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  1. In the initial post I meant to say the red Master Warning Light, not the fire warning light. The Master Warning light doesn't appear to work at all. Bjoern, when the center tank is empty and the pumps off, the low pressure lights are out.
  2. I've noticed that when the main tanks pumps are off and the lights on, pressing the Master Caution light does not turn it out or extinguish the Fuel light on the six-pack. As far as I can remember (I've got 2100 hours on the real 737-200) it should at least reset the Master caution light. Also, when you do the fire test, the fire warning light does not illuminate as it should. Just wondering if these are anomolies due to some limitations of FS9?
  3. Finally solved my problem. It turned out to be a problem with FSUIPC. Got it sorted out and TCAS is working again!
  4. Thanks for your response Bob. I did everything you suggested but still no dice! I put the TCAS2v7.dll and .ini files into the gauges folder, checked through the panel.cfg file and ISG1 TCAS does not appear anywhere there. Finally, I removed the fsuipc.ini file from the modules folder and let it build a new one but the warning appears just the same. My FSUIPC is definitely registered.
  5. Update: The problem seems to be with the TCAS files. I went back to the latest archived folder I have that included the ILH_TCAS.gau file and I put it in the gauges folder. No difference, I get the Unable To Load Gauge warning when I try to load the Tinmouse. Then I noticed that there was no TCAS.dll file in the Modules folder. So I put TCAS2v7.dll and TCAS2v7.ini in the modules folder. Result: when starting FS2004 I get a warning about these 2 files. When these 3 files are removed the Tinmouse loads and works normally, except of course that there's no TCAS. I'm stumped, anyone have any ideas?
  6. This just started recently, everything was fine before for a long time. Now I get the Unable to Load Gauge warning, The gauge is ILH_TCAS.gau and the whole VSI gauge on the panel is gone. Can anyone help?
  7. Love the Tin Mouse II. It's a beautiful simulation of the 737-200. I have 2100 hours on the real aircraft and I'm actually still current on it as I work for a government safety board. I think the glaring deficiency in the fabulous panel is that the 3 hydraulic gauges and B Low Quantity light are not present. I think Bob, you mention somewhere on the forum that you have considered doing a right-side, co-pilot panel. If you could do that it would be really awesome.
  8. Could somebody please make a re-paint of Quebecair? Pictures at Airliners.net
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