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  2. True dat, but it would have made a hearing worth hearing.
  3. The WT CJ 4 offers easy simbrief integration - it's free The FbW offers easy simbrief integration - it's free The 787 HDmod offers easy simbrief integration - it's free.
  4. Sounds like a classic car dealership trade in offer on your clunker for a new one, even worse when you lease a car and the value of your car becomes lower then your buyout, that is the moment you sold you soul to the company store.
  5. 320Simpilot did an extensive external walk around. Check him out on YT. Real A320 Pilot His videos are gold standard
  6. Is this a Fenix feature or have they been improved by Asobo? I‘m asking because the other day (in the PMDG 737) I noticed that the contrails of the other planes looked much better that I had remembered. Or does the PMDG have custom contrails too?
  7. Wake up! Today is going to be a good day. 😀
  8. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxQPABDYNatgJJEphc_dNdyfoPsn7NXjJv
  9. Airbus landing gear will not retract above 250 knots so you may need to slow down to get them retracted.
  10. It happened to me when my cpu was overheating (the water cooler pump was not working right, had to replace the cooler).
  11. Is there a paint kit yet? I haven't seen one mentioned.
  12. Constant CTDs are almost invariably a sign that the system has been overclocked without being fully stable. MSFS like its predecessors taxes any PC to the utter limit and will expose instabilities in otherwise seemingly rock-solid overclocks. I’ve been doing this for many years so should have known better, but I thought I had got my new PC stable with 5.5 on all 8 P cores - and yet I was still reluctant to believe it was an overclock issue when I got a few CTDs. But eventually I gave in and dialled it back to 5.4 for 8. And … So far so good - but if it happens again, the overclock will almost certainly be to blame.
  13. FS2CrewCammandCenter.exe Application Error The application failed to start correctly (0xc0000135). Click OK to close the application Pushback Express_64.exe Application Error The application failed to start correctly (0xc0000135). Click OK to close the application
  14. Nvidia Control Panel, 3D settings: Texture filtering High performance Power management mode Prefer maximum performance. (changes in NCP will not take effect until you close MSFS and reboot it).
  15. Much appreciated! This will be very helpful when I test out this aircraft next week! Blue skies!
  16. Is there a list somewhere of the over 100 available repaints?
  17. Very kind words Carl, your more than welcome, thank you.
  18. I've also had no performance issues with the Fenix 320... i79700K, 3090 @1440P Gsync
  19. Brilliantly, you can change the settings on the fly! I found I lost about 10fps using the integrated GPU for rendering so you might want to play around if you’re curious. (edit - just tried again and it’s even worse than a 10fps hit: it’s terrible!)
  20. Hi, I have got two questions / suggestions on the latest versions of RT and PSXT. Coverage for landings I noticed that on some airports which used to have perfect handling of aircraft, that some landings are now disappearing due to aircraft landing just besides the runway. I contacted Balthasar to check this, and his response was to address this on this forum. His answer was: I suspect that problem has to do with the limited accuracy of some of the data - not enough decimals in the GPS positions. Can you post your question along with the list of airports where this happens into the PSXT forum please? Would be interesting to see if it's always the same airports. Example airports are: LEMG, LEIB, EIDW. Those three airports used to have perfect landings but are now suffering due to (maybe?) the new handling with extra decimals. Pushbacks/return flights I already addressed this in another topic, but I think the handling of return flights can/might be improved. In earlier versions, I didn't have this problem (we're talking seriously a lot of updates ago), but I noticed the following behaviour for return flights. 1. Aircraft arrives at gate and stays there 2. Aircraft receives new callsign and puts on transponder > this is where the aircraft disappears in the sim. 3. Up until the aircraft actually makes movement (pusbhack and/or taxi), the aircraft is not visible. This doesn't make any difference if you're just watching landings/take-offs along a runway, but when you're observing an entire airport it kind of reduces the immersion of the app as aircraft are suddenly disappearing from their gates and reappearing a few minutes later. I remember this problem didn't occur in earlier versions, where the aircraft received a new callsign, was "recreated" and immediately visible again until pushback starts.
  21. I set the displays to render on the integrated GPU with the Quality setting first thing after install, so I have no idea what the difference from the "normal" setting is, but I am not seeing any performance issues from the Fenix. Every performance issue I've had so far happens with all aircraft to varying degrees, so that is MSFS still needing some work.
  22. It’s a bit of a hog if I use the “quality” setting but if I use “performance” it’s on a par with the FBW A320, maybe even a touch smoother. But as an old man with fading eyesight I find I need the “quality” setting to see the instruments clearly. Mine is a new build with the best kit I could find: 12900ks at 5.4ghz across 8 cores, 32Gb RAM at 5.6ghz 36CAS, 3090 ti, running at 4K resolution with Nvidia settings limiting vsync to 60. As we all know, it’s hard to get a true comparable because of different weather and traffic and all the rest of it but VERY ROUGHLY on the “quality” setting I’m in the zone of 35fps at EGLL Gate 518 depending on weather and traffic conditions.
  23. My landing gear is stuck during climb, not sure if I pressed G twice by mistake or if the failure are on. Yet the ECAM is telling what to do and expect, awesome
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