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  1. Just be patient - very slow connection.
  2. Long-awaited update for the A320-X and A319-X (P3D v4.5) is now live.
  3. Question: If you don't plug the external drive in, how to you expect it to "see" the scenery? Cheers. ElJay
  4. Thanks Nolonger. This effects-file did the trick.
  5. Have the same problem. This plane is one of my favourites. First plane I flew in (1959) and will never forget those moments. Regards.
  6. Have a look at these airports from NMG. Realistic and light on frame rates. Regards. Leon
  7. Thanks Pete. Excellent utility. Solved my problem.
  8. How do you get the update(s)? I do not get a prompt in the module manager. Bought the Pre-order version.
  9. I also have this issue with CP not auto launching P3Dv4 although it is auto-launching FSX. This is after the last update (v0.4.187 Beta Exp). With the previous update it worked for both sims. Regards.
  10. Getting an error when updating: "Unable to write OF_Config.xml! System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\ Orbx ObjectFlow 2\add-on.xml' is denied .....etc. It creates a folder "Orbx ObjectFlow 2" in the Add-on folder but it is empty. Never had any problems with any stuff added to the Add-on folder before.
  11. I have Prealsoft_HD Cities-London but the scenery is terrible. The scenery overlays the normal scenery and I only get a hazy view with a few blocks of buildings. I followed the instructions as is given with the two files downloaded and placed the 'reconstructed' folder in the Addon-folder. The Scenery folder has 18 files and the texture file 2505 files. Am I missing something? Does it matter where in the priority list it is placed? I tried it in FSX as well as in P3Dv4 - no difference. Help will be appreciated.
  12. Same problem here. This is a perfect reason why there must be an offline option.
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