where to download it from..I have googled but nothing comes up. Many thanks Qas
  9. Hi everyone Can somebody please advise if its possible to open the navigraph route planner from the desktop with out having to launch msfs2020. At the moment I can only open it by creating a flight in simbrief and than opening the navigraph panel in the msfs 2020. looking forward to your help. Many thanks. Qas
  10. Many thanks. I have just downloaded and the controller is working. Qas
  11. Hi everyone, Can someone please help me on how to make the sony dualshock 3 work with windows 10,for msfs 2020. I found one of these in the house from my son's childhood collection. I have a the logitech 3 joystick-I just want the option of extra buttons. In the hardware set up it shows up but none of the buttons give a response. I think it needs special drive,but Googling does not offer many options. Looking forward to your help and suggestions. Many thanks thanks. Qas
  12. Hi Thanks for the reply. Still nothing. I have placed the 'pms50-gtn750-beta' folder in the community folder. and loaded the C172 G1000. not sure where I am going wrong. Qas
  13. Hi everyone I am new to this. I have downloaded the free version and placed the folder in the community folder. When I load up the the planes from the list I do not see the new GPS -I still see the generic GPS that comes as standard. Can you please advise how to activate it in the C172. Many thanks in advance. Qas
  14. Many thanks to everyone who has helped me spend even more money.lol. I have pre ordered. I hope to receive it in about 3 weeks. I will share my experience once set up. Qas
  15. Hi many thanks for the advise and the link. Qas
  16. Hi everyone Just wondering if any members have this and what the opinions are. I have the Honeycomb alpha yoke. The reviews on the fulcrum are very promising but I am not sure how it compares with the honeycomb alpha. Any members who had the alpha and have switched over to the fulcrum. Looking forward to some help. Qas
  17. Ray, many thanks for the link. I don't have a big budget,a retiree...lol. The card was a reluctant birthday present from kids who want their dad to grow up! They all look great. The 32'' range looks appealing ,especially the SAMSUNG U32R592 and BenQ EW3270U . Stock seems to big issue ,amazon saying 1-2 months. Hopefully things will improve worldwide and availability will improve. Many thanks everybody for your help and advise. Qas
  18. hi everyone Luckily the LG 35WN65C-B 35" had gone out stock by the time my order got processed. Reading the advice from everybody I have definitely decided on a 4K monitor. I am happy with anything above 32''. Is there any particularly good one. Many thank. Qas
  19. Hi Everyone Once again many thanks for all your comments. I decided against the TV, I tried playing msfs on the family 4k TV. Although the image quality was outstanding,the text in other programs was not very clear. The font size needs to be 300% for perfection.This makes everything too big. Anything less was blurry. I have ordered the LG 35WN65C-B 35" IPS UWQHD Free Sync Monitor. I should get it within next few days,I hope. I will share my thoughts on it with you guys next few weeks. All the best . Qas
  20. Hi Everyone Many thanks for all your comments and advise. Tektolnes- The dell was excellent, it had excellent clarity and so much space...just brilliant. No issues with sims. I am tempted to get a 32 inch 4K TV-desk space is big issue for me, I have to hang them on wall. Any thoughts on how does msfs2020 run on a 4k tv- Many people say TV's are not very good for simming. If I decide to get a monitor than it will be the Viewsonic 32" 4K. many thanks gain. Qas
  21. Hi Everyone, I have been lucky to get the above card recently . Can fellow simmers please advise the best monitor for this type of card. I had the dell U3818DW from work ,it needs to go back due to covid crisis. Google search recommends LG 34GN850-B. This is a 34'' monitor at 1440p. I will be grateful for you comments on this or any other recommendations. Are 4K monitors any good for msfs2020. I mostly play msfs2020. Many thanks . Qas
  22. Hi Many thanks for the suggestions.I have shortened the switches and both respond on the quadrant. I have contacted the retailer and honeycomb. lets hope they have replacement levers. Many thanks again. qas
  23. Hi everyone I managed to get this few days ago. Anybody having problems with the throttle 1 attachment for jets. The reverse and the red button on selector 1 do not seem to work. I have checked on windows and I get No response in windows hardware detector. I have tried swapping the positions...attachment 1 on other positions and another attachment, 2, on position 1. It seems the reverser and the red button are dead. I have contacted both the supplier and Honeycomb. Also can somebody please advise why is attachment 1 reverse spring loaded...on moving to reverse it has to jump a postion to reach full reverse. Looking forward to all help/suggestions. Qas
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