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  1. Thnank you all! I think I buy a usb dvd drive indeed.
  2. Hello, Soon I will get my new pc which won't have an optical drive. When msfs came out I bought the boxed DVD version. Is it possible to get it via Steam this time whitout having to buy it again? Thnx.
  3. Just to let you know, it works. From starting sim to at the gate now took 6 minutes in stead of 17 ! Thanks!
  4. Good evening all, Could someone explane to me what to do after moving the msfs folder. After SU12 my sim is worse, less fps and longer loading times. So I copied my msfs folder from the hdd to a new empty ssd drive. But to make the sim use the new location I wanted to rename the " old " folder. But then a warning appears that application is in use so I can't do that. Is there a work around ? I do not want to delete the old folder right away. Cheers !
  5. Thnx for your answer. My bad, I installed fsltl and forgot I had Aeosoft simple traffic. But turnend off in settings. That's why I forgt about it. Sorry folks..
  6. Thnx for the reactions. I'll give it a try. Although I only have pmdg and flybywire 320.
  7. I have never done that before and everything worked just fine. But now I gave that a try and renamed my community folder and it actualy did not freeze. But then what to do ? Because when I put it back it freezes again...
  8. Hello everybody, Few days ago I downloaded SU10 and it worked fine. No improvements though, but fine. A few days later I started msfs and it checked for updates and there was a minor update again. About 500 mb or so. And now when I set up a flight it loads everything, you see the overview and have to press " ready to fly". But then the sim freezes and nothing happens and escape doesn't work. I have to end msfs via task manager. Anybody have the same? Can the update be undone ? Thnx
  9. I read that too the other day. So now you mentioned it again I have given it a try. Doesn't make a difference sadly enough...after 30 minutes again a frame drop. Then I turned of Ai traffic in the settings and that seems to be my problem since SU9. I don't know why because this hasn't been a problem before. But I turned off ai-traffic and frames went up to 45/50 again. Thanks again for replies and happy flying !
  10. Thanks for all the replies people ! I'll turn off ai traffic as well.
  11. Yeah, simple traffic from aerosoft. But wasn't a problem before.
  12. When I go fly, after about half an hour my frames drop from 35-40 to even 9 ! Simply unflyable...And that is since SU9. Is this going to be fixed ?
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