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  1. My username has no special characters, installed for the 4th !!!! time today and still no go... First session the fly button works and the sim starts with a view of some concrete and than crashes. All further attempts the fly button does not do anything. I googled my word not allowed off the last 3 weeks. Yes, I have the sim 3 weeks and still no fly. How can you release something like that... When comes the new patch ?
  2. Yes, I did. With offline Ai and a weather preset. Allthough I tried online/ realtime also.
  3. Hello all, Re-installed for the 3rd time, this time through the ms store, not used my disks. Updated everything. But when I set up a flight and press " Fly " nothing happens. No loading screen , no activity etc.So when I leftclick on" fly" the button changes color shortly but that's it.. Strange thing is that I can fly the Courchevel challenge and that works fine. Anybody an idea what might be the problem ? Btw, I installed on my F drive. Which has MSFS2020 folder ( I created ), Program Files, WindowsApps and WpSystem. In msfs2020 folder there is Community and Official. Is Community folder supposed to be empty ? Hope someone can help ! Greetings !
  4. Yep, although I picked a parking. I just doesn"t react... Yesterday it did start once, but it crached on an up side down view of concrete with yellow line.... Only 3 weeks of trouble yet..
  5. Hello all, After the update I was finally able to install and launch the sim. However, I can set up a flight or just pick the 787 and a departure airfield, and when I press " fly " nothing happens... But, when I sellect the courchevel challenge it does react when I press play and actually starts...I don't get it. I updated everything. Am I missing something ? Greetings !
  6. Hello all, I was finally able to complete the install after the patch. I could launch the sim, set my settings, set up a flight and then....nothing. When I press - Fly- nothing happens, it just stays on that screen. Am I missing something simple ? greetings !
  7. I was finally able to install complete. The patch worked ! But I launched, set my settings and set up a flight but, when I press Fly, nothing happens...It stays on that screen..omg...
  8. Hello, When I buy and plug a yoke to my system, ( when it's not sold out ), will I still be able to use my joystick for rudder ? Or do you really need rudder pedals ? Greetings.
  9. I totally agree with you. It's a shame and I don't want Xbox junk on my computer too..
  10. I have the boxed disc version..Same dissaster. I'm impressed you actually spoke to someone from microshit. We just have to wait for a solution from them. So nice that they keep us informed or make an apology...
  11. Thank you guys, learning all the time 🙂
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