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  1. No worries Chris. The yoke is great! The fact that the screws are loose shows you how much I've used it. I commend you for the great design that makes it easy to fix the issue quickly.
  2. Hi Chris, Just wanted to give you a heads up on an issue I'm having. When I used my yoke today, I heard a clicking sound while moving the yoke along the roll axis, near the center. I opened yoke and noticed that the 4 screws that are holding down the enclosure that the yoke pole goes through are loose. This causes the entire enclosure to wobble from side to side, thus causing the clicking sound. I tightened the screws and the clicking sound went away. Is there anything else I need to do? Here are the location of the screws: https://photos.app.goo.gl/siW6A1KqPTeQEKHb8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/LjENjS7CyZeNF3bo6 Also, when I move the yoke on the pitch axis, I noticed the gear on the left (on the track) is not straight. It's on the track though. Happy New Year! Nicolas
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to put a holder on the yoke for my iPad Pro 12.9. Is this possible? Which holder do you guys recommend? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Hi Chris and fellow Fulcrum yoke users, Are you guys adding deadzone in your sims for the yoke? If you do, how much are you adding?
  5. Hi Chris, I received the yoke for a couple of weeks ago and so far it's been excellent. I do have a question regarding the hat switch button. It's not visible as a button in MSFS and the windows calibration utility. Do you know why? Also, I took some detailed photos of the yoke. Do you mind if I post them in this forum? Thanks! Nicolas
  6. UPS just delivered my Fulcrum yoke. I have to wait until the end of the work day to try it. I'm look forward to it!
  7. I'm still eagerly waiting for the payment email. I ordered really early on preorder day so hopefully I can get one from the first batch.
  8. Do you know what time the pre-order would be open?
  9. I checked the forum and followed the fix carefully. No matter what I did, the throttles would not move more than a little bit. After 2 tries I just gave up. I don't know anything about programming or making a FSX addon, so I may have belittled the efforts made by the Aerosoft team. I truly didn't intend to do that and I like Aerosoft's products and will continue to buy them. However, one has to wonder why the throttle control setup is so complicated with the Airbus X Extended while more complicated addons like the Concorde and 737 NGX have done it w/o any problems on the side of the end user. It might just be my PC, my setup or my luck. I'll definitely give it another try in the near future.
  10. These are my purchases to forget: Aerosoft Airbux X Extended I installed twice, followed all instructions and could not get the throttles to move more than a little. I don't know why these throttles are so particular in the way they're set up. If FSLabs Concrde and the PMDG NGX get their throttles right, how come this Aerosoft product is such a pain. As of now, I've completely given up on this aircraft. Flight1 Citation Mustang It was released with a lot of praise yet hasn't been updated very much. It's fun to fly but kinda bland. FEX If only REX didn't exist.
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