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  1. When I run PMDG operations center to install the new 737 update nothing happens. Operations Center opens and runs normally like checking for aircraft/liveries updates etc. Then goes to a blue/grey screen. It does not install the newest update. Any suggestions? Matt Wright
  2. How do you do this? Where is the GSX options located?
  3. Update Its working intermittently now. Every time I load the sim I have to go into controls and clear my throttle axis. I then hit scan and move my CH yoke throttle back and forth. After validating I restart the sim it seems to be working. I say its intermittent because sometimes I have to do this more than once and restart the sim to get it to work. Surely, this is not normal so hopefully I can figure out a permanent fix. I also noticed after takeoff I cannot reduce power until at 500-600agl is this normal in MSFS? I just switched from P3D.
  4. Tried this several times did not work I unassigned all throttle assignments from the keyboard and mouse This did not work
  5. Yes, the throttle moves up and down correctly with the in-sim calibration. This is with all default aircraft.
  6. Mixture controls and Propeller pitch controllers all work smoothly
  7. Even using the mouse to add full power does not work. As soon as I add full power with the mouse it reduces power to idle.
  8. I've tried re binding the throttle to THROTTLE1 AXIS or THROTTLE1 AXIS (0 TO100). Neither worked.
  9. I'm not sure how its binding. I just calibrated my CH yoke and pedals in windows and loaded up msfs. Since I saw its recognized I did not make any changes.
  10. Its listed as Joystick L -Axis Z under throttle in power management. I am able to add full power initially with the CH yoke but seconds later its reduced to almost zero. Can it also be assigned to something else? I'm not sure how to check that.
  11. Hello all, I recently just switched to MSFS from P3d and am having problems with the throttle on my CH yoke. Seconds after adding full power with my CH yoke the in sim throttle is reduced to idle. This happens with all default aircraft (I don't have any payware a/c). I have done several calibrations through windows with no luck and the in sim flight controls shows the throttle is responding appropriately. I can't figure out how to fix this any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Hello all This model is currently on sale for $569.99 at best buy (usually 1299.00) I know the LG C1/C2 and CX models get a lot praise from the forum for msfs use. Would this be a good alternative choice for a little cheaper than the C oled models? Thanks
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