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  1. Yeah i got it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been searching for a good addon that adds cabin sounds to the aircrafts. I found some like fspassengers and fs2crew. Well fspassengers is too complicated and fs2crew is only for payware aircrafts. Well i have all the freeware aircrafts. Is there any addon that adds good cabin sounds like announcements, safety speech, etc?
  3. zabri


    As far as i know, i dont think there is specific way for that. By the way all the default airports uses only default moving jetways and not SODE jetways unless you have the GSX Level 2 expansion pack. Some of the addon airports uses SODE and some uses default jetways while some just have a static jetways that does not move. I suggest you to go for GSX Level 2 expansion pack, it adds SODE jetways to all addon & default airports. In this case you will have only SODE jetways in all airports but do watch some videos about the Level 2 pack and do some research before you buy. I just want to give a tip that if you want to find out wether specific airport has SODE jetways.....for example if you want to check for Heathrow EGLL airport. Then go to C:/Programdata/SODE/Xml Inside the xml folder if you see any file of Heathrow EGLL airport that means it has sode... If there isnt then it doesnt....
  4. You are right. Now i just need to assign all AI to land & take off from runway 16 instead of runway 34. I tried changing wind directions, weather, etc. Nothing seems to work. I installed ADE but getting confused on how to change runway assignments. I opened the Melbourne airport. Opened the runways as well as approaches list where i can find runway 34 is highlited with orange colour. I think it means that the runway is active. How do i change that to runway 16?
  5. Yeah, i thought that could be the problem because i had this runway problem with Dublin airport too & it got fixed when i disabled the MTX AFCAD of Dublin airport but Melbourne is not getting fixed that way. I searched about ADE and i think it may work.
  6. Hello everyone, I bought the ORBX FTX Melbourne airport a week ago. Well the scenery is amazing. The problem is not so big. Only thing is i see most of AI land & take off on the runway 27 which is quiet short for the heavy aircrafts or runway 34. Now the runway 34 is fine but i cant find the ILS frequencies for it or maybe it does not have one. Now i am not so good at Visual Approaches especially when its heavy aircrafts. I know that i can request the ATC for runway that has ILS and land on it but it seems unrealistic because i see opposite to the runway an AI is holding its position for take off. Is there a way that i can direct or assign the AI to a runway that i want? By the way i am using MyTraffic 6.
  7. Well thanks for the suggestion but i found the way to increase it through the aircraft.cfg under 'weight and balance' section.
  8. Hello all I am using gsx and most of my aircrafts are freeware. Now when i use gsx and request for boarding i noticed that when i am using B777 or B747 i see two trucks bring 5-6 containers for loading the cargo and even the passengers are nearly around 300. When i am using A330 or B787 i see only 40-50 passnegers on board with just 1-2 containers loading to the cargo which seems unrealistic for the A330 and B787. Now i know that it has to do something with the aircraft.cfg but what exactly needs to be done? Just need the confusion to be cleared.
  9. Thanks for the help. Its working now
  10. Hello all, I downloaded a Jet Airways TDS B737 Max 8. The problem with the aircraft is i cannot pitch up. Well i don't know what exactly it is called but what i am trying to say is when i am on high speed on the runway and when i pull my sidestick/yoke for take off...the nose of the aircraft does not come up. Infact nothing happens and its just keep going and going. Even when i reach 180knots nothing happens...but when it reaches at 200knots the aircraft starts taking lift from the ground just like that without pitch up. At that time when i push the yoke downwards the flight pitches down but does not pitch up. This happens only with the TDS B737 model. I tried with another Spicejet TDS B737 Max 8. Its the same case....is there anything to do with the aircraft.cfg?
  11. Hello everyone, I am using GSX since a month. Now i am seeing something weird that whenever i request for boarding, i see only one cargo loader and sometimes just one catering vehichles too. Well i don't use any payware aircrafts. All of my aircrafts are freeware. I am having doubt wether i have changed a setting by mistake.
  12. Ok i got you. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Well i am new to all these. I love aviation but i am new to the simulation world and Sweetfx is not a payware. If you dont want to help then its fine. I am just trying to get my sim as realistic as possible.
  14. Hello everyone I just installed Sweetfx in FSX. I am reaaly confused and have no idea on how to set it properly. I am using the FX configurator that came with SweetFX. Is there any key for on/off for sweetfx like it is for Enb?
  15. Hi everyone I just bought ans installed T2G Paris airport. I am using FTX Vector too. One of the terminals goes under the ground leving the jetways up. i thought its the FTX Vector causing problem but i disabled the LFPG in the Vector Config and still it occur. I am using MyTraffic 6 so i thought there maybe a BR2..LFPG.bgl file that creates a problem...and so i deleted the file but still it causes problem. Any idea on how to fix? This person had the same problem but i didnt find any solution in the forum.
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