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  1. Well I went ahead and ordered my 2080ti. I've been hanging on with a 780 ti to for a few years so I may as well just bite the bullet and go for the biggest upgrade I can. Can't wait for shipping day!
  2. Not me. Dude is on vacation way too often!
  3. Hey guys, my group for a CS class has decided to make an aviation app for pilots of varying levels to learn/ review various topics. Think Khan Academy or Duolinguo for pilots. Here is a brief survey that we'd like some answers to. As a longtime member of Avsim and flightsim enthusiast myself, I thought this would be a great place to get some answers. If you have time to answer at least some of the questions it would helpful. Thank you! What is your experience level with aviation? Do you have a license? Are you interested in getting one? Would you be interested in a learning app to help you with your rating, license or currency? What specific topics do you think would be useful in an aviation learning app? In what ways do you learn the most effectively (visual, audio, text)? Do you use any apps or websites geared toward learning? If so, what specifically do you like about that site/app? An example of an app that you think is easy to use. An example of an app that is difficult to use? An example of an app feature that you think is fun. Rank the following features by your personal preference. Community interaction User achievements Goal Tracking User Statistic 13. Give me an example of an app that has an appealing visual design. 14. Give me an example of an app that has a poor visual design. 15. Give an example of an app experience that is memorable? 16. Give an example of an app/website that does a good job of organizing and displaying a large amount of data in a streamlined, easy to use way.
  4. I posted a guide, if you look a couple of pages back. It's actually really simple and works just fine.
  5. I've been using a 40 inch TV for some time. It's quite nice. Can't wait until I can afford a 48 inch 4k! Will be amazing
  6. No it really doesn't require any tweaks. With version 3 I've spent almost all of my time flying around and not tweaking. This is in stark contrast to the days of FSX where I might have spent more time tweaking than actually flying.
  7. Do you have the older simconnect installed, from SP1? I think it works only with that version. P3D have provided that in the "redist" folder of your main P3D folder.
  8. Hey guys, I see there is alot of confusion in how to install My Traffic into P3D v3. I tried to help but made a small mistake in my explanation, and then saw another place in which someone could be confused. So let me start over. I promise, it is not difficult. First of all, install My Traffic from the exe file. In this example, we will install it into the main C:\ drive so that it appears as a folder C:\MyTraffic6. ( Please note that the installer installs a main folder called MyTraffic6, then a subfolder MyTraffic. All of the important files are in the subfolder. So if you make the mistake of adding the path to the MyTraffic6 main folder, it won't work. Nor will adding MyTraffic6 to your scenery library. You MUST SPECIFY THE SUBFOLDER MyTraffic) There will be three simple steps to follow. Before we begin however, make sure that AI traffic setting in P3D is set above 0. Also, if you are using the newest patch to My Traffic 6, copy and past it into your MyTraffic6/MyTraffic folder and run it. YOU WILL NOT USE THE COMMUNICATOR. Step 1. Go to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 and locate simobjects.cfg (You might need to click on View>Hidden Items in File Explorer in order to see the ProgramData hidden folder) Add the following entry to the end of simobjects.cfg and then save. If it is entry 11 instead of 10 for you, then change it to 11. For me the entries go up through 9 so it will be entry 10. If you have the MyTraffic folder located somewhere else other than C:\MyTraffic6 then the path will be that different path. Add this to scenery.cfg: [Entry.10] Active=True Path=C:\MyTraffic6\MyTraffic\Aircraft Required=True Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Step 2. In your main Prepar3d v3 folder, which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 go to Scenery>World>Scenery and find the file "Trafficaircraft.bgl" and rename it to "Trafficaircraftoff.off" so that the default ai doesn't appear Step 3. Lastly, start up P3d or use sceneryconfig editor to add the MyTraffic folder into your scenery library just as you would any addon scenery. IN this case the MyTraffic folder is located at C:\MyTraffic6\MyTraffic Make sure you ADD THE SUBFOLDER MyTraffic, NOT THE PARENT FOLDER MyTrafffic6 You must add the folder that has Scenery and Textures just below it, just like any other add on scenery. Now the traffic should appear Follow these three steps and you cannot fail. Make sure you have ai traffic settings set up beyond 0 in P3D.
  9. I apologize, it is Scenery>World>Scenery After step 3 the traffic should be visible.
  10. I also have mine installed outside, but I tried make the instructions as dummy proof as possible.
  11. Just use google to translate the site into English. You'll find fixes for almost all Aerosoft airports for P3d lighting compatibility, like your Rome.
  12. http://simmershome.de/native-p3dv2-light-patches/%C2'> Fix for Aerosoft runway lights in P3D.
  13. Well I use My Traffic 6. and that will take care of your traffic issuse. Can't really help with the other questions.
  14. Also I don't think you can/should use the communicator. I didn't use it, instead I just followed the instructions on the MTX forum and it worked. In fact it works quite well, loads of traffic everywhere.
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