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  2. Which wouldn't be an issue if people made liveries the way Asobo intended.
  3. Checked your mobo manual. If you are planning to install another one, you have install it using the M2_4 slot. Using M2_3 will deactivate SATA_1 connection. So if you are planning to use all NVME slots, you cannot use your SATA_1, the the rest of the 5 SATA ports will be OK
  4. I used slots 2 and 4 in mine. Slot 1 shares the wide PCIE bus with the GPU bus, so I skipped that so the GPU got full bus bandwidth. Slot 3 is covered by my GPU.
  5. Today
  6. Thanks for the answer! That is basically why I kind of stuck with my decision . Logically it should be slot 2 . But I can’t find explicit explanation in motherboard manual if it can be any slot
  7. New York to Chicago? You're just asking for trouble. I would be surprised if I did not get a CTD. sp
  8. MSFS already uses weather that is helped by AI (when not within an airport METAR range), Meteoblue. Meteoblue also keeps archives of all it's weather going back years (I don't remember what exactly), so Asobo could probably negotiate for that data.
  9. Ah. Highly doubt its hardware or heat related then. New York to Chicago did have issues for me several times. Frame drops, random CTDs. I used addon linker and used its several added functions to rename lib files or model files..As it turns out, there was a lot scenery conflicting on the way to Chicago. I did that and my CTDs stopped. Overwhelming amount of CTDs are addon related. Also, try a different plane on the same room as well.
  10. And I spawned again in MYNN today, the weather icon just showed clouds without lightning but there was lightning. Guess the icon is not very trustable.
  11. No. First time. New York Lagaurdia to Chicago Midway. Fly into Midway often. First flight I can recall out of NYC and had some sophisticated NYC scenery loaded. But first CTD was 30 minutes out. The second was 80 minutes out of NYC. So timing was not similar. Both CTDs occurred over areas of sparse scenery density. But I clearly stated I have made no recent changes. Plane is I do not believe an issue. Will not name it here. It is a test version but I have already logged 11 flights and 30 hours on this version without incident. My previous CTD was 1-08-2022, a long time ago, and I have logged over 300 hours in test and released versions of the aircraft. Will also mention that I have not even once seen the model associated with anyone else's CTD. See response to first quote above. Tomorrow I will vacuum clean my CPU case. I do note some accumulation of dust which may be restricting airflow. However when I have checked my system temps previously during flights my CPU was not above the mid-50's and GPU 72° to 76°. Have not checked it recently. My system specs are below in my signature.
  12. interesting, I spawned in RJTT yesterday the weather icon on the world map showed lightning, but none actually appeared in the sim.
  13. I have one request: a separate column/field for manual entry of an "Update" date. I currently datestamp every addon that I install with an entry at the beginning of the description field. The beauty of this is that you can sort addons on that field and root out the latest installed addons if you have CTDs or some sort of an addon clash. Apart from the functions that the Linker does so well, I find that it's incredibly useful when things go wrong - as you can deactivate whole blocks of addons at a stroke, then carry on debugging. A separate/manual date field would be great to have - especially as addon creators very rarely use the "Created by" and "Update date" entries in the XML files. The new version has worked fine on my first couple of tests - though I admit I haven't had time to delve into the new features/fixes yet 😉 As ever - I'm really grateful for all the work you've put in to give us this amazing tool.
  14. I want an AI ATC traffic program that simulates every different aspect of VFR / IFR communication. I want to be able to call up a FSS, an FBO, the company on the phone or get responses via ACARS, or to talk to other aircraft. "72H, where are you in the pattern, again?" I also want AI to hasten the pace of development. Asobo has been working on their new ground friction model with 3d tire models (instead of points) for years now. I don't know the first thing about development, but I've been told AI can do a lot of the boring work and leave the finder details to humans. I'd love if that were true and AI can be used here.
  15. Inclement weather looks much better at night time then during daylight. It still a major problem in MSFS 2020 Darryl
  16. I love you FS9 screen shot guys. You really make the rest of us like like total sucker!🤣😒
  17. It worked, thanks. I did it in both the runway.flt and apron.flt, otherwise it wouldn't work when I started cold and dark. I also may have found a bug. The external power is not working for me (with or without the modifications). I enable it on the tablet and it shows up connected to the plane but there is no sound from it and it seems to do nothing. I tried turning on the avionics with it connected but nothing happens. Can you (or anyone else) confirm if it works for you? Edit: Sorry about the off-topic guys, forgot this thread was about the 182RG.
  18. The notes do say they adjusted p factor on the takeoff roll.
  19. Rex clouds + Pmdg MD11 + Supersky + bad weather..... = ...... FS9 full rock! 🎸
  20. It's incredibly frustrating when it's out of nowhere. I take it you fly that same route often? Or has it been a while on that flight plan? It could be video card drivers as one other here mentioned. Otherwise, since I used addon linker and renaming some files through the program my CTDs have stopped so far. Which plane was it? Any GNS related mods? What area did this happen?
  21. First, thanks for dragging it back on topic. My hot take for how this would/should work - which actually hasn't changed from before the announcement. "both", I think it would function as a "visionOS" application which does all the upper body interaction (has "highly accurate hand and arm tracking") and display. They confirmed "wireless eGPU" functionality with the look at your mac and use applications on it. and a macOS application that has hard wired any additional hardware - e.g. rudder pedals and hands all the drawing over to the visionOS application. not really, because the headset is running its own operating system, so you dont have to stream video to it, it can just take the models and other data and do the rest itself, wifi6 is faster than most SDDs (9.6 Gbps) kinda. It matters for people thinking in Intel/nvidia terms vs what Apple pulled together with M1, M2 and now R1 its rightly very hard to believe that Apple have crammed performance that exceeds that of an Intel 12900K and Nvidia RTX4090 into this headset, but by the numbers that is close to what is in there..... only instead of drawing ~1KW and heating your house, it draws a few tens of watts and can run on a battery pack half the size of a pack of smokes for 2 hours. it is more capable than the VarjoXR, the current go to for no expense spared flight sim XR. a wireless eGPU with more umpf than most peoples PCs, not much bigger than a mobile phone has been the key thing missing from all the alternatives, this completely changes that game, the quest went some way to addressing that, but the only way to get video into it is directly streaming video, which sux.
  22. You can usually install in any slot you wish but there may be bus width limitations or SATA I/O controller sharing for specific slots. I'm sorry I can't provide an exact answer for that MB. Youtu.be reviews usually cover any caveats.
  23. We really need a new & improved 210, especially T210.
  24. Thank you for this and replying to my messages on .to as well. You're amazing
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