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  2. I am still waiting to ensure that this will be a quality event. If it is I will almost certainly be going. I have zero intentions of going to Dallas. Nothing wrong with Dallas it's just I went to FlightSimCon last year and there is nothing special about Dallas. At least with it being in CT there were additional things for me to do before the event (Boston, NYC, the ocean, etc....)
  3. Hello Chris I'm having the same problem as our friend anbrod1. so what does one do please. Malcolm Hancock
  4. I had a power surge today that murdered my SSD even though I was connected to a UPS. Got so frustrated as I literally finished tweaking my FSX around a week ago after fresh install. Said Fek it. No more. Purchased 8700K, 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200, ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 and a 500GB Samsung SSD. Keeping my Old H110 as it runs great. I shouldn't see some crazy improvement over my 4790K but whatever. Had this setup for over 3 years. Time to move with times :) I'll drop my old system on ebay to recover something and I'm happy... Well I will be very happy once I move to P3D... but now I have pay the PC first so I will run my good old ancient software for now :D I'll plan to go 5.0 so will post my findings next week.
  5. I have tried to install the rv 7 from the f1 installer but i get an error " rv7_sldr_interior_dx10.mdl: his file contains invalid data (error 11fd)". Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Really ????? Thats like 43 steps backwards ..
  7. Thank you for letting us know. I'll go and get it. Bob
  8. Did you try the what the poster above did? Reinstall it. If that doesn't help, send me a support ticket and you can show me what you're doing via a remote desktop.
  9. Love the scenery....very nice twin! HLJAMES
  10. Hello, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in taking a crack at doing a real life livery on a couple of aircraft it doesnt actually exist on real life. It would the livery of Northern Air Cargo of Alaska on the PMDG 747-400BCF (GE Engines) and/or PMDG 777-200LRF. Thank you in advance! -Cody
  11. Is there no answer to this question...?
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  13. Good Marketing though. :)
  14. Exactly - as Leo and Ian have pointed out, this thing about the hydraulic pump cooling is, to borrow a word that PMDG like to use, a gigantic simism. As far as I am aware there is zero impact from a flight operations point of view: if it were a concern in flight then Boeing would reference it in the flying manuals, which they do not. It is however, as Leo says, in the maintenance manual - because it may be an issue for engineers who may be doing odd (in the context of normal in-flight operation) things with the hydraulic systems - like running the pumps for extended periods - during the course of testing/maintaining them. With regard to the OP's question: it is always worth 'sanity checking' fuel figures. As a guide, with RR engines at least you can expect a good 10 tonnes per hour fuel burn in flight (more initially at higher weights but decreasing as the flight goes on) plus taxi/contingency/reserve/alternate. If your figures from PFPX (once you have calculated your expected fuel by multiplying the enroute time by 10) are wildly off then you have a problem. However, if that figure is closeish to what PFPX had calculated then the issue is likely not that PFPX has the wrong consumption rate and much more likely that the error is in the calculation of flight time (ie an issue with the wind input in to PFPX).
  15. FYI, just saw the announcement that Mir & Co over at Flightbeam have released KPHX v2.0. As before a free update if you have the previous version. This brings the last of their original releases onto the FB Manager platform, along with some other improvements and goodies, a few of which from their news feed: Dynamic Lighting (P3Dv4 Only), Floodlight lamp glows, Native 3D ground poly, Moderate performance improvement in FSX, Moderate to substantial performance improvement in P3D, Numerous v1 bugs eliminated, AFCAD improvements. Great to see one of my old favorites getting a bit of love from Mir & the Gang...and another reason why I will continue to support their work in the future!! Cheers, Kevin
  16. Yep, that was it. Sahara in the right seat, bless her.
  17. xp11

    Maybe he meant I didn't know that plane was a default addon? It's ok though. I think Filou has a sort of artistic style of shots, and I like them. Others like Mik and Henry might have more real lighting but it's just their way to make a shot. I guess in P3D v4 I do a little post processing because I don't run HDR in sim (not a fan). But in XP11 I just spit out the pics without touching any lighting. I think they look reasonably realistic. Also, it seems that there is a slight language barrier here... some of the comments seem off-color to some but not to others. Nothing in this thread bothers me.
  18. DCS

    Second from the bottom is incredible... lighting, everything just spot on!
  19. Nice pics.... cold and snowy like here in Duluth!
  20. Thanks for the reps lol
  21. Yes, it's Mike Wilsons Solent, available at the .org store.
  22. Road traffic settings in options?
  23. Very kind of you to say so but not much to add really - the only T7 flying I have done was a few hours over a decade ago when the Simfest World Flight sim was a 777 (the Jumbo and more recently the A320 are my 'types') so cannot add much 777-specific advice -- the FCTM diagram and your comments sum it up very well! All I would say in general terms is just to be aware that during the touch and go it will not always be possible to stop safely in the event of a problem so go/stop is very much a judgement call (in real life for the Training Captain of course). Also it is wise to stand the thrust levers up reasonably early so as to maintain speed above Vmcg during the 'roll' in case of engine failure. Remember that there is a world of difference between operating as a commercial flight in to a busy airport (where ATC will be keen to encourage you to keep the speed up - possibly unreasonably so - in order to maintain high flow rates (the faster you get one aeroplane in the faster you can get the next one in and therefore the more you can land) and operating as a non-revenue training flight at a quieter airfield where you are flying visual circuits and not being packed in to a sequence with dozens of other aircraft. I spend the vast proportion of my simming time nowadays instructing on our basic flying course at BAV. I find that people have a curious tendency to want to go steaming around the circuit in the C172 at 2400rpm and 110 KIAS and are subsequently perplexed at how difficult it is to fly consistent, stable approaches and get all the checks done etc whilst conforming to the normal circuit dimensions. A small amount of guidance soon has them flying downwind at 80 kt or so, first stage of flap out abeam the threshold, second stage and 70 kt on base and then full flap and 65 kt on final and lo and behold, everything falls in to place nicely with no rush. Likewise in a jet - there is no need to go haring round the circuit. It's just storing up problems for yourself - you just end up rushed, with a huge amount of energy to bleed off, flying ginormous circuits or all of the above. In the Jumbo IIRC a normal training circuit would be flown at around 165 kt downwind and in the A320 170 kt downwind is about average. Take your time and give yourself time to think and execute properly - and for what it's worth, don't be afraid to make use of the automatics on downwind for a moment to give yourself thinking space to 'debrief' and consider how the previous approach and landing went and what might be improved this time. The RAF fly oval circuits over here as well; I think it is perhaps easier for spacing when arriving as a formation (after, of course, the customary fast jet 'run in and break' - 420+ kt and 1000 ft at 'initials' then a maximum rate turn to downwind whilst throwing everything out in order to be slowed down and configured before the turn to final).
  24. Hard time replicating any lake issues here on my end. Are you running any Canary Island addons?
  25. It is indeed in the FMC. PMDG Setup<License<Release License. At least, I think that’s the path. Not at my computer at the moment but it’s somewhere in PMDG Setup in the FMC. I’m sure Dan will correct me if I have the path wrong.
  26. Add me to the list of satisfied Jetline customers. Excellent computers and excellent service. blaustern
  27. Bought the Feelthere ERJ 135/145 Bundle. - The engine sound on the 135LR and 145XR DLC will not work because the sound.cfg points to the 145LR, which is not present in the same folder as it is a separate DLC. So you have to buy the bundle and then edit the sound.cfg if you want any engine sounds at all on these birds - Dovetail forgot to pack the light effects. An aircraft.cfg edit is needed to point to the default lights as a workaround. - There is only one livery, so additional liveries will have to be downloaded from the Feelthere site ( - The aircraft configurator needs to be installed with some extra effort from Library\Tools in Steam.The alternative is manually editing the erj.ini in DLC\379567\FeelThere\Erj or DLC\379566\SimObjects\Airplanes\FeelThere ERJ145LR v2 I am mildly angry, to say the least.
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