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  1. Oh my, that's a classy piece of 3D engineering! No doubt one of Justsim's finest. I have their Nice which is lovely but this one is just awesome. Says someone who almost never visits airports of this size but I do like it!
  2. I think I've got it. My simulator realism sliders are all to the right so the torque is throwing the airplane all over the runway losing speed rather than gaining it. I underestimated this little AH bird in that aspect. 😕 So training take-offs with keeping the plane straight is next... or slide the realism a tad back.
  3. It indeed runs on another CPU core I believe, unlike the internal AI engine of P3D. Do I understand that the Alpha India Group utility only manages internal AI so that the AI sliders must be turned on? Then I prefer UTL or another external app which runs on another core.
  4. Good AA costs performance. MSAA looks like a basic AA solution. At least that's what I think since I had the same results as you. Then I found a NI AA settings sheet but indeed, it killed frames. Now I went with 4xSSAA in P3D only. I don't know if your 1060 can handle it but maybe you can give it a try.
  5. Yes I know Bert but I'm not into re-buying the plane again for the full price. I just purchased it a year ago. So missing the plane, yes, but paying for it again, no.
  6. I bought a new rig last winter and installed p3dv4 on it. Never looked back but I do miss my A2A Mustang and Texan which are FSX only versions. In my opinion p3d is better in not to render what isn't visible. If you fly near Seattle for instance and have low FPS, just look the other way. 🙂
  7. You are right Daniel. Shutting off FTX Vector recovers de elevation. Here are the images: 1. With Vector ON: 2. With Vector OFF. I'll post it on the ORBX forum.
  8. Thank you for your feedback Daniel. I'll test it tonight.
  9. I'm enjoying the FreeMeshX very much. It has solved a big deal of problems I had with FTX Global Base and Vector. When I was flying around the Niagara Falls I saw that the animation of the cascade itself was too high. So, not the river but the falls themselves raised up in the sky. Is there something I could do to solve this? I have FTX Global Base + Vector + Open LC in that part of scenery. Cheers, Ben van den Boomen.
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