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  1. Great topic with good info. Thanks to all involved!
  2. Asobo has an ATR 42/72 in the make but will take time to finish.
  3. Whatever it brings, it certainly will bring native support for supersonic speeds I guess. Let's hope the accompanying effects (vapor, AB, etc.) will be there too.
  4. My thoughts as well but they in particular ask for an auto pilot programmer.
  5. Isn't that because of the pop-up screen after shutting down the battery or avionics? MSFS makes a new flight then.
  6. Yes, the MB339 is a real treat. I enjoy flying it and doing some aerobatics and low level tree topping. 🙂 The T-45 will be in my hangar soon too. It's quiet different and has a glass cockpit which brings a nice variety. I believe it's more powerful than the MB339 but first Dino needs to get the engine sounds right. I'll wait for the upcoming update.
  7. Oh no, that would be bad! Playing cat videos will make me stop flying! 😀
  8. And that's exactly what the problem is. So, while you are happy, you do have FPS problems. 😉 It's more apparent in one area then another. My GPU dropped to 50% around Orlando, FL, causing severe stutters and only 80% around Manchester, UK, which remained smooth-ish.
  9. I do sometimes turn it of because of the reason Filou perfectly illustrates in his post. The problem is, that not only the PG buildings will disappear, but also the surrounding mesh (mountains and hills) which sometimes have a very high resolution and many detail. Also elevation problems will occur when turning PG off, like the Clifton Suspension Bridge at Bristol which floats with PG off and the Thames in London will have elevated water. The Hollywood Hills look not so great without PG and even the Hollywood sign will disappear. So, yes, I have it off sometimes but mostly on. PS: The ground imagery sometimes is of a higher resolution too in PG areas
  10. That would be my next purchase too. 🙂
  11. It seems like you're flying over a patch of landclass. Have you enabled Bing Data? If you do, then it might be a cloud cover patch to mask baked in clouds.
  12. I have live traffic active and on my 747 test flight at Schiphol the other day, I waited 25 minutes at the runway for all traffic coming in or leaving. With me, there were a lot of other AI planes in the queue awaiting take-off clearance. What other places are you referring too?
  13. I have the feeling that the TBM was the first airplane to be developed for the sim. Just read the interview with Benjamin Rieubland on jan 21st update: https://www.flightsimulator.com/january-21st-2021-development-update Therefor, maybe, its model is more complicated than other planes? I mean, if I look at the Baron, I can count the poly's and the textures have less quality, where the TBM is very detailed. As if Asobo or MS said, " Wait! it's a nice model but please hold your horses on the next models because there are many more to do". Just a thought. 🙂 That said: there are more models which look great of course.
  14. So, the doors of the TBM are actually fully modelled despite the fact they could not be opened in the stock version? Hopefully there are more stock (GA) planes that have fully modelled doors and hatches (like the tubliners) and Asobo will animate them in a future update. I personally don't like to have three mods installed for one plane as described above.
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