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  1. Does two of this addons make significant differences in Southeast Asia region? Im going to fly around Papua and Java, Indonesia.
  2. hey bro, im looking just the same recommendation as you asked. Hows Twotter and Kodiak perform? im little bit confused what should i buy. First one twotter i like it very much but i see the plane doesnt get update until now. Im questioning hows the PT6 intergation with new x-plane version? is it still acceptable? and i found this tweak https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/57247-dhc6-v2-tweaks/ . But i dont know it will make significant changes. My second consideration is kodiak, but what i didnt like its a single engine plane. TBM 900 is very great! but its not stol a/c .
  3. Hi, would you consider adding "Set" Command other than Select? example : Set LNAV / Select LNAV . thanks.
  4. Does it have Procedure Turn feature in fmc? hows the failure option? is there something new?
  5. sorry i misunderstanding about core parking. what i mean is when im using all core the fps is like 20 to 30/40 fps. But when i unload the Core 0 from task manager. The fps drasticly increase! . Im using crucial MX500 500gb ssd.
  6. ive reinstalled to latest version and now im using SSD for prepar3d. The fps is worse than previous version. But soon i unpark CPU 0, The fps drasticly increase! what causing this problem?
  7. can i create two/double preset with one a/c?
  8. Hello, is it posibble to make 2 or more group of presets in one type of aircraft? i dont see any option that would do that or am i missing something? Dray
  9. I got low fps and its like fluctuating from 30 to 20 . is it normal? im only use chaseplane. btw my cpu is i7-4750hq 3.0ghz with GTX980m 4gb.
  10. thanks all for the reply and your opinion really appreciate that, one thing. Does SVS work all over the world? or only some region?
  11. Hello, i have a plan to buy this addon. but it is good for bush flying? im going to operate in papua with small airstrip, grass runway , high altitude airport etc. I know theres other bush aircraft like Twin Otter , pc-6 that more suitable with bush operation but i prefer this addon because theres Synthetic Vision on it for helping me flying between mountainoius region. Thank you. Dray
  12. Thank you very much for your explaination, so what are you saying in last paragraph that QW 787 doesnt simulate "failures" like PMDG does? or it doesnt simulate at all?
  13. Hello, i want to ask something about this addon regarding the new update what ive heard this addon has some(maybe serious) little problem/bugs. I planning to buy it but my question is "Should i buy now? or wait until it is fixed completely?" I dont have experience using or trying this addon so i cant compare before the update and after the update. Thank you. Dray
  14. Hello, ive been experiencing fps drop/freezed like 1 second while takeoff roll after engaging TOGA. Also when vspeed reached V1, the freeze occur again. Whats the problem? My spec: i7 4750HQ 3.2ghz GTX980M 4GB 16GB RAM Using FS2CREW Reboot latest version, NGX , Active Sky P4D. Dray Langley
  15. they dont have paypal option for purchase? im dissapointed
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