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  1. My money is it got rushed when Halo Infinite got delayed and they still needed a flagship title for the next gen XBOX and this was the closest thing they had to release in the pipeline. But that’s just my gut feeling.
  2. In FAA land METAR is only hourly unless something changes significantly enough to force a SPECI. The problem here is the use of Meteoblue forecast model as the weather source. Everyone and their brother in FAA or ICAO expects conditions to be per METAR, not some forecast model that may or may not be even close to what’s going on, and in my experience with this sim and living within a class D surface area, not even close to what’s out my window or reported in the METAR. In fact, METAR is the regulatory authoritative data source. FAA AC 00-45F says; 3.1.1 Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) is the primary observation code used in the U. S. to satisfy World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements for reporting surface meteorological data. 3.1.2 Aviation Selected Special Weather Report (SPECI) An Aviation Selected Special Weather Report (SPECI) is an unscheduled report taken when any of the criteria given in Table 3-1 are observed during the interim period between the hourly reports. Evidence suggests they’re not taking the METAR or winds aloft balloon observations and integrating it into the sim metoblue or something. I find it disappointing considering what they could have done by amalgamating a lot of free data with the meteoblue forecast to generate the atmospherics in the sim.
  3. Generally, put into the FMC flight plan what you filed (generally it includes an arrival) and once you receive “cleared to (blah) via (blah) then as filed” covers your question - your departure clearance covers the arrival. If something changes enroute you just update the computer as you indicate. For example; routine route filing for KBOS to KMCO: SSOXS5 SSOXS BUZRD SEY HTO J174 ORF J121 CHS IGARY Q85 LPERD OMN CWRLD4 Clearance delivery at BOS would clear you to Orlando via the SSOXS5 departure, then as filed. So CWRLD4 with OMN transition goes into the box. if you only filed to OMN without the arrival, leave it blank because you were not cleared for an arrival so it would route OMN direct. ATC may assign you an arrival (or change it) at any time.
  4. I’m sure A/N ranges and sextants were fun too, but time marches on 😉
  5. Lockmart also runs FSS nowadays so does a lot of work for GA.
  6. To be honest, I think the more appropriate comparison would be buggy whip manufacturers when the first motorized cars first appeared.
  7. I seem to have heard him say they had CAD files from certain manufacturers as well.
  8. I’d like to see the time drift and bad timezones/daylight saving issues fixed. You really shouldn’t need a tool like FSRealtime to keep the sim synced with the clock, and it doesn’t fix DST changes..
  9. Didn’t X-Plane claim they model a pt6 correctly in 11.40+ with experimental mode on?
  10. Slap an “experimental” label on it and you’re good to go.
  11. Would line up with Holiday season next year, I could have sworn one of the trailers said something about holiday......
  12. Pretty sure the original E3 trailer said something about holidays 2020? Which would make sense as that’s when the new XBox is expected to release as well. Although I could be combining things.
  13. What I heard in the linked interview is that there will be functional FMS but they’re leaving the deep dive system simulations to third party devs.
  14. Of the RemoteCDU or the PMDG aircraft? If it’s the latter they said that for a while (undefined) anyone who buys the NGXu gets the MSFS version free.
  15. I subscribe to Holiday 2020 myself. Gives them a year to nail down the initial feature list and get things prepped for maybe having something ready to run on the XBOX Scarlett platform which is slated for Oct 2020 if the E3 trailer is anything to go by. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/next-xbox-release-date-rumors,news-27484.html
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