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  1. wrightt80

    Engine #1 Issue

    Problem solved! I reinstalled FSUIPC and recalibrated everything. Thanks Kyle!! Matt Wright
  2. wrightt80

    Engine #1 Issue

    Ok, I will try this. I will report back! Thanks for the quick responses! Matt Wright
  3. wrightt80

    Engine #1 Issue

    Can't find this in the modules folder. I have several FSUIPC folder just not .ini. I have it set to show hidden folders Matt Wright
  4. wrightt80

    Engine #1 Issue

    Yes Matt Wright
  5. Hello, I'm having issues with engine #1 not producing any thrust after start up. I have followed the tutorial and am not sure what is causing this. This happens with all livery's. When I start all engines everything looks good (N1,N2,fuel flow, oil p, oil q) except engine #1 oil temp is low (yellow). When I increase throttle #1 nothing happens. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Matt Wright
  6. wrightt80

    KSEA water issue

    Hello all, I have taxi2gate KSEA installed and everywhere water is supposed to be is trees and grass. I have ORBX base,vector and pnw. I have ran the vector auto configuration tool and I have all the patches installed. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  7. wrightt80

    Another documentation question

    Thanks, I knew that! I'm so excited I cant think straight! I need to slow down :smile: Matt Wright
  8. Can I access the tutorial from another computer. Instead of printing the tutorial I want to access it from my laptop which does not have 747 v3 installed Thanks, Matt Wright
  9. wrightt80

    747 v3 autopilot issue

    That fixed it. The controls were not centered. Thanks!! Matt Wright
  10. wrightt80

    747 v3 autopilot issue

    At the moment I am using the keyboard only for flying Matt Wright
  11. After engaging the autopilot, it disengages after approximately 10 seconds. I thought trim was the cause but it wasn't. I've looked through the manuals but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Help this rookie out (lol) Matt Wright
  12. Hello, Just installed and activated PMDG 747 v3 in P3d V3. I have the updated version of the operations enter. Under documentation I can't view the introduction or the tutorial #1. Both FCOM and QRH work. Also, I was able to download livery. Its just the tutorial and introduction don't work. Thanks, Matt Wright Disregard found the answer
  13. wrightt80

    Any taxi2gate KMCO P3D V3 install guide?

    This is correct. The majority of the night lighting does not work. No taxiway edge lighting, No approach lighting system. Only runway 35L/17R had runway edge and center line lighting. The terminal has lighting as do the taxiway signs.
  14. wrightt80

    Any taxi2gate KMCO P3D V3 install guide?

    Got it working! Thanks for your help Dan! For anybody else trying to install T2G KMCO into P3D V3 its very simple. Follow this Make sure after starting P3D V3 go to world then scenery library and add area. This is all explained in the install instructions from T2G!
  15. wrightt80

    Any taxi2gate KMCO P3D V3 install guide?

    I don't know where to find select from context menu New Text File