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  1. Just bought a Z390 Gaming Edge AC board for my wife's new computer, and so far no issues. She is running a 9600K and RTX 2060 Super.
  2. It was a little more expensive for the lower CL, but should translate to better quality chips on the RAM. 3200 MHz seemed a good balance for performance and cost.
  3. Just did a build that may have what you are looking for Phanteks P600S case. This case has plenty of room for the NH-D15 i7-9700K Noctua NHU12-A 4x 8 GB G Skill 3200 CL14 RAM 500 GB & 1 TB NVMe SSD's 850 W Seasonic PSU recycled GTX 1070 FTW CPU running in low-mid 50's in P3D (4.7 GHz, 1080p monitor). I will think about a video card after the nVidia 3000 series are released.
  4. Too late to keep me sane. Tried my first full flight from KPDX-KLAX with mostly high settings. Had FSDT KLAX running, frames dropped to about 19 on short final, so might need to adjust some settings, but still fairly smooth.
  5. Now that I have retired, I have been scrounging through this forum, PC Parts Picker and You Tube looking at posts on building my first computer. The old computer's MOBO and PSU were failing, but used the graphics card from it in the new build. I decided on the following components: Phanteks P600S case (larger than I expected) Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390 MOBO Seasonic 850W Modular PSU Intel i7 9700K 32GB 3200MHz CL14 Ram Noctua NH-U12A cooler EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 500GB, 1TB NVMe's 4TB HDD It took me last weekend to assemble, which was mostly straightforward. I did struggle snaking the SATA cables. Then onto the software install, which I have been doing slowly and methodically. I have not put a OC on the CPU, but it is turbo boosting at 4.6 GHz at 1.13 volts. For a test, I loaded a PMDG 737 at Fly Tampa KLAS with ORBX SoCal and using moderately high settings in P3D. This scenario would put me at 18 fps on my old machine, but the new one is running 46 fps and not breaking a sweat (1080p). CPU is 50C, 1070 at 60-62C The hardest part has been trying to reinstall all the addons and emails to help desks.
  6. Thank you all for the recommendations! I am mostly worried about all my internet bookmarks and email folders being transferred to the new computer, I can live with a new OS install and all the other programs. I do have a data transfer cable and wondered if I could use that to migrate the stuff from my Chrome browser.
  7. Well, my old computer is on it's last legs ( power and MOBO issues), so I am going to be building a new system. I am thinking (hoping?) I can pull my Samsung SATA drive out of the old machine, install it temporarily onto the new machine and clone that drive to a new Samsung NVME drive on the new computer using Samsung magician, then remove to old SATA drive. My questions are: 1. Will that work? 2. I need to uninstall P3D and deactivate the license before I do this? 3. Any other flight sim files to uninstall? (PMDG, Aerosoft, ORBX ,etc) 4. If I clone the drive, will the new drive remember my bookmarks in Chrome, etc? 5. Any "Oh poop" things to look out for? Thanks!
  8. What was the fix, if you don't mind sharing?
  9. Maybe dump the 240 GB ADATA SATA drive and get a 2-3 TB HDD. With the 2 NVMe drives, use the smaller one for your operating system and the larger one for the flight sim files. The HDD for data back-up. Just seems like the builder is adding some extras that you may not need. Maybe try to talk to them directly, tell them what you are looking for and haggle the price, if you can.
  10. I would suggest using NVME drives over SATA, they can be faster. I think the Maximus has 802.11ac wifi card built into the motherboard already. You might want to consider going for a 1TB NVME drive over the 500GB.
  11. I recently replaced my OS Win 7 Pro with Win 10 Pro. Did a clean install of P3D, then started re installing add-ons. When I first tried to install the NGX (after uninstalling via control panel), I installed and first did not have any -600 or -700 WL models. So uninstall NGX and reinstall. I am now missing the gauges and the aircraft is not initializing, see attached. Just wondering how to correct the install. Thanks.
  12. System: 4790K, GTX 1070 FTW, 16GB RAM, Win 7 Pro, latest Nvidia drivers, new install of P3D v4.4 (client, content, scenery) Add-ons: FlightBeam airports, GSX, FSDT airports, ORBX global, NCA, PNW, SAK, ASP4, FSUIPC (standard), SODE, PMDG NGX, Aerosoft PANC, EDDF, EGLL I am using the slider of the throttle for the thrust lever. When I initially load in, the throttle is at idle, but when I advance it then pull back to idle, the throttle remains stuck about haflway in the NGX (and default Piper Cub). I assign the throttle axis in P3D, but it will not retract to idle unless I hit the "f2" key. I am stumped and wondered if anyone has suggestions on a remedy. It worked well prior to installing the add-ons. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Fixed it. I had to go to the settings menu in Navigraph and change the folder from C: Prepar3D to D: Prepar3D.
  14. Well, rats. I just did a full re-install of P3D last weekend on a new SSD and spent a lot of time installing the ORBX stuff, Flightbeam, FSDT, ASP4 and PMDG 737/ 777. Back to square one this weekend.
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