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  1. I hear it too. I recall they were good in P3D so I'm surprised he did not use those sounds and converted them to the new sound system. This is holding me off also like I did with the Jungmann which has the same issue. I hope Anthony will look into this and comes up with an update.
  2. I myself am not hunting for realism, weather it be clouds or anything else in the sim. If it's looking convincing to me than I'm happy. And all of MSFS is looking very convincing to me.
  3. Great news! I was awaiting this little gem. It was one of my favorites in FSX/P3D.
  4. Sorry I do not know. I'm only reporting what I see.
  5. It seems that the old G1000 is active then.
  6. I can confirm both are needed in order to get the NXi in the Kodiak. I also saw that the MP version is only a few KB's.
  7. I do not understand this. Isn't the old G1000 replaced by this new NXi version so that planes automatically use the Nxi Version? I removed the MP version and flew the G1000 C172 and the Nxi was enabled in that plane. That's a reason for me to think that the NXi has replaced the old G1000 and that other planes will use the NXi by default without having the MP version installed. But I gladly stand corrected if it isn't. I'll try the Kodiak in a moment.
  8. I had great flights in DX12 with my 1080ti and 8700K. Vsync is on and set at 50%. That gives me very smooth frames. The CPU is nicely balanced with very low utilization and also the GPU runs good. Before SU10 the GPU got hammered at 99/100% when using DX11. My settings are high with some (trees, clouds) on ultra. Terrain LOD is 200. I must add that I only have flown the simple GA planes but that's what I fly most of the time. Running the latest Nvidia studio driver.
  9. I just started MSFS but didn't get any update.I guess it's for SU10 Beta only?
  10. There's always a risk of re-install when opting in beta. Maybe you can consider not to join a beta next time. I myself do not because of these risks.
  11. Nice! Only one problem: the video is too short! 🙂
  12. Their scenery remind me of the early ORBX days, when they made ground breaking airports. Now, Northern sky seems to be doing the same in a more modern environment.
  13. I believe it has something to do with the ambient shadows? Turning that off eliminates the effect I've read.
  14. On the positive side: the external model could be a nice AI aircraft? 🙂
  15. I voted "no" but I only did a test flight in the Cessna 172 G1000 for about 20 minutes.
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