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  1. I have spent hours trying to purchase fsx steam edition from the steam store, and have yet to be able to take my cart to checkout and pay for the product. I know a lot of folks will be eager to respond by telling me I should be seeking help from steam, not from this forum. That is what I have spent all those hours on so far. I have been able to get lots of forms to fill out, lots of drop down menus with topics I'm supposed to choose from, and so forth. None of the menus listed the problem i am having, so they were no help. I just hoped that some people here might be able to tell me how to navigate that store and actually make a purchase from it. If so, I'd really appreciate it. Dewey
  2. Dewey

    Best Bush Aircraft

    I downloaded/installed the Flight Replicas Classic Super Cub yesterday. Although it shows up in the aircraft menu, when I select it, it comes up with a pilot sitting in a seat in a frame with no airplane. The aircraft textures do not show, though they are all in their folders. Can someone suggest what might be wrong? Thanks. Dewey
  3. Don't recall the download site. I don't even show an "addons section". Yes, I have tried the shift+j keys while flying. No joy. Thanks, Charliearon.
  4. Thanks for responding, "New Member". I have closely followed instructions on installing aicarriers, but cannot get them to show up. I imagine I'm doing something wrong, but need someone to walk through it with me in order to verify that. As for Acceleration, I need to add other aircraft to carrier ops in acceleration, but can't seem to make that work. I do have the T-45 Goshawk operational, but only up to a point. On every cat shot it smashes into an invisible barrier at the end of the flight deck. So, how do I make aicarriers work? How do I successfully prepare other aircraft for carrier ops in Acceleration? Thanks to anyone who might be willing to spend just a little time helping me get those things straightened out. Dewey
  5. I have killed an exorbitant amount of time trying to find some support for acceleration and aicarriers. Since AVSIM seems to be the most prolific source of flightsim knowledge, I thought I might search here. However, I have not found an appropriate place to ask my questions. Instead of asking them in an inappropriate place, I thought you might not mind if I inquired here if you have an appropriate place on Avsim that you might suggest to me. If so, I would greatly appreciate being directed to it. If not, I apologize for wasting your time. Thanks. Dewey
  6. Dewey

    GeForce 7300 GT

    This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:
  7. Is anyone flying FSX with an Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT card? If so, what kind of results are you getting with it? My Radeon 9800 XT bit the dust. It was handling FSX pretty well. The only card I can find that will plug into its place around here is the 7300 GT with 512 mb and I don't know what to expect from it performance-wise.Can someone tell me?Thanks.Dewey
  8. Who is the manufacturer of your Grand, Mitch? Are you satisfied with the sampled sounds?I play a Yamaha keyboard. One of its voices is a Grand Piano. I think it's close, but maybe not close enough for someone who actually plays a Grand. It would be interesting to see.One of my hobbies is arranging songs, recording all the parts with different instrument voices, and putting them on CD. My sister and I compose songs, and I arrange, play and record them.It's amazing what you can do with digital voices, and it's a fun and satisfying creative outlet.Dewey
  9. Dewey

    F18 Spinout

    Rob, by your formula, the faster your ground speed, the greater your rate of descent. I don't believe that's correct. Or do I misunderstand your meaning?Dewey
  10. >There is an annoying thermal about a 1/2 mile out from KSNA>on the 19R ILS approach. I would like to get rid of it. Anyone>know how?>>I don't know if this is a default thermal or if my LA>Megascenery might have put it there?>>JeffThis reminds me of the old Coit Road airport in Dallas. It has been gone for many years. But back when I was flying my old Taylorcraft out of there in the summer time I had to run the "thermal gauntlet" every time I landed into the south. There was a blacktop road that ran across the north end of the runway about 40 feet out from the end. So you came across it on final at a very low altitude just about read to cross the fence. One minute you were right on the beam and the next you were being tossed up into the air again just at the wrong time! Then trying to get that old floater of an airplane back down before you had to go around was really an adventure. Needless to say I had to go around more times than I wanted to in the hot summer time!Anyway, I empathize with your frustration.Dewey
  11. Wings of Power P-40:Great textures, outstanding 3D cockpit, great sounds, great flight model. But, unless I'm missing something, I think the prop is turning backwards on this plane. Anyone else noticed this?Dewey
  12. It occurs to me that if people didn't have the freedom to bounce new ideas off one another, we wouldn't be sitting here typing messages on this forum because there wouldn't be any forums. And there wouldn't be any forums because there wouldn't be any computers. And there wouldn't be any computers because whenever someone tried to bounce related ideas off groups of people whose knowledge they respected, they would be quickly told to stop their bellyaching and just be happy playing with their Tinker Toys.You know, when you think about it, if someone comes to this forum and attempts to share a new idea, it speaks very loudly for the respect they have for the people on this forum. That person feels that these people have the knowledge and the know-how to accurately assess his idea and maybe provide some stimulating feedback that might enhance it and build it into something useful.Of course, we all know how hard it is to successfully express ourselves so that other folks really get the message we're trying to pass along. It's so common for our intentional messages to get misinterpreted, and sometimes twisted beyond recognition. And often that happens just from a choice of one or two words that mean something very different to another person. But that's a whole study by itself.What I'm saying here is that I believe we, as a community of intelligent and diverse individuals who share a common hobby, should not only accept new ideas, new slants on old ideas, or even ideas that might sound a little strange at first, but we should invite them.Who knows? It might be one of us who succeeds in solving some of the problems that we struggle with in this hobby. Then we could all say we helped, and that we read it first on Avsim.Dewey
  13. Dewey

    Bookean Search

    Thank you for your response, Thomas. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to lend me a hand.Unfortunately, I didn't state my question clearly enough. Let me try again.Let's say I want to search for jets without pulling up dozens of repaints to scan through. With Boolean search capability I could go to the keywords search window and type in, "jet and not repaint". That would pull up every file with the word "jet" in the file description, but would bypass that file if it also contained the word, "repaint". Some sites also save the user having to type correct Boolean syntax by having separate windows for words they wish to exclude from a search. I was unable to find a way to search the Avsim library that way so I just thought I'd ask if I had overlooked something.If the library currently doesn't have that capability, it would be a great thing to add. With the library being so huge, and with textures and repaints being so well supported by the user community, one often has to scan through huge quantities of textures and repaints in an effort to find the original aircraft to download.What do you think, Avsim? Is that something you might consider?Thanks again!Dewey
  14. Dewey

    Bookean Search

    I'd often like to search for particular categories of aircraft without pulling up repaints and textures. Is there a Boolean search function in the Avsim library, and if so, how do I access it?Thank you!Dewey
  15. I read recently that the average cost per mile to operate a car based on current gas prices is 42 cents. If that's true, the cost to drive 15 miles up there and 15 miles back would be $12.60.We may all have to re-think our driving habits if that is good information.Dewey