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  1. Well, I think the least you can do, and much quicker than visit this forum, is to read the Changelog.
  2. Those who took the time to read the changelog, will know.
  3. Thanks for this one. Gamechanger for AS16 and FSX as well. Bought AS16 whenever it came out, never got it to work. Just settled back with ASN until now. Thanks again!
  4. Hey Kyle! Nobody has suggested to modify YOUR product!!! Only to modify the scenery that YOUR product is reading.
  5. Hey!!! Henrik is doing this for free. Control your impatiens. Or do it yourself.
  6. soerennielsen

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    Please read all posts. In the meantime, the actual release will be closer.
  7. Just try it. You might be surprised!!! If it does not work, that's it.
  8. soerennielsen

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    I have a DVD from JustPlanes from 2008 with Corsair 744, the F-HSUN, which is still in their fleet today, from LFPO-TNCM-TFFF-LFPO. Even though not a actual flight, I think it is still worth doing.
  9. soerennielsen

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Did not dig so far into it, but, that is making some nice 'milk runs' to do with the Queen. Thanks Johnny.
  10. soerennielsen

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    French Corsair (CRL) still have three 744 PAX in their fleet. See them often at Paris Orly Airport (LFPO) Using them on their scheduled flights from LFPO to FMEE and LFPO to TFFR and back.and maybe to other destinations? not sure. Can be found on flightaware CRL910/911 and CRL926/927. Corsair repaints can be found as original repaint in the OC and in the Avsim Library.
  11. I think I miss read your post. You speak about in port, I of the open sea. You about in the simulator, I about real life. Sorry about that, its two different things. And then again, all precautions should be taken, by both ships, to avoid collisions, in the simulator and in real life. But as Henrik say, the simulator has its limits. And in the simulator it is not "As real as it gets".
  12. Hi Henrik! It was just meant for Heiko, so he does not believe that just because you are the biggest everything else have to give way. And by the way, thanks for your fantastic work.
  13. Well, in the real world, at open sea, it has nothing with size to do, who is giving way to who. Google "Rules of the Road at Sea" (colregs).
  14. soerennielsen

    Daylight Savings Time Not Updated

    It is really quite simple. Lets take Tampa, Fl as an example. Normal time in the winter is GMT/UTC -5 hrs. DST is GMT/UTC -4. Example: GMT/UTC 1200 in winter is 0700 local time in Tampa. 5 hrs between GMT and Tampa. GMT/UTC 1200 with DST is 0800 local time in Tampa. 4 hrs between GMT and Tampa. Which again means, that at the moment you change from normal time to DST in the spring, the sun will still rise and set at the same time GMT, but will rise 1 hr later Lt (local time) and set 1 hr later Lt as well. And I think this is what Matthew wants to see reflected in the simulator, with the right dates for beginning and end of the DST.