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  1. Thanks for the update, Chris! I'm glad you're back doing what you're passionate about. I look forward to using the throttle soon!
  2. Anything made by Torquesim is a must buy.
  3. Chris did use kickstarter for the throttle. Unfortunately, it didn't get funded.
  4. I checked my sim and noticed that the Enhanced version of the free A310 wasn't installed. I installed it and the sim didn't crash when loading into KLAX. I also tried the new OMDB and no CTD either. Weird.
  5. Hi guys, My MSFS has started to CTD all of a sudden consistently while loading into iniBuilds's KLAX. The exception code is 0xc0000005 The things that I installed last are as follows: - iniBuilds GSX profiles (BTW, I didn't install the GSX file for KLAX since iniBuilds never releaed one). - Frame generation mod (I've since removed it). I've checked the integrity of files using Steam, which caused MSFS to reinstall about 130GB of file. Once everything was installed, I tried loading into KLAX. CTD after a few seconds of the loading screen just like before. I then uninstalled GSX and all the profiles. Then I uninstalled iniBuilds KLAX and installed the Asobo version. The sim loaded fine into the default KLAX. Finally, I reinstalled iniBuilds KLAX. The sim crashed again at the same spot, during the loading screen into the airport. I then tried iniBuilds KJFK, the sim loaded fine. I'm very puzzled why my MSFS is behaving this way. Do you all know what can be causing the CTD? Finally, what is the best procedure to uninstall and reinstall MSFS (Steam version)? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  6. I'm in the same situation. I'm on my 2nd Bravo, and I have little confidence that this version will last. I've considered the TQ6+, but it's just too expensive and it's impossible change the handles. So the Fulcrum throttle is it.
  7. As Ray said above, Fulcum is not a scam company. I pre-ordered the yoke and received it. It is one if not the best yoke in the market. I also pre-ordered the throttle, which I hope I'll receive it once Fulcrum is up and running. With the above being said, I agree that the lack of communication from Chris has been extremely disappointing. Taking other people's money and not updating on stock status is completely unacceptable. However, now that Chris has told us what had happened, the best thing IMHO is to give him a chance to redeem himself. Nico
  8. I have the Bravo. Build quality is ok and I already had to rma one due to squeaky throttles. But its adaptability is second to none. Hopefully one day they make one with hall sensors.
  9. I'm on my 2nd Bravo and I have little confidence that it would last. I've been looking for a better option with no success. Do y'all know if there's a TQ out there that can be adapted to multiple aircrafts but with better build quality with hall sensors? Cheers!
  10. Do I just run the new 7.0 exe? Will it ask me to redownload all the sceneries again?
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