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  1. Hello, Do you guys know if Overland's RKSI (Incheon) works in P3D 2.5? Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I actually tried both. Using P3D axis assignments, everthings works except the throttles and spoilers, but using the F-22 everything is fine. When I set up the axis using FSUIPC, I get the exact same thing: no throttle control but everything works perfect using default P3D aircrafts. Update: As a last resort, I removed FSUIPC and everything worked! I'm not sure why FSUIPC was interefering with PS3 since I made sure all the axis and buttons have no associated functions. In any case, all is well here and thank you all for your replies!
  3. I'm having a lot of problems getting the aircraft to use the axis I assign in P3D. I have FSUIPC but I'm just using the calibration feature. For some reason, some of the throttle axis I assigned only move the engine reverser levers. The rest of the axis don't do anything. The strange thing is when I go to calibrate in FSUIPC, all the throttle axis are correctly assigned (ie: when I move assigned throttle 1, I see the numbers change). I made sure I didn't actually assign any throttle axis within FSUIPC. Also, I don't have this problem with default P3D planes. Has anyone seen this problem before?
  4. I'm having this problem too. Ran SimConnect.msi but I still don't see the activation prompt. The aircraft is complete dark with the yoke all the way to the left and no landing gears. Yihsin Hu
  5. I checked the forum and followed the fix carefully. No matter what I did, the throttles would not move more than a little bit. After 2 tries I just gave up. I don't know anything about programming or making a FSX addon, so I may have belittled the efforts made by the Aerosoft team. I truly didn't intend to do that and I like Aerosoft's products and will continue to buy them. However, one has to wonder why the throttle control setup is so complicated with the Airbus X Extended while more complicated addons like the Concorde and 737 NGX have done it w/o any problems on the side of the end user. It might just be my PC, my setup or my luck. I'll definitely give it another try in the near future.
  6. These are my purchases to forget: Aerosoft Airbux X Extended I installed twice, followed all instructions and could not get the throttles to move more than a little. I don't know why these throttles are so particular in the way they're set up. If FSLabs Concrde and the PMDG NGX get their throttles right, how come this Aerosoft product is such a pain. As of now, I've completely given up on this aircraft. Flight1 Citation Mustang It was released with a lot of praise yet hasn't been updated very much. It's fun to fly but kinda bland. FEX If only REX didn't exist.
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