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  1. demontraitor

    Altitude Change

    This was driving me mad just now lol
  2. I'm currently cruising and tuned to BREME Centre, as instructed by P2AC, but now I'm getting ATIS from X-Plane... What to do? I don't want to un-tune P2AC and miss instructions... 🙉 Thanks
  3. demontraitor

    2m 45s to connect to X-Plane 11?

    I have 16gb of memory and I have no resource priorities set. I thought it was down to ZoneAlarm, but the connection is randomly slow or quick... It is more of a nuisance than anything. Thanks
  4. demontraitor

    Another instance runnning (oh no there isn't!!!)

    Oh really? That's sad news
  5. demontraitor

    Another instance runnning (oh no there isn't!!!)

    Yep... as I gathered. a complete waste of time...
  6. demontraitor

    Another instance runnning (oh no there isn't!!!)

    Well there is no other process running at all, I've used process hackers, and system explorers. And I've just had to abort a flight before I got to taxi that took me nearly an hour to set-up. I just hope x-plane loads my situation file okay after a reboot, otherwise I will consider getting my money back. The admin does not even respond to emails.
  7. demontraitor

    Pilot2atc controller not responding

    Yep this just happened to me as I asked to taxi. Closed the software, then it would not open cos it said it was already running. Been setting this flight up for an hour and now I've had to abort. I think I may have my money back....
  8. Sometimes when I close P2AC (clicking on the [X] button) to do something else other than Sim, I cannot open it again without rebooting my PC. I get a window... "ANOTHER INSTANCE OF PILOT2ATC ALREADY RUNNING...." I have check Task Manager, but there is nothing there (unless there is another process I don't know about). Does anyone know how to fix this? My sim is running, my charts are ready, but P2AC will not load... Thanks
  9. demontraitor

    2m 45s to connect to X-Plane 11?

    There is nothing reported in the log at all. I disabled all my plugins apart from XPUIPC loaded an aircraft, then loaded the log. Opened and connected Pilot2ATC and log reported nothing. Still took over 2 mins to connect.. mad!
  10. Absolutely loving Pilot2ATC, but do have some issues and questions with the TRIAL version.... Firstly, it takes about 5 minutes from clicking on CONTINUE TRIAL to the Pilot2ATC screen opening. Is this normal? Not a n issue, just wondering. Once loaded, Pilot2ATC takes between 2-3 minutes to connect to X-Plane. I have heard it should take a matter of seconds. I have tried without my Firewall and AV running, but it's still the same. Is there anything I can look into what's causing the slow connection? Note: I do have Pilot2ATC installed in subfolders (G:\Games\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64) Any help would be much appreciated Thank you. Demon