AVSIM Fixed Based Operations (FBO)!


  1. Hangar Chat

    This forum is for the discussion of real world aviation topics and any other topics not covered in other forums. Please make sure that your topic isn't covered in another forum before posting here.

  2. Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware and Games

    Interested in Virtual Reality hardware and how they interact with flight simulation? Looking for the best hardware and games? This is the place for these discussions.


  3. Letters to the Editorial Staff of AVSIM

    Have an opinion on some aspect of our hobby that you would like to write the Editors about? Have an opinion on an AVSIM Review, Editorial, or article? Here's the place to put your thoughts down.

  4. In Memoriam of Tom Allensworth

    This forum is dedicated to preserving the memories of our founder, our friend, and a pioneer of the flight simulation community, Tom Allensworth. All are welcome to share their memories and anecdotes. May this forum share with the world the many ways Tom left an impression on us.

  5. All About Us

    Meet your fellow FS enthusiasts; our background, ages, other interests. Break out of the simmimg threads for a moment or two, and learn about your fellow sim enthusiasts!

  6. Crash To Desktop (CTD) Forum

    CTD's are a simmer's nightmare. This subforum is established to specifically discuss CTD's. Please do not place CTD messages in the main FSX, FS9, or P3D forums. If you do, they will most likely be moved to this forum.

  7. The Bargain Hunter's Shack

    Found a good Bargain? Post it here.

  8. Classified Ads | Want Ads | Swap Meet

    Consider this the classified advertising section of your local newspaper or your favorite magazine. Have something to sell? Is there something that you are looking to buy? Is there a swap you would consider or would like to offer? Here is your place to do that. In order to post a classified ad here, you must be a member in good standing and have posted 15 or more messages elsewhere in the forums.

  9. AVSIM's Round the World Race Forum

    Every spring AVSIM team members compete in one of the most exciting events in flight simulation; the Around the World Race. This forum is for those who are interested in the annual event, would like to participate, for the team members to stary in touch with each other throughout the year.

  10. AVSIM User Surveys and Opinion Polls Forum

    This new forum is for discussion of the various Surveys and Opinion Polls that AVSIM runs from time to time. Here you can ask questions, discuss the results, and ponder the implications of the various polls and surveys that AVSIM runs. Readers are able to create their own polls here as well.

  11. Review Feedback

    Have you read a review that you would like to comment on? Do you have an opinion about a review that would be beneficial to your fellow aviation simmers? This is the place to make those comments of praise or constructive criticism.

  12. The File Library General Forum

    This is the FILE LIBRARY Support forum. Questions regarding the use of the library, how to's, FAQ's and similar will be found here. Please do NOT post file specific questions in this forum.

  13. The Focus on Freeware Forum

    This forum brings focus to freeware in our library and the authors that create them and contribute here. All topics started here are by volunteer reviewers. Once they open a topic, you are free to comment, but normal members cannot create topics. If you would like to be a volunteer reviewer or interviewer, please contact one of our staff via PM.

  14. Flight Sim & Aviation User Stories

    A forum for those creative writers in the community to post their stories of flight, both simulated and real.

  15. In Memoriam

    As a community we have had the privilege of having fantastic contributors to our hobby who have passed. This is a special forum on AVSIM where we record the passing of those contributors to our hobby and provide, if we can, a small obituary to them.