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  1. You are probably trying to use the Project Airbus model which T. Ruth made compatible for FSX. As their sharklets model was only for FS9, I doubt you can make that work in P3DV4, especially not with a virtual Cockpit. you could check out the Project Airbus Forum, there used to be a download section where you may find the original files...
  2. Had this issue a couple of weeks ago. I use hardware rudder pedals, and somehow the brakes where always applied, even though there was no "brake" indicator on the screen. I had to reset my P3D controls and adjust the deadzones and I was able to taxi again.
  3. With the FSL A319/A320 I have similar artifacts at night. During my last flight I switched off the flightdeck lights and the effect stopped. Next I switched the flightdeck lights to the normal position and the artifacts where there again. Then I switched them to bright and then back to normal and the artifacts were gone as well... -> could it be that spotlights is the issue here? I don't recall having these artifacts in other planes (e.g. PMDG's) where I don't use Spotlights.
  4. Have you checked the texture file size? I had a similar fps drop with some repaints, and I found that these texture files where extremely big (several MB each). I changed all my AI Repaints to 1024x1024px and added mipmaps and I also changed every repaint to dxt5 format, the performance gain was quite big :-)
  5. The autodock in GSX2 works 😃 you can change the settings when you open the sode tool (where you register it). there you can set it up to detect / dock to ai planes. if you have a jetway with glas textures, you can see pax boarding when you are parked at a terminal...
  6. Hi David, I had the same issue with the latest GSX update. They added a third cargo loader in the newest version, but somehow the GSX profile for the 77F is not set up correctly (at least it was faulty for me). For me the cargo loaders were placed below the ground, so I just had to adjust the positions in order to make them work.
  7. Hi, I had the same issue, for me uninstalling and blocking this update did the trick. P3D v3.4 is working fine again, thanks for all of your tipps
  8. Great news, but is there a way to pay for it without a paypal account? It looks like paypal has removed the option to pay with creditcard only
  9. Hi, I usually fly with default ATC, and it is (kind of) possible to fly SIDs and STARs. SIDs are easy if you use the latest version of PFPX to plan your flights. In the flightplan file the SID waypoints are added, so ATC won't bother you after takeoff. STARs are a bit more difficult, as it requires some changes to the airport AFCAD file. With a program like ADE you can add approaches. In the ATC window you can then choose either vectors for the (ILS-) approach or an initial approach FIX (IAF). ATC will then give you one vector to the IAF (which you can ignore if it doesn't suit you) and when you are near the IAF you get the clearance to the ILS. Until you are established on the ILS ATC won't bother you again. You can also just fly your STAR and ignore the ATC instructions, but the can "controller" get a bit annoying...
  10. Hi, Yesterday I realised, that I have the same issue. When I choose C&D-, Long- or Short-state, the engines look like on your pictures ("frozen"). It resolves itself after 2 or 3 minutes and after I switch once or twice from cockpit to the outside view. It happens with all types. (I also tried deleting the fsuipc.ini file, which didn't help).
  11. I think I have found the issue. Its not GSX, I had in the PMDG Setup Tab in "Options - Simulation" on page 10 the option "ground service objects" switched to "show selected" and I had GRND POWER switched to hide. I think I switched it to hide by accident, when I tested some options with the ground service vehicles. :smile: Now I can stop sitting around at the gate and start flying this beauty!
  12. Hi, Thanks for your reply. However, I just tested without GSX (uninstalled it for now), but its exactly the same. When I choose long turn and EXEC, the GPU is connected (both external Power switches show avail) but as soon as the countdown reaches 0 the GPU model outside vanishes, and the avail signs as well. (the aircond. unit is always there after the countdown). Well, I will make my own panel-state for now, or I start in C&D state. Cheers Dominik Stahel
  13. Creating my own panel state is a possible solution, but I would still like to know why the long turn state doesn't seem to be working correctly. I have GSX installed, but I wait until the aircraft is fully initialized before I use GSX. First I wait until the countdown for the default state is finished, then I switch to the long turn state and wait for the countdown to finish. After that I start GSX. Dominik Stahel
  14. Hi, First of all, many thanks to the PMDG team for this incredible aircraft, absolutely amazing :smile: I just have a "small" issue when I try to load the panel-state "LONG". When I select this panel-state and press EXEC, the gpu appears. But as soon as the countdown is finished, the gpu vanishes again, and I don't have ground power anymore. I tried to use the LONG turn state with the 747-400 and 747-400F version. I use P3D v3.4, Win7 Cheers Dominik Stahel
  15. lol, you should probably read it again :smile: Dominik Stahel
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