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  1. Generally, put into the FMC flight plan what you filed (generally it includes an arrival) and once you receive “cleared to (blah) via (blah) then as filed” covers your question - your departure clearance covers the arrival. If something changes enroute you just update the computer as you indicate. For example; routine route filing for KBOS to KMCO: SSOXS5 SSOXS BUZRD SEY HTO J174 ORF J121 CHS IGARY Q85 LPERD OMN CWRLD4 Clearance delivery at BOS would clear you to Orlando via the SSOXS5 departure, then as filed. So CWRLD4 with OMN transition goes into the box. if you only filed to OMN without the arrival, leave it blank because you were not cleared for an arrival so it would route OMN direct. ATC may assign you an arrival (or change it) at any time.
  2. I’m sure A/N ranges and sextants were fun too, but time marches on 😉
  3. Lockmart also runs FSS nowadays so does a lot of work for GA.
  4. To be honest, I think the more appropriate comparison would be buggy whip manufacturers when the first motorized cars first appeared.
  5. I seem to have heard him say they had CAD files from certain manufacturers as well.
  6. I’d like to see the time drift and bad timezones/daylight saving issues fixed. You really shouldn’t need a tool like FSRealtime to keep the sim synced with the clock, and it doesn’t fix DST changes..
  7. Didn’t X-Plane claim they model a pt6 correctly in 11.40+ with experimental mode on?
  8. Slap an “experimental” label on it and you’re good to go.
  9. Would line up with Holiday season next year, I could have sworn one of the trailers said something about holiday......
  10. Pretty sure the original E3 trailer said something about holidays 2020? Which would make sense as that’s when the new XBox is expected to release as well. Although I could be combining things.
  11. What I heard in the linked interview is that there will be functional FMS but they’re leaving the deep dive system simulations to third party devs.
  12. Of the RemoteCDU or the PMDG aircraft? If it’s the latter they said that for a while (undefined) anyone who buys the NGXu gets the MSFS version free.
  13. I subscribe to Holiday 2020 myself. Gives them a year to nail down the initial feature list and get things prepped for maybe having something ready to run on the XBOX Scarlett platform which is slated for Oct 2020 if the E3 trailer is anything to go by. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/next-xbox-release-date-rumors,news-27484.html
  14. I think a lot of the DX11/12 stuff is going to be driven by what the new 2020 Xbox console is going to have available. Is it going to be DX12? How much of a mountain is it going to be to have a DX12 Xbox and DX11 PC version if that happens? Or do you just upgrade both and be standard.
  15. Ray tracing in hardware wasn’t there 4-5 years ago either.
  16. Assuming they like the new MS posture regarding their own store so MS doesn’t get any cut of their sales, the would be silly to not develop for this platform. It’s clearly the next step. I’m wondering just how “backward compatible” the backwards compatibility mode will be - they could do a 2 step migration, one with the (maybe slightly modified) current version, and then a full fledged new version with all the new bells and whistles. That will be a year after GA....
  17. I don’t know if he’s still around but wouldn’t it be fun if the ATC was part of the streaming mode and they teamed up with John Decker (Radar Contact) to get the ATC processing in the cloud right?
  18. Is it not entirely possible that they have an SDK that they are already working from, available to the selected 3rd party devs with the tech alpha, that will be updated and released at GA with future “polishing and enhancement” to be read as “someone asked us to expose (this) variable that we didn’t before, here it is”?
  19. It was the size of a washing machine 😉 Yeah, MB.... And a whole 640K RAM that nobody would ever need more than..... And back on topic - sounded like an APU starting up 😛
  20. Psion Software Flight Simulation, Timex/Sinclair ZX81, 1982 😉 Loaded by cassette tape and everything! subLOGIC Flight Simulator 2 for the C64 was released in 1984. subLOGIC Flight Simulator for Apple ][ in 1980. Man I feel old knowing and having owned zx81, C64 and a PCXT with a whole 10gb hard drive back in the day...
  21. I don’t know how they could use 32 bit code models in a 64 bit sim. Converting a P3D v4 model, that could be intriguing. But I think it’ll be like someone mentioned above - limited backward compatibility, want full - code to the new SDK.
  22. I thought ActiveSky did that by filling in some large radius METAR stations and re-downloading every (update) interval. Special METARs for a significant change should be caught in the redownload cycle. What would be nice is if the engine reading the METAR data had better fill-in and transitions (and only updated if there is a change rather than “oh look, something repopulated metar, redraw * weather to be - the same!
  23. Has any sim dev shown up at Oshkosh or Sun n Fun before? Not really their scene but widk.
  24. I’m probably going to grab the NG3 for use as a training and familiarization aid, but other than that I’m in a wait and see mode too. It’d have to be a pretty compelling buy, not just a “this is cool to have”. I’m already working into the budget to replace these aircraft again for the new platform just in case this is as large a leap as it could be. But in that analysis I’m anticipating a late 2020 (Christmas shopping season) release, and even then running both for a transition period while the external devs catch up on the new platform and work on a port. I honestly don’t expect (except for those who are possibly already in the fold and have some in-progress work) any third party extensions until mid to late 2021. I’m not going to ignore my P3D and X-Plane installs until then, just because.
  25. Wouldn’t that depend on how modular they made the actual underlying systems/display code? If it’s just an independent module then really all they need to figure out is how to display the output in the new universe compared to how it’s done now.
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