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  1. Hi Everyone I have the license for 1 cdu for this. I am thinking of buying a VPN service. Can you please advise how this will affect the aviaserver and if so, a solution please? Many thanks. Qas
  2. Thank you for the reply. I can do it with 1 joystick. I do not know how to with 2 hat switches. In the control assignments I have assigned tilt up/down and pan left/right to 1 joystick. I would like to do the same to another. Since posting I have found its the fsuipc ini file that needs to be edited. 1st you assign the key board buttons to these positions and than edite the fsuipc. I am sending the you tube link. the hat switch discussions starts at 2.33 minutes. I do not have in depth knowledge of fsuipc editing. Some advanced members here may be able to understand faster and hopefully advise how its possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5chiseBYH34 please listen from 2.33 minutes. Qas
  3. Hi everyone I have zero editing experience. Are you suggesting it is possible to program buttons 33...35. If so,can you please point me which file in the directory.and what do I put as a variable to activate the PMDG 777 auto brakes . Many thanks. Qas
  4. Hi everyone Recently I saw a you-tube video where the simmer had managed to assign 2 hat switches in chase plane by editing a xml / ini file some where. I was wondering if anybody knows how to do this please. I have a set up with 2 hat switches-it will great if could do this. many thanks in advance. Qas
  5. Hi gents Many thanks to everyone for the replies. I have managed to sort the aviaworx issue. I was typing the ports numbers and it was saying cannot find port. My grand daughter told me the camera can read it....it was quite straight forward after that. I have purchased the pmdg 777 licence and use it on both my s9 phone and a Samsung tablet (when I can detach it from my grand children 😀) I think the aviaworx is brilliant. Once installed very easy to use.fast too. I think my issues were due to me thinking once I have installed the server on the pc I need to download an app. Overall for something like the pmdg planes I think the fmc is 10/10. I am thinking of getting the 737 fmc . Many thanks for taking time to help.
  6. Thank you for the reply. What do I type in the yokeinput software button 33 window for it to recognize the auto brake please.
  7. Many thanks to all the guys who tried to help me-unfortunately my problem has been side tracked. My problem is not programming and assigning-I have done that-I have assigned buttons using fsuipc without the yokeinput software. Positions 31 and 32 are recognized in P3D v4.5 and I can assign anything to them. It was very easy. My problem was that the positions 33,34,and 35 on the rotary switch are not being recognized in either windows 10 hardware property driver or in P3D . I want the buttons 33,34,35 to work for the pmdg 777 auto brake. I have tried Mark's suggestion and edited the fsuipc ini-still no luck. Last night I tried a different approach. 1. Installed the yokeinput driver. 2.copied the flaps increase (>K:FLAPS_INCR) variable from button 2 into the button 35 variable window. In P3d, pmdg 777, On turning the button 35 the flaps increase. This was good news-at least I know the buttons aren't faulty and they can be programmed using the areosoft variables. My next step is to find the aerosoft variables that will rotate the 5 positions to auto,off,disarm ,2 and 3 in the pmdg 777. Unfortunately I have zero skills in this area. Can I ask somebody who understands variables to teach me how to write these 5 variables please. I have the following information from PMDG 777 events ID's EVT_ABS_AUTOBRAKE_SELECTOR sdk value=292 Event ID=69924 I am going to ask Honeycomb/aerosoft support ,hopefully they may be able to help. Qas
  8. Hi everyone Recently I saw a you-tube video where the simmer had managed to assign 2 hat switches in chase plane by editing a xml / ini file some where. I was wondering if anybody knows how to do this please. I have a set up with 2 hat switches-it will great if could do this. many thanks in advance. Qas
  9. Hi Mark Many thanks. Hopefully I will be ordering one for 737 soon. Qas
  10. Hello Thank you for another aggressive and unwarranted response- Your advise was -'In addition to what Mark said (which is a terrific answer), you can also see the switch movment in the Honeycomb Yoke application, so you'll see that it's working' And my question was, I use it for p3dv4.5 The 3 positions on the rotary switch, number 32, 33, 35 aren't working. I checked on the window 10 controller property and these do not show. I have emailed Honeycomb and I am waiting for a solution. Does anybody else have this issue with windows 10 and p3dv4.5? It is clear you did not understand my question-I was referring to the switch not working in p3d. NOT in the honeycomb application. You did not give me any advice, let alone ‘good advice’- stop taking credit for what Mark did. Who are you to judge me whether I used that information or not? This is a public forum; I have every right to express my opinion publicly about Honeycomb or anything-Honeycomb yoke has its issues, if you have not come across any, I have included a link below. -in my opinion it’s a good product. https://www.google.com/search?q=problems+with+honeycomb+alpha+yoke&rlz=1C1CHBF_enPK885PK885&oq=problems+with+honeycomb+alpha+yoke&aqs=chrome..69i57j33l7.14932j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 What do you mean by ‘that deserves far more than a ‘really’ response-are you threatening me with violence? What you provided with had already been suggested by honey comb and I had tried it. The switches not working is not a matter of my understandings -it’s out of box issue. Other P3D users have reported it too. Its nice to hear you are extremely familiar with the product-can you please tell me why do the positions 33,34,35 do not work in p3d-I have googled the problem and its something about windows and buttons over 32. I will welcome your explanation. I know these things do not appear out of air-but these things aren’t provided to us for free either. I had to pay a decent amount for it-I am only wanting help to make sure the item is 100% functional-right! Off course this is all about community-the providers have obligations to provide support when problems arise. I am an example of a person who has suffered. I totally agree with you on this. I do not remember calling honey comb dishonest-not sure what honesty has got to do with a fault in a item. If my LG tv develops a problem that does not mean LG are dishonest! This request was for a solution to a physical problem-it was not for just causal advice. True, a person does not need the knowledge of how a product works -provided the product works. I never requested how the yoke works-I asked can somebody help with the rotary button not registering positions 33,34, and 35. It is clear you have made a linear equation into a quadratic equation. Maths was never my strong point. Best wishes my friend.
  11. Hi everyone I am a new user of the aviaworx cdu. I have the PMDG 777 and the PMDG 737. I will be grateful if someone could please help me with few concerns. I bought the license for 1 cdu and decided to activate it for the PMDG 777 and activated the Left FMC. My questions are: 1. Is it possibly to choose a different FMC ( center or Right) in the PMDG 777,with the same license. 2. Is it possible to use the same license for 2 planes,the PMDG 777 and the PMDG 737,or would I need to buy another license for the PMDG 737. Many thanks in advance for your help Qas
  12. Many thanks again Mark. I was not familiar with this -I will try it. Even if the buttons have a issue the yoke is still a good product in its class. You have a good way of helping people. All the best. Qas
  13. Thank you for your reply. I am sorry I do not understand what you are implying by using the word 'Really' in this context. Yes 'really ' the 3 positions on the rotary switch do not work in my P3D on my honeycomb yoke. Its only when I followed Mark's advise and changed raw input to direct input I get response from positions 33 and 34. Still nothing for position 35. And I am very grateful to him . I never said Linda stopped working because of the honey comb. I don't know how in the world you assumed that. Regarding your comment, this issue has nothing got to do with the honey comb yoke-can you please tell me who is it to do with. I emailed honey comb and after nearly a week they haven't provided a solution. Its the wonderful people on these forums who are providing the honeycomb support. I am sure honey comb know of this issue and all they need to do is put it on their knowledge base-that would definitely have saved me a lot of time . I am very grateful to everybody who has tried to help me..some more than others. Qas
  14. Hi everyone I am p3d v4.5 user with pmdg 777. I have limited IT skill. I would like to run the FMC on my Samsung S9 phone. I have tried the demo of 'virtual aviation' but it fails to connect every time. I have downloaded the demo of the aviaworx cdu but unfortunately I have not been able to get it to work-I think I have missed some steps. Can somebody please suggest something that is easy to install and it works every time. Many thanks in advance. Qas
  15. I have used Linda-I built a working over head panel and programmed everything with Linda. But now it has stopped working. For some unknown reasons Linda loads up but does not recognize the controllers,and other commitments have prevented me from finding a solution. I am very disappointed with Honeycomb-I think they know the buttons issues with P3D . I want to map these to brakes postilion...2...3.. Many thanks to everyone for the help-if I manage to sort the issue I will post here. Qas
  16. Hi Everyone I decided to buy this after few months deliberation and on line research. I hope someone can help me with few issues. I use it for p3dv4.5 The 3 positions on the rotary switch, number 32, 33, 35 aren't working. I checked on the window 10 controller property and these do not show. I have emailed Honeycomb and I am waiting for a solution. Does anybody else have this issue with windows 10 and p3cv4.5? 2nd issue is the stiffness of the pull push action. I find this requires a lot of force. Every user seems to be saying this and there does not seem to a solution. Can you please advise if this gets better with usage-hopefully the rubbers bungees will become more flexible over time. At the moment I feel little disappointed- I hope the advise from the forum will help resolve these issues. Many thanks in advance. Qas
  17. Hi Many thanks for the clarification.
  18. Hi everyone can somebody please help me with understanding the ATC interaction within flight. I understand that at start up the flight crew has to start the request for clearance,push back ,taxi and take off when at holding point. I am not clear about the process after that..... at the point of TOD, is it the pilot that asks for permission to start the decent or does P2A send the instructions automatically. I am keen to learn more about ATC-is there any good tutorials that you suggest. Many thanks Qas
  19. hi Many thanks for the folders path. This is much easier.
  20. many thanks-I have followed the instructions but I am still having to manually activate the different regional controllers in both the config and p2A. For next update will it be possible to have the option to select more than 1 region in the default Regn. Qas
  21. Hi everyone I am trying to install the rudder and stick sample atc chatter in p3d. I understand the bit about merging Canadian and USA controller folders. I am in UK-I am not sure how to create the folder order in P2A sound folder for other regions- Can you please advise how do I make the chatter work in Europe. Also is it important to point to the sound folder in P2A- I read both options. I would like to purchase the stick and rudder ATC-can somebody tell me how good is it for Europe and middle east-I mainly fly in these areas. Many thanks. Qas
  22. I have selected this-but nothing shows in the the folder. I am not sure how to open see the file. Qas
  23. Sorry forgot to ask one more question. How do I export Aivlasoft EFB 2. I have looked for the copy paste option but I cannot see that either. Is there any way to see the P2A flight plan in text format? Many thanks.
  24. Many thanks-exactly what I needed to dp...problem sorted. I have so much more to learn. Qas
  25. Many thanks Dave- I will adjust deviation allowance and see what happens. Speakings of differences in sids/stars-I have noticed in other flight plans the sids and stars sometimes are different in pilot2atc compared to the selection offered in PFPX. I have not tried other flight planners. I have same airac cycle in both. Qas
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