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  1. Down Again.... This is twice in one week.... Might have to dust off the wallet and get a payware ! Really enjoy live weather ! Any suggestions on payware ?
  2. Charlie,,,,,, Not sher if you read the other site post but I went back and actually stopped doing my 5 things at once and re read Brian's instructions and along with your help it worked. I have SP2 and was able to log onto Vatsim ! I cant be more embarrassed for wasting everyone's time ! I appreciate everything you have done also. I owe ya ! Thanks Tim,
  3. Ran the CD's and chose repair..... Restarted and still getting the same SP 2 not installed. I allowed Win 10 to download this to the download folder the installed from there.... Thanks !
  4. As a avid 4 wheeler like Doughnuts in the mud.lol !... Downloading. Uninstalled the last.. Looked like it downloaded. I restarted the PC. Started FSX as admin and got the Error... The MS MSXM4L SP2 Component not installed. Please Reinstall Flight Sim to Restore or repair missing component ..... Uninstalled SP2, Reinstalled. Said Install was successful again... Gonna reboot and see what happened....
  5. From a member on another site..... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=19662
  6. I only have FSX SP1 :10.0.61355.0.... It also shows up when you start FSX, start a flight then on the menu bar press help, At the bottom click About..... I dont know whats going on... very frustrating.... Thanks for the help !
  7. Im IN ! Kinda.... Still not connecting but at this stage its a set up deal.... THANK YOU !!!! I still am worried that SP2 does not seem to be installed ! Would hate to go thru ALL the set up, freeware, etc only to find out another application downstream needs SP2 and I have to start over again !
  8. Completely uninstalled FSX, SP1,2 using control panel. Re installed all restarting PC each time. Still no SP 2 showing on the FSX flight, Help tab. About... And still not able to use vPilot.
  9. Yes SP2 shows up in the Control Panel, Programs and Features Uninstall page.... Thanks for any and all help !
  10. Not sher on whats being removed ? I did right click the SP2 , Use the removoal toal. and removed SP2. Then re installed it.... Same out come
  11. Need help ! Before I started the Add on quest I had downloaded SP 2. Ran it went from my Windows 10 general download folder thru set up...... Thought all was good. Added airport scenery design. Made a couple of airports. Now I want to get on vATSIM.... Can not get it to start up. Asked answered from another site stating I need SP2. Sher enough when I start FSX. Load up a flight, Click on Help, about FSX and SP1 Shows up. Tried a complete un install of FSX. Advanced system care 12 for some reason did not remove all FSX files. Went back to good restore point. Removed SP2 from the computer and reinstalled, ran setup and still showing SP1. Question... Am I on the right track, If so whats a good un installer to remove FSX, are there any ideas im missing ? THANKS !
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