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  1. I also have a 8700K, 1080ti but only 16GB RAM. The sim is running smoothly on my system. Need to say that I only fly light(er) GA aircraft en trainer jets into smaller airports. But I do feel there is more headroom as I have my settings on high and some even ultra and the CPU and GPU running relaxed with a capped 30FPS.
  2. Be aware that some freeware (and payware?) software make use of some WU's library objects if I'm not mistaken?
  3. Here you go: https://flightsim.to/file/45703/robinson-r44-raven-ii-helicopter-40th-anniversary-edition
  4. For city updates, you could look at ORBX and Drzewiecki Design. But if you are just starting with MSFS, then I would suggest to first enjoy the default scenery for a while and then determine which scenery you desire the most.
  5. A moment of attention for the screenshot challenge... They look awesome! 🤪
  6. I believe you see the ground tiles bug which is acknowledged by the team and recently they found out what the problem is: a ground source conflict between newer and older tiles.
  7. I agree it has less wide angle effect but it is still there.
  8. I've read somewhere that you can copy all of the packages folder to a new location and then change the entry in UserCfg.opt which says InstalledPackagesPath. It is positioned on the last line in that file. Search for the file UserCfg.opt in the C:\Users folder. Disclaimer: I am not certain about this, since I did not try it myself so best thing to do is, do a research about what I've written above.
  9. My best guess is, the wide angle effect is to avoid the look of lower resolution ground textures. Those textures get more blurry when zooming in. It is also always been like that in FSX/P3D.
  10. In drone mode. Move the camera away from the subject and then zoom in. Just like we do in photography. 🙂
  11. IFE stated that there will be a mod from them which enables weapons on the Market Place version.
  12. Are you by any chance comparing the default pre SU14 colors with the new default SU14 colors? Then yes, they look reddish to me too. I switched screen caps from old and new and saw the difference as you describe. Our brains are slowly adapting to the colors and only after a while (say 30 seconds), we see how the colors are ment to be. So a quick test can help you with that: Look about 30 seconds to a SU14 screen capture and then switch to a white or neutral gray screen (i.e. Notepad). See if it has a color cast then. When I switch from a pre SU14 capture to a white screen, I see a red color cast. The casting is much less when switching from a SU14 cap to a white screen. This test works best with MSFS set to summer and noon.
  13. Maybe a rogue/missing file MSFS has repaired?
  14. I updated to SU14 today in just 12 minutes (Premium Deluxe) and that is including the additional Content Manager updates. The SU came in with the maximum speed of my connection (200mbit/s) but Content Manager started at 2 to 3mbit/s. It recovered along the way. After that I did a 1 hour flight in Iceland to check the new WU update and I liked it. Not a single stutter, also not at approaching an airport (Reykjavik). But then again, Iceland is not packed with much autogen. 🙂
  15. Thank you for this Matt. I was wondering the same. It makes sense now.
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