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  1. bokdany

    write a shader for P3D v4

    HI, After I had read a lot of tutorials on HLSL and try few examples, I understand the structure of HLSL but don't understand how to use it in P3D v4, I precise that I'm unfamiliar with C++, but I would like to write a dll to call my HLSL code, someone can help me ? Thanks by advance.
  2. Hi, I would like to change the color of a targeted material on an aircraft via a shader, is it possible to do this ? I precise that I don't want to use Lua script. thanks for you reply.
  3. Hi, I have a strange problem , please see the lua code below. varset("L:myVar"..tostring(1),"number",999) This code work fine ( varget("L:myVar1","number") = 999 ), but the follwing: local index = varset("L:index","number",1) varset("L:myVar"..tostring(index),"number",999) This code not work. ( varget("L:myVar1","number") = 0 ). Someone can explain to me what is wrong or what i'm doing bad. thanks by advance.
  4. Thanks alot for your replies, but i think that i have a another kind of problem because i did many different try without results, this script is called by a material who normally can access to local variables but its seems that i can read and write within some material variables and some simulation variables but not in local variables. I precise that i use P3D v4 with sdk
  5. Hello buckley, thanks for your quick answer, but I tried and it does not work, so I have a question, do I have to instantiate (L: myVar) before trying to get its value and if so where?
  6. Hi, I trying to store a simple value in a local variable in the following Lua code. the code: !Lua -- get the L:var value local val = varget("L:myVar","Number") val = val + 1 -- store value in L:var varset("L:myVar","Number",val) This code is used for material scripting (P3D v4.2) but it's seems doesn't work. Is it possible to store a new value in a local variable and re-read it at each execution of this code? Thanks by advance.