Digital Combat Simulators (DCS) Forums

The growing number of DCS forums are now housed here. Enjoy!


  1. DCS World!

    Here is what DCS has to say about their DCS World: "DCS World is a single, unified core for all DCS products to operate within. Rather than separate installations for each DCS products, the single DCS world interface allows the user to access all of their DCS products in a common user interface. DCS world also includes a DCS News service and will allow users to purchase DCS titles through the interface at a later point."

  2. The DCS P-51 Mustang Forum

    DCS is about to release it's latest high fidelity combat simulator, with the famous P-51 Mustang as its focus. We are establishing this forum in advance of that release for the use of the community to discuss and to view the latest news and images from the sim.

  3. DCS A-10C Warthog

    A for the fans of the DCS A-10 Warthog. If you are an owner or an interested visitor, please stop in and join the discussion of this terrific combat simulator.

  4. DCS Black Shark

    The DCS "Black Shark" combat helicopter forum. Here is a true rotor head's perfect simulator. Please join us and share your experience, or ask questions.