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  1. Hi, Since Su10, I encounter several crashes and had no way to fly safely in online mode, MSFS crashed 80% of the flights after maximum 1 hour when in offline mode. Safe mode was stronger than normal mode but was instable. I didn't change anything in my setup, but after my problem started, i updated to the last legacy Nvidia driver. So after Wu10, I made a fresh new install, (No add-on, Community folder totaly empty) but and nothing changed, no way to understand why these crashes occur. So today I installed the new 40th anniversary version from scratch on another drive and now i cannot launch a flight : when i click the yellow start button it becomes gray and MSFS is freezed. This occurs in safe mode + offline mode and i have no idea what to do. Zendesk help is a mess, they only can recommand to empty my Community folder. Is there a log file anywhere or such way to find an explanation ? Regards
  2. Hi, I have a very large (22/9) 3440X1440 monitor, and this option makes the things realy comfortable now. Thank you very much !🙂🙂
  3. Hi, I had same behaviour last year with a MSI 2080 RTX gaming trio. It was absolutely specific to MSFS, other GPU eater apps made nothing like this. It happened sometimes in the MSFS menus before I lauched a fly, but was clearly more frequent in areas like London. It crashed my sim during the SU5 upgrade and i had to totally reinstall all the stuff from scratch, repairing didn't work. Before reinstalling, I dismounted the card and took my old 1080 in place. I changed nothing since october, I think it is more secure. If anybody can give any suggestions, it would be great.
  4. Hi, Yesterday, i launched MSFS and it downloaded the 21 Mb update. I still now have the splashscreen with Top Gun stuff. BUT : no new plane installed, and not marketplace link in the menu (not a grayed link, the link is not there between Profile and Options). My account seems OK, i'm logged and online, my content manager seems OK with 426 items installed ans is showing the Community content with all my Orbx or Flighsim.to adds). I also realise that Addon Linker has lost is ability to disable some links in the my Community folder (essentially the ORBX that i managed correctly last week, and yes it is working as administrator). Any idea ?
  5. Hi, Cleaning my Community folder was the trick... and after update, i pasted everything back and no problem...
  6. Hi, I didn't do anything to upgrade. When SU9 was available, i thought that launching the game would start the upgrade process. But each time i try to launch the game since SU9 is available, the PC is totaly frozen after 30 seconds, no mouse or Kb reaction and the only issue is to reset the machine. I till had MSFS crash (but not Windows cash) after Su7 and had to reinstall the game from the scratch. I had another MSFS crash no related with any upgrade a few monthes before and till had to reinstall anything. When i check my applications, Windows says is installed since 26/4/2022. I tried to repair the installation but this had no effect. This time, i consider that if a game needs more time for maintenance that for playing, it is is a nonsense. So I am seriously considering that after simming with all the FS versions since ...FS3 on a 80286 CPU it is time to give up. Voilà voilà
  7. Awesome ! The Gironde is the region from Bordeaux, where there is a 😉famous studio !
  8. Hi, I have 15 GF modules and the problem is USB that did work OK till Windows7 came out. Each module has a firmware and the oldest exemplars (like mines) cannot work with actual Windows software. GF gave me a software that can check the modules, but i needed to send the modules back GIT to flash a new firmware and the coast for that was not too expensive for me in europe. A friend with younger modules could use his stuff with p3D V5, but with MSFS + GIT, no way. The GIT soft contains some features that can solve a lot but not everything. Since P3D V4, I don't remember that i could achieve a full flight without loosing one or the other module; And with MSFS, it is a nightmare. So my modules are unplugged, i'll build my own cockpit and use some GF electronic components like dual encoders, Trim mechanism and so. With freeware tools like Mobiflight, a 3D printer and a cheap CNC machine, It's easy to get better quality panels. There are other threads here telling GF company is dead. Regards
  9. HI, Thank you Millingp !!!💚 IT WORKS !!! At lauch, MSFS did finaly the last update, market place is there. Everything seems OK, made a quick Meribel to Courchevel and return, no stutter, no peeks, wonderfull !
  10. Hi, Since i've installed WU IV, my sim does not connect to the server. I saw that when i start the sim, it never proposes to update with the last hotfix. My gamertag is green, but when i click on it, i have an animated arrow on the server and it never will connect. I have marketplace greyed and cannot download manual data cache. So, in other words, my sim is in a poor state and cannot update. I've invastigated a few hours and cannot find a solution. Live server does not connect and I've tried all i found about Terdo tunneling and so on, my firewall allows Teredo, my router doesn't block any port. I've tried to disconnect and reconnect in the sim many times. No idea why and no idea how to repair.
  11. Hi, Yes i did, I have the POI's like e.g Etretat
  12. Hi, I did start the sim a few times since this update, but it does'nt install (just verified that Baie de Somme = no change). Any way to force it ?
  13. HI, Have the same behaviour, did you find a workaround ?
  14. Hi, I want to precise that i never used manual cache and I'm cleaning rolling cache before each upgrade. I just wanted to configure manual cache, but when each time I see the chart to chose a region, MSFS shuts down and... back to desktop. Do you have a few directories at same level than Offcial\OneStore ? I find 5 directories with japanese data (from WU I), and a few us directories, Paderborn (freeware), Microsoft-event. ? I
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