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    I am a Sound Designer/Editor by trade. Amateur Tiki Bartender/BBQ-ist, and obsessed Flight Simmer

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  1. Soundman

    What to do...

    I recommend going with the P3dV4 version. Only that you'll end up paying for it again as P3dV4 expands. ( which I was pretty miffed that PMDG didn't offer some kind of discount to existing customers.) The NGX just flies better in the 64bit environment.
  2. Soundman

    Radar Contact and UT Live

    I'm running P3dV4 with UT LIVE, FSUIPC 5 With Server and Radar Contact Networked. It all works very well and Radar Contact talks to all the AI.
  3. Soundman

    Do the sound volume level sliders work ?

    I know this is over year old... but I just converted to P3D v4 and found the same thing. After scoping it out.... The sound is tied to the AIRPORT VEHICLE DENSITY slider in the traffic menu. I've managed to lose the sound by setting the Airport Vehicle density to NONE. I am trying to find the offending .wav file to silence it and have some airport vehicles,
  4. Soundman

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Yes.. my bad should be PRCH9. Hopefully the AIRAC upgrade will help. Also, Jim, to ask another question. I've read you have flown out of KLAX. Do you not find the ATC instructions unrealistic with actual procedures? IE: "Contact tower when you are at holding point...." "Contact departure when airborne", And the Captain responding with "QNH"? I've listened to many hours of LIVE ATC at KLAX and the ops there seem to be drastically different.
  5. Soundman

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Is there a way to ask for a different SID? As an example, I have made my flightplan for KLAX to KLAS via DAG and It continually assigns me the PRCH1 SID out of LAX instead of the normal LOOP6. I know you said the SID/STARS are weather based, but that's really only for runway assignment right?