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  1. I once worked for the river. The whole peeing in bottles is BS. Never had to or was ever made to pee in a bottle. It's not in any way shape or form company policy to not allow employees to use the restrooms. Now are these places houses of joy with everyone running around singing zippity doh-dah, of course not. It's warehouse work. But as far as warehouse working goes they are far from being the worst in pay and working conditions. Lets be real, every company has a certain percentage of it's workers who are never happy and endlessly find fault with just about every little thing they can. Even it's just 5% of the company, in a company as large as Amazon that's 50,000+ people. In this day and age of social media they can go online and raise a fuss and then everyone just assumes its representative of the entire firm when that's far from being the truth. I think its great what these guys are doing. Wouldn't be surprised if in about 20 years it will be cheaper and safer to take a quick hop up to space then it will be to climb Mt. Everest. That's incredible. For time eternal people have dreamed of traveling to the heavens, we are lucky enough to be living in a age where it's coming to fruition and coming within reach of the common man. It's awesome.
  2. There are going to be two very famous people coming in human history. First will be the first person to set foot on Mars. And then the first person born on Mars. That person will still be a human being but they wont be an Earthling they will be a Martian. Barring the plant and animal life we bring with us, and possible life we might find there in the future, the first living Martian we encounter will be ourselves.
  3. Maybe try calibrating your joystick in windows. Fixed my joystick problems (constantly pitching down). start button > settings > Devices > off to the right click Devices and printers > right click on your joystick > Game controller settings > highlight your device and click properties > click settings tab > click calibrate, follow calibration instructions.
  4. Is there a solution to the tablet not working? I've tried the two suggestions on the TFDI forum but no joy. Works fine in FSXSE
  5. I figured there might be a new malfunction option. The twilight zone option. You're flying along when the #2 engine catches fire and shuts down. 30 seconds later you hear a flight attendant banging on the cockpit door screaming "There's a man on the wing of this plane!". You switch to spot view and there he is ripping apart the cowling of the #2 engine. The only way to come out alive is to do a barrel roll and make an immediate emergency landing. Eric Allen
  6. Factorio - Very addictive game.
  7. DBH114

    Using PMDG 777 ILS

    You want the NAVRAD button. It's on the FMC just to the right of the MENU button and under the LEGS button. When you press it you enter a page that allows you to input values for the VOR's and ADF's as well as ILS (which will be the fourth option down on the left). If your on the ground it should say PARK. You input the ILS info in the scratch pad of the FMC in the following format xxx.xx/yyy where x is the frequency and y is the runway heading. Then hit the button next to ILS to send the info to the autopilot. Then your LOC and APP buttons/modes should work as usual. Good Luck. Eric Allen
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