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  2. Chock

    CRJ1000 over Biscay

    That's the Virtualcol version of the CRJ in P3D V4. It's not as flashy as the Aerosoft version (which I also have), but like all the Virtualcol models, it gets good FPS and is quick to set up for a flight as it loads an FS flight plan straight into the FMC with no effort. It also has an auto throttle, which the Aerosoft one does not, since it's not standard on the real thing, but there actually is an after-market auto throttle kit for the CRJ available from Safe Flight, although it's not that common to see it on them, so that's not as unrealistic as it might appear at first.
  3. skyymann

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    I would be thrilled if they would just update all of those old FSX airports. Half of the airports in China are new. And FAJS hasn't been FAJS for years. Scott
  4. ryanbatcund

    CRJ1000 over Biscay

    Nice.... who's model is that?
  5. WarpD

    P3D 4.1 compatiblility

    Our primary customer base isn't using P3D v4. They are using v3 or older. They drive our primary business model and response. We will address v4 when our schedule permits. It is all we can do. A v4 compatible version will happen and we are indeed working on it as well. But it is not our primary set of projects right now. I agree.
  6. "You heard back from us, look carefully at the timestamps of our emails." I am confused. Obviously there is some confusion here. I only got one email basically acknowledging the report but nothing else till today by which time the problem was fixed?
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  8. Kronovan

    SRTM Mesh?

    Many thanks for the reply. Wow that I can install FreeMeshX without it interfering with my FS Global 2010 mesh - I'm all over that. Going ahead with the Ultimate Terrain Canada purchase; free space on my HD is going to be shrinking fast. :)
  9. It seems to be an high-end offshoot of foveated rendering, which other companies are already looking at..... Some further info:
  10. When a light joke goes too far... 😉 FWIW, I owned an '87 GTI that would do every bit of 145 mph on the autobahn, much to the dismay of my then girlfriend.
  11. I had a 980 and it kept up, but it was close. I later upgraded to a 1080ti and it takes it in stride.
  12. Thanks chaps, I got it sorted now. When I looked at the Autolaunch panel it appeared that the P3Dv4 icon was enabled from the angle of the monitor I have the GUI on, so to get around it, I set it up in FSUIPC. When I revisited the autolaunch panel, I freshly clicked on P3Dv4 just as a test, and sure enough as you mentioned planenut, it now runs with P3Dv4. It just wasnt enabled in the Autolaunch Panel, despite looking like it was. Sorry about that 😞
  13. DrumsArt

    My A2A aircraft don't work anymore?

    So, I was referring to the fact that you would have better support on the A2A site... all support is via our community forums here, if you post we can begin the troubleshooting process and get you up and flying; You explained your problem on the A2A forum? Regards,
  14. Thanks Josh, I suspected my GTX 970 wouldn't cut it. Cheers Martin
  15. Okay, short story time - but first a little context. I've flown MS-based flight sims since I started, and if you disregard combat sims and a brief interlude with the first version of Fly! (which I loved), I've been exclusively invested in that family. From subLOGIC's FSII on my C64, to subLOGIC's ATP and Flight Lite, and then MSFS4, 5, 5.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2004, FSX, and FSX:SE, I've owned them all. I always viewed X-Plane as a "second-class citizen". Bought XP10 on a lark on Steam and put a few minutes into it and never went any farther. I was all in for DTG's FSW, seeing that as really the logical successor for FSX (please, no comments - I know). When that fell apart, I was left with FSX:SE or moving on to Prepar3d. The $200 price tag of Prepar3d was just too much, so I was left with FSX:SE. And yeah, it's still good, especially tricked out with all the add-ons, but its age is definitely showing. And that brings me to the story. My first job out of college was a flight simulation pilot's dream: I got a job with the construction team at what was then the "new" Denver Airport (KDEN still meant Stapleton - we were DIA!!!) Get this: I got paid to spend the entire day driving down every runway and every taxiway so I could update a map with the paving progress of the various contractors, and then in the afternoon update a map in the management office so they'd know the overall progress each day. By the time I started, 7/25 was the runway with the most paving activity left, and one of the most notable differences about 7/25 from the rest of the airport is that the runway complex is lower than the rest of the field, so driving down taxiway G to the 25 approach end was a downhill drive in my little Subaru Justy. The grade obviously isn't a problem for airliners but in my car it was quite evident. But in FSX and all the other sims, of course, the airport is exactly the same elevation everywhere, and that little bit of immersion was lost. It was a little sad because of all my DIA memories, driving down that taxiway somehow sticks out the most (there was also a rather gnarly road intersection there for construction traffic that of course no longer exists but I digress)... So today, during the Steam summer sale, I picked up X Plane 11, and for fun flew the C172 from 3V5 (which isn't open anymore) to KDEN and landed on Rwy 7. I know XP has boasted "sloped" runways for a long time, but now, looking up taxiway G towards the terminal area, I can actually see a hint of what it's really like. It's probably not as drastic in the sim as it is in the real world, and it certainly isn't a showstopper in any of the other sims, but for the first time in a LONG time, I can see it. Maybe its an illusion, but the rest of the terrain (including the runway) seems to have the right "feel". Certainly I haven't seen this in FSX! I've got a lot to learn about XP11 and I'm sure there are going to more "little things" like this, but I have to say Thank You to the developers - for a moment at least, you helped recapture that time I spent at DIA in a way no other sim has! I can tell I've underestimated XP11 - I'm glad I'm in the fold now. Well done! Mark
  16. Thank you, Dave!
  17. andreav

    GTN750 not picking up GS on RNAV/LPV approach

    The issue is not from the GTN. I've done several RNAV LPV approaches today and everything worked nice ^^
  18. rafikihd

    P3d Wont Start

    Hi Captain420, I did fixed the problem, the thing was that I reinstalled everything from scratch including Windows! So starting all over again was the fix for me! Hopefully you can find a better and simpler solution!
  19. Jack reynolds

    My A2A aircraft don't work anymore?

    yea i even tried to uninstall and install it again
  20. Interestingly enough. I stopped using Nvidia inspector my CTD with this error stopped.
  21. mwilk

    Hornets -n- Harriers

    Beautiful shots. I've played around with DCS but never really got into it. I've been wanting to try the A-10. I just got a notice that the A-10 and the Harrier were 50% off on Steam. I'm going to jump on those and when I feel like I have a little clue of what I'm doing I'll get the Hornet.
  22. Keven Menard

    Cannot get camera to move

    You heard back from us, look carefully at the timestamps of our emails. Is the issue solved or is that something else that we haven't fixed with you via email?
  23. wxstationlist.bin file issue? 1st item:
  24. Enable Objectflow. 🙂
  25. zamakli


    I actually resolved the issue by using a legacy driver. i think its 382.05. Not sure what was causing it, but that driver seems to work ok. No need to update drivers just to have latest version. If it wasnt broke, no need to fix it. Bluestacks TextNow Photomath
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