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  1. According to Digital Foundry they used about 10 gig of data on a 7 hour test run. Mind you MFS will used local cached data if you load fly the same area as the previous flight.
  2. Of course it has flaws, every games has flaws on release. That has been the narrative for many years now. FSX, P3D and Xplane all have flaws as well. Nothing is perfect.
  3. When FSX was developed the hardware philosophy was core speed. Back then the idea was single core cpu pushing above 7 ghz at some point ind the near future. The same year FSX was released Intel released their Core 2 Duo, starting the multi core race and lower clock speeds than expected.
  4. Yep. GTA6 vids has been leaked for years on Youtube, this vid is just as valid as those.
  5. If the global illumination has been updated, instead of the old washed out color palette from FSX, then I might be interested in V5.
  6. But what is the need for that? They look perfectly fine as they are.
  7. You are assuming that we are seeing a video from the latest build. There is a good chance that this is “old” footage.
  8. He was one of the only flat-earthers who actually tried to prove his beliefs, I admire him for that. Regardless of how wrong he was.
  9. Well that was almost 20 years ago and not made by Asobo.
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