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  1. Quote from instruction manual: "Point CTRL is recognized as a windows HID compliant pointing device, and requires no driver installation. Point CTRL is compatible with any simulator, or software title that has mouse support."
  2. You might have a look at this: https://pointctrl.com/ Very nice concept.
  3. Update went fine. Everything is working except that now the flaps are not working (all Aircraft). Nothing was changed in the control settings. Checked everything - no double bindings etc. How is this possible as before the update I had a perfectly running sim?
  4. Run new installer over the current installation of FFTF tool. Leon Gerber
  5. Mine was shipped from Aerosoft on 17 December 2020 and has been sitting at IPZ Frankfurt since 22 December. The carrier is DHL. Apparently due to Covid lockdown.
  6. Took 3 hours to download and install from 06:25 - 09:20 (GMT+2). Very smooth and constant download at 125 Mbs. Now to setup before I can start flying. Very happy so far.
  7. Thanks Muklum. I appreciate your help. Could buy, download and install without any problems after I logged in to the Microsoft South Africa site. Leon Gerber
  8. Working now. Installed and activated without any problems. Thanks Achilles.
  9. I have exactly the same problem as Pat. Very frustrating! V5 however is running 100% with no other problems except the 'wall of death' at some airports (all default). Leon
  10. Just be patient - very slow connection.
  11. Long-awaited update for the A320-X and A319-X (P3D v4.5) is now live.
  12. Question: If you don't plug the external drive in, how to you expect it to "see" the scenery? Cheers. ElJay
  13. Thanks Nolonger. This effects-file did the trick.
  14. Have the same problem. This plane is one of my favourites. First plane I flew in (1959) and will never forget those moments. Regards.
  15. Have a look at these airports from NMG. Realistic and light on frame rates. Regards. Leon
  16. Thanks Pete. Excellent utility. Solved my problem.
  17. How do you get the update(s)? I do not get a prompt in the module manager. Bought the Pre-order version.
  18. I also have this issue with CP not auto launching P3Dv4 although it is auto-launching FSX. This is after the last update (v0.4.187 Beta Exp). With the previous update it worked for both sims. Regards.
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