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  1. Yeah I would go the VR route instead, if immersion is what you're looking for
  2. KIAH - Houston KPHX - Phoenix MMMX - Mexico City KBOS - Boston KSLC - Salt Lake City
  3. I have to say that I'm really enjoying the VR experience. No it's not perfect and there's plenty of room for improvement, but my lord some of the experiences I've had have been spectacular, and just not something that can be recreated even on my 43 inch 4k G-Sync monitor with track IR. I flew into KSFO the other day in the Working Title CJ4, at night. Weather was pretty good until just before landing, where there was a thick cloud cover coming into 28L... which is very realistic... I used to live in San Mateo just down the road. Just as I cut off autopilot the clouds were thick and the runway was flickering in and out of view so I had to use instruments until just before touchdown. With the VR it was totally out of this world. Super smooth and just so immersive you almost forget it's not real. I need to update my specs but I use an i7 9700k at 5ghz, RTX 3090, 64 GB RAM, Reverb G2
  4. I actually LOVE bloom and leave it on always. Especially in VR, I find the effect very realistic... without it the sun is just a 2d circle, but with it on you can almost feel the blinding effect of the sun in certain conditions which is very realistic, like when you're driving west just before sunset you can barely see out your windshield, and I find the effect very well implemented, like I said, especially in VR.
  5. Yes it's worth it. I waited until recently myself. It's pretty awesome. On my high end rig it runs extremely smoothly at ultra settings even in super dense areas like nyc. It's very stable, no ctds. And vr is also loads of fun. There have been several moments that I've literally screamed "wow this is awesome!"
  6. I have a 3090 and a 144hz monitor. Previous to the update it was buttery smooth with vsync off. Is it recommended that I now that I turn vsync on? I'm on vacation and haven't installed the update yet.
  7. I ordered the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant hopefully I'll get around the end of the year. I'd also like to get my hands on a 3000 series GPU. I appreciate all of you guys working out the kinks... I'm deliberately on the sidelines until I get that hardware, kind of a baked in way to avoid all the frustrations for me.
  8. Well I went ahead and ordered my 2080ti. I've been hanging on with a 780 ti to for a few years so I may as well just bite the bullet and go for the biggest upgrade I can. Can't wait for shipping day!
  9. Not me. Dude is on vacation way too often!
  10. Hey guys, my group for a CS class has decided to make an aviation app for pilots of varying levels to learn/ review various topics. Think Khan Academy or Duolinguo for pilots. Here is a brief survey that we'd like some answers to. As a longtime member of Avsim and flightsim enthusiast myself, I thought this would be a great place to get some answers. If you have time to answer at least some of the questions it would helpful. Thank you! What is your experience level with aviation? Do you have a license? Are you interested in getting one? Would you be interested in a learning app to help you with your rating, license or currency? What specific topics do you think would be useful in an aviation learning app? In what ways do you learn the most effectively (visual, audio, text)? Do you use any apps or websites geared toward learning? If so, what specifically do you like about that site/app? An example of an app that you think is easy to use. An example of an app that is difficult to use? An example of an app feature that you think is fun. Rank the following features by your personal preference. Community interaction User achievements Goal Tracking User Statistic 13. Give me an example of an app that has an appealing visual design. 14. Give me an example of an app that has a poor visual design. 15. Give an example of an app experience that is memorable? 16. Give an example of an app/website that does a good job of organizing and displaying a large amount of data in a streamlined, easy to use way.
  11. Oddly enough I had the same problem with my airplanes tugging hard left on the taxiway. I have Saitek Rudder and Yoke, and have them unchecked in P3D as I use FSUIPC. I "think" that I fixed problem by going into the P3D controls menu, clicking on the AXIS tab on the top and deleting all of the axis assignments within P3D. I just tested and no hard pulling anymore on the taxiway. I hope this helps.
  12. Hey Roland, I can't finish decompling because I get errors for my FS Global scenery and My Traffic X. FS Global are located in main C drive on networked machine and My Traffic in my P3D folder also on my newtorked machine. In the path.txt file these files are incorrectly mapped, and even when I manually map them correctly, when it runs decompile it automatically goes back to the incorrect mapping. Thanks
  13. Is there any way to get this working from a networked machine?
  14. Very nice tool. I can confirm that it helps regain some of the heavy FPS hit from My Traffic 5.4
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