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  1. EGSS/22 I always import Taxi data for Departure and Destination Airports when starting a flight. I can try and test again. Maybe it's a feature that can no longer be supported? It's an immersion killer if it cannot be sorted 😕
  2. yes it was as I was waiting for aircraft to approach during my testing. I tested while the incoming aircraft came in from different distances. I guess you have logic based on the approaching range? I personally would be happy that was increased.... I wanted to show screenshots, but this forum is not compatible 😕
  3. Getting zero traffic recognition for a long time. X-Plane 12 and Traffic Global. TG set to 79 active aircraft. Had a plane waiting for me so TG can see me. Done some testing. P2A gave me clearance for take-off when an EasyJet was at 100ft - I could see the pilots waving. Clearly does not work. Hasn't for a loooonnngggggg time. EDIT: I am on 5X7
  4. ok, coming into another airport, will check out what is happening - i am sure P2ATC hears me fine.
  5. I use Traffic Global, and always reserve a parking stand, so shouldn't be...
  6. Whenever I ask for taxi to gate/stand, ATC never give me the correct one. I ask "request taxi to gate 3" and I get "taxi to gate 270" or something. Never the one I ask for... What am I doing wrong? I am checking the gates etc in Taxi Maint, and they exist...
  7. Good point.. XP12. P2ATC used to make me wait for TG traffic.
  8. This was updating to latest release, so that is broken
  9. Was looking to see if I need to add an airline, but no airlines showing in the Taxi Maint' window. I would post a pic, but this forum is not compatible
  10. I have noticed that Traffic Global and P2ATC no longer seem to "talk". I have been cleared for take-off while other planes are about to land. I used to get instructions to wait. Anyone else getting this?
  11. oh lordy, I was clicking on the ADD button lol. Thanks dude!
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