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  1. As an introvert i don't want to participate in this quiz 🙂
  2. I also recommend to look closer at your task manager when that happens. It is difficult at beginning but with time you will see differences.
  3. Please remember, it was exactly 60 seconds with stopwatch checked, so no 55 seconds and definitely no 3 seconds. I hope you will resolve this issue, because i remember that was headache for me.
  4. You must consider if it is worth or not. We don't even 100% sure that the problem is from drive location.
  5. I had those 60 seconds spikes. My problem was solved after many hours of checking my gear and connections but in my case it was somethig else. I'm using Steam version and Steam main catalog was on other drive (HDD) than MSFS2020 (SSD). There was a steam process (i don't remember name right now) that run every 60 seconds and connect to MSFS. That caused 60 seconds spikes on my rig - right now Steam and MSFS are on same SSD and everything is good. Maybe that will help you. Regards.
  6. Guys, check your account at PMDG. Maybe there is a discount for you :)
  7. I saw that also, but in my case it's pretty FPS consuming.
  8. After update via Steam, the sim is not starting anymore. Great.
  9. Changelog to upcoming patch (pretty impressive): - Icing effects added - Propeller animations fixed - Improvements to exterior surface detail and decals added for higher texture resolution in previously lower resolution exterior and cockpit areas - GNS 430/530 - Power functionality and backlighting added, 2D pop-outs fixed - Fuel selector can now be controlled using 'FUEL SELECTOR 1 LEFT/OFF/RIGHT' assignments - Tweaks to autopilot roll control - Improvements to FDE - idle RPM fixed, vibration/wobble reduced - VR compatibility fixes - Support added for the following 'set' control assignments - Battery, alternator, beacon light, landing light, navigation lights, strobe lights, pitot heat - Landing light illumination area increased - Cockpit texture resolution no longer reduced with lower graphical settings selected - Autopilot and navigation lights circuit breakers now affect associated systems - Autopilot heading mode active without autopilot engaged - fixed - Tutorial flight files added - Engine priming and start tweaked for greater realism, manual updated to provide more information on engine priming before start up - Wind direction reversed on EFB - fixed - Navigation mode will now default to VLOC/NAV unless state saving is enabled and GPS mode was selected on previous flight - CDI on NAV/OBS 1 now responds correctly to GPS course - GPS 100 sometimes stuck in self-test mode - fixed - Manual changes to transponder code sometimes not triggering response from ATC - fixed - Transponder mode changes not being recognised by ATC - fixed - Rudder trim direction reversed - fixed - COM and NAV audio idents - fixed - EFB and GPS 100 displays no longer refresh when not in use for improved performance (FPS). EFB automatically turns off when hidden. - OAT indicator fixed - ELT set to ON when selecting cold & dark state - fixed - Environment (e.g. cloud, taxi markings) sometimes visible in footwell - fixed - inHG barometric setting option added to altimeters - Mixture 'decrease incrementally' assignment fixed
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