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  1. I noticed the trees in North Africa (Libya) popping up a lot closer with 200 lod and trees on Ultra than they used too (and yes there are trees in North Africa!)
  2. CTDs are a whole other ball game, personally I only have been affected when I overclocked my GPU and when trying to use the same Airport which must've had a bug. Other than that they're rare for me thankfully
  3. It was at the time...! I'm not bothered by the little issues and bugs, I'm well aware that happen. It's the blatant obvious regressions, bugs et all. I don't play the Sim with my head in the sand pretending everything is Rosey Lea, when I see persistent issues continually being "there" then I'll shout about it until things get better....over one year on and we're - ok *I* - am still seeing the same schoolboy errors.
  4. Uumm ok; Tree line broken again, affects everyone (global issue). Sensitivity page missing from UI, affected everyone at the time (global issue). VR pre terrain caching missing in UI, granted only VR users but regardless, affected all VR users. Flaps issue, global Terrain spikes, global The list goes on!
  5. Have you played the Sim since release?! It's obvious they need to tighten up quality control prior to an update release for one, if you can't see that then you must have sand up your nose. Explain to me why we get the regressions/UI issues/bugs/broken features that worked fine previously etc
  6. ...but then they forget to add in the simple UI terrain option into the VR section even though they added it in the PC section, those are the schoolboy errors that should not be happening in the first place! I think most of us are savvy enough to realise it's a monumental task in developing this simulation, that much to me is obvious. But they're making the same mistakes, over and over again which even the most un-savvy Joe Bloggs can see clear as day - the tree line Rendering for one, i mean what the hell is going on in the background that causes that to happen - again - it's bewildering and thusly as you say frustrating because it shouldn't be happening. I personally find it hard to believe at times that they have a direction of where they're taking this Sim, it seems very convoluted from the outside with no apparent direction in fixing the obvious vs improvement. Of course you're on the inside and i trust your word (to a degree!), but from mine and perhaps others points of view it looks like a mess, which is only proven every time a new update comes out that breaks something which was working perfectly fine before. I don't think we're far wrong with our concerns, even though we're on the outside.
  7. You need to read the context of the past couple of pages (= organised is with tongue in cheek!) 😉
  8. Sensitivity page missing after an update = Organised Pre Caching Terrain Option missing from an update on the VR section of the UI = Organised Lights on planes missing since SU5 meanwhile fixed by a community member in days = Organised The flaps issue... = Organised These are but a few examples of poor organisation on Asobos behalf, regardless of the deep code structure they are anything but organised. Quality Control? there is none.
  9. The day we can walk around Airports in VR with our Avatars is the day I'll properly look at the Airport interiors.
  10. I'll just leave this quote from you on the previous page here; I rest my case.
  11. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-aa-downgrade-since-su5-in-game-not-menus-overlays/433004 Further proof of SU5 downgrade alongside the AA of menus (VR), if people don't notice the downgrades that's fine, good or you. But to continually deny they exist in the first place like Cobalt above is incredibly naive.
  12. There's a word for you; Naive. Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it wasn't there. Do you work for Asobo? Because they're the only ones with such naivety as you're showing here!
  13. I need to check this sub out, looks a great deal for what looks like very nice airports.
  14. You would've had reduced lod pop ins like EVERYBODY, that wasn't fixed until WU6, whether you like it or not please accept that there was dumbing down of the graphics - across the board.
  15. MS Store? I'm noticing a trend of issues mainly to do with that, I'm on Steam and have never had any issues downloading and installing any update or hotfix.
  16. Unfortunately this theme of the community fixing Asobo/MS introduced bugs and issues is getting tiresome; Terrain Spikes - Community fix, official fix came weeks (months?) later. Flaps Issue - Community Fix on day one, official fix 10 days later. Aircraft Lights - Community Fix, still nothing official since SU5 when it was introduced. There's probably other examples, the main point is Asobo/MS are very poor at urgently rectifying issues they create.
  17. Anyone else concerned that more Wish List Items are "Started" than Bug List Items? I'd personally prefer a much stable base before new flashy features are added which could introduce their own bugs and issues. Was hoping SU6 & 7 would be full of such bug fixes, wait and see but hopes are not high.
  18. I, for one, am too busy enjoying it to shout about it here 👍🏼🙂
  19. I've noticed these Bug Logged thread titles appearing lately, like others I'm kinda hoping that SU6 & 7 are full of bug fixes.
  20. Under Account Profile on the Xbox server Status website: Status Outage reported 9/15/2021, 7:20:18 PM Investigating 9/15/2021, 7:52:13 PM Resolution: Pending (BST that is so very recent)
  21. Think the Servers are down, official forums show people unable to play, myself included
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