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  1. X-Plane 11, and yes. But, in the OP, I started P2A after starting my PC for the first time that day. Version is Beta1
  2. I cannot remember what version I am on, but I know it's beyond as it's a BETA. I still cannot load up P2A even after 2 hours of it shutting down. It must be that the BETA has re-introduced the bug?
  3. Has this ever been solved yet? I keep getting it on random occasions... Just got it now after a turning on the computer for the first time today... The only way I could/can clear it is by rebooting. Once I got it running, the speech was not coming from my headphones so I closed P2A down, and tried to run it again, and yes "ANOTHER INSTANCE ALREADY RUNNING...!" There are no stuck processes, is this a network/port issue? I am surprised it is still an issue to be honest...
  4. oh yes, i have set that option before... it must have reset at some point.... :.... thanks lol
  5. I know it's a beta, but mostly FYI... Imported FMS created by Simbrief, FL should be 380 but P2ATC sets it to 390, and will not let me change it. During flight I requested 380, and ATC understood it, but assigned me to 390... Demon.
  6. It appears the latest World Traffic 3.2.0RC4 does not show up on Pilot2ATC map etc, or have I not configured it correctly? Thanks
  7. Sent. definitely something not right with the one I have.
  8. I love this app, but it has lethal flaws which completely screw everything/ Attempted to import some taxiways and gates, but they did not exist, then I could not exit the Taxi Management window, so then had force close the whole program, which obviously destroys the whole process as you cannot start another instance of P2ATC cos it thinks there is one already running (a problem since forever)..... Te only way to get out of this lethal loop is a reboot. Excellent https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AE9XQ3N4M2J-qwS2I6culra62Ie_k1H0
  9. This was driving me mad just now lol
  10. I'm currently cruising and tuned to BREME Centre, as instructed by P2AC, but now I'm getting ATIS from X-Plane... What to do? I don't want to un-tune P2AC and miss instructions... 🙉 Thanks
  11. I have 16gb of memory and I have no resource priorities set. I thought it was down to ZoneAlarm, but the connection is randomly slow or quick... It is more of a nuisance than anything. Thanks
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