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  1. Oh yes you had. It worked some months ago.
  2. Rudderduck

    Dear Button Control Lobby

    Sorry, but Button Control Lobbyist without an FB account can't get the happy news.
  3. Rudderduck

    Can someone paint a replacement Vertical Speed Gauge?

    Thank you Marcel!
  4. Rudderduck

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    LOT-Nordica would be nice...
  5. Rudderduck

    15 years ago today....

    Thank you for all your marwellous contributions Steve!
  6. Rudderduck

    UPS Majestic Dash-8 Repaint

    Any news Steve?
  7. Rudderduck

    REX Wx Radar into Bert's Panel v57

    Thank you Scott, working nice here.
  8. Rudderduck

    FS2Crew QW787

    And let there be a button version! Rune B. (B for Button version )
  9. Rudderduck

    [23 Sept 2017] FS2Crew Weekend Update!

    You're obviously not a poor software developer any longer Bryan, and congratulations with that! I have purchased every single button version of Fs2Crew released since the legacy Pmdg 737NG for FS2004. A bit of a shock when you didn't want to do the button version of the first Mad Dog released in 2006. Luckily you reconcidered on the Dash8Q400, and that didn't hurt, did it? The new Mad Dog for P3Dv4 will definately be a best seller, with a great demand for a button version as well. I can do a norwegian captains voice for it, and I'll do it for free. Norwegian crew sounds like in the "Norsemen" series on Netflix. That's a fact! Please don't say no to money.
  10. Rudderduck

    NGX recent updates and FS2Crew

    Yes, working fine on my last trip LIML-ENGM finished just minutes ago.
  11. Rudderduck

    Level-D for P3D Released

    Would have been nice with compatibility with the current gaugesound.dll as well....
  12. Virtual 747 CDU working just fine thank you!
  13. Rudderduck

    Berlin Brandenburg in P3Dv3.4 issues (EDDB)

    It may be the AerosoftAFD entry which should be above the Mega Airport Berlin entry in your Scenery.cfg
  14. Rudderduck

    Berlin Brandenburg in P3Dv3.4 issues (EDDB)

    It looks like you have to "Modify Status Of Repositioned Airports" in the UTX Europe setup tool. EDDB is on that list, disable it. Or go to Scenery/World/Scenery and delete or rename UTX_EDDB_EUR.BGL