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  2. Peter Webber

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    Hi thanks. I assumed this was the case. Thank you,
  3. Rockliffe

    Getting a new simulator and computer...

    Best of luck Noel
  4. Skyrock

    B748 VNAV descent

    But doesn't the "off-idle" descent mean that the engines are just not completely in idle but a few % above it (flight idle) in order to reduce the drag? What I've seen so far is however that it is constantly managing the speed, so it's always increasing and decreasing the thrust.
  5. Olympic260

    validation of 747 version

    If you can't see them in OC that means that the registry entries have been deleted. Reinstall in the only solution in this case.
  6. pete_auau

    Looking forward to this movie

    iam staggered as well that there are people that don't believe
  7. Tristan Marchent

    No markers on replay mode

    Hi guys, I’ve been trying to use the replay function within Chaseplane recently to record some landings and takeoffs etc. however it’s not really working as I thought it would. I know the function is still be improved and updated I appreciate that, but when I see others use it on their videos, I can never do the same. It says that markers are shown whenever flaps or gear or anything else is used, however mine does not show those. The flaps are not animated or gear in the replay function. For example, if I take off and then use the replay function for that takeoff, the displays on the aircraft are wrong and don’t show what I saw on takeoff, and not animations work. Is this normal? And if not, how do I fix it? Thanks,
  8. kyrtaps

    Optimal set of addons - please help

    Thanks for comments. I had good set of addons in my FSX, so today I can't imagine my simulator without active jetways, a ground service, fs2crew and AI traffic. I can't imagine flight planning without PFPX and Active Sky intergrated with PMDG and PFPX. Now, moving to P3D4, I would like to improve visual effects, so I will buy ORBX and better colouds, sky, moon, lights ect. I'm sure that I don't need extra aircrafts, because I fly only 777-300ER. I don't need HD trees because it won't be visible from B777. ect. OK, my questions are: 1. REX Sky Force 3D + PTA + tomatoshade? or/and ENVTEX?? or ASCA? and or ??? I'm confused... Help! 2. I used to use FSPassangers. Cabin crew voices, passangers satisfacion index and fears during turbulence without sit belt sign on, delays and landing rate... Any alternative for P3D4? Any integraton with GSX Level 2 Expansion (boarding)? 3. Is it any good ATC (SID, STAR) working with AI traffic? Have a nice day, Patrick,
  9. Today
  10. Just sold my 2x 1080Ti’s. Now looking for a 2080Ti. Here everything is on Pre Order, so no flying at this moment 😫
  11. The synthetic vision is custom.
  12. Hi guys. I have not done any flight since earlier in the year. My old PC had i7-4790K overclocked with a 1080Ti. Looking at getting a new PC that I can use for that and some other work as well. I was considering getting one of the new intel CPU (either 9700K or 9900K) but those prices are dear - may still take the plunge. I have read a few threads where people are claiming to be running Ryzen CPUs with no issues at fairly high settings (apparently P3D is utilizing more cores which I did not think it did) and started to consider perhaps going with the 2700X, 1080Ti (20 series doesn't seem justified at this point) and perhaps get a 4K G-Sync monitor. Anyone have any experience with the Ryzen 2700X please let me know your experience. If anyone else has some advise for what would be a good setup I'd like to know. @Rob Ainscough, I'd be very interested in knowing how your i9-9900K testing goes especially with reviewers not seeming to get much more than 5.1GHz on all cores.
  13. GSalden

    F1 Ground Environment updated for V4

    No idea what the improvements are. I just saw it. At this moment I am using FTX Global for outside Europe ( PR for Europe ). I do own FTX Vector but have it not installed as at several places the FTX coastlines appear outside the PR coastlines.
  14. maca11

    validation of 747 version

    OK, now I realized I cannot found any of my downloads (747 and 747 expansion) in Operation Centre... Any way how to re-activate again without whole reinstallation ? many thanks JM
  15. maca11

    validation of 747 version

    Yes, sure, always like this....
  16. Olympic260

    validation of 747 version

    Running the sim as administrator? Right click the sim exe and select run as administrator?
  17. Cactus521

    Looking forward to this movie

    The Right Stuff stands tall with me as the best aviation movie I had ever seen when it came out, and space movie. I saw it with my oldest brother when we were both adults and we really bonded over that movie, my oldest brother was my biggest cheerleader in life, I miss him so but smile when I think of us watching the Right Stuff together, especially the way the Paparazzi was portrayed in that movie, as well as Lyndon Johnson. I wish a movie could be made about Yuri Gagarin, who went first, a brave man and a pioneer for a spacefaring world. His contribution got us to the Moon, the Russians were great motivators for us and their interest in space has helped give us the GPS's, cell phones etc that we enjoy today along with the US and other spacefaring countries. And the ISS still soars above us in international cooperation in Space, who could have dreamed the US and Russia would be spacefaring partners but it is for the better. I was in the womb before man went into space, and born as the US went into space, so spacefaring has been almost my whole life and imagination. John
  18. I rarely fly XPlane but this is seriously tempting me. I love TBM's and have been lucky enough to score a ride in a -700 recently.
  19. Nemo

    F1 Ground Environment updated for V4

    Thanks for HU Gerard. Do yo know what exactly has been improved? Nick posted many images, but I could not find a change log. Anyway, currently I am with FTX Global/Vector, but I own the GEXP3D/UT series as well. It's a pity that it is still risky to switch (uninstall/Install) between these titles.
  20. Hi all, suddenly P3D started to giving me an alert 'Cannot get product version data - string not found' when I select PMDG 747. I did not change anything, did not install anything since last run...... When I confirm the alert window all starts normally..... In PMDG operation centre all seems to be OK, saying I have the latest version... Any idea what it could be and how to rid of it ? many thanks ! JM
  21. Cactus521

    EGCC Winter Operations

    Brrrrr I feel cold. Us desert folk with thin blood do not do well in the cold (which is always why my employers would send me into the depths of Canada in the winter, lol, when I was a road warrior, just to have a laugh. Problem is I knew Canadian tax law so well they depended on me for those clients). My most horrible experience was the first famous Detroit stranded passenger blizzard in 1999 on my way to Ottawa. Our puddle jumper taxied out to the runway when the jet behind us reported that we had severe icing. We were deiced and made more attempts to take off, but kept icing over, finally they shut down the airport. Northwest did not want to clear us thru the gate again so they kept us on an unheated aircraft for hours, I was in the worst pain of my life, curled up in a fetal position in our puddle jumper to fend off the below zero cold. Finally all of us became so desperate we threatened lawsuits, plus we needed the facilities by then. Meanwhile in Ottawa my poor clients, who were going to pick me up at the airport there and take me to their hotel, were wondering what had happened to me. God Bless them, they waited there when I finally got there, seven hours late. I should have sued but we had no rights back then, the airlines treated the stranded Detroit passengers like dirt. Then they did it again and Congress finally had enough, even though weather delays were acts of God incarcerating passengers on frozen aircraft with no food or water was evil. Northwest paid by going out of business even though the real blame was on Mesaba, that owned the puddle jumper NWA brand. I finally arrived in Ottawa to a compassionate client that fed me, then ordered me not to work the next day until I had eight hours of sleep. They were such wonderful people, those Canadians, they gave us a tour of Ottawa, I saw people skating on the frozen canals, then they drove us over the border into Quebec and back. I have an affinity for Canadians to this day, God Bless them and their compassion to me that cold night in 1999. And there in Ottawa I also learned I was going to be a Daddy and my client and colleague who helped me on the systems training and implementation celebrated with me. John
  22. mobiel

    Night too bright

    @threegreen I set TONEMAP_NIGHT_EXPOSURE_KEY from 0.17 to 0.1 and i think it is a good value. And I set Diffuse Moonlight to 0.1 but it is not perfect. Maybe you are right because of the white livery but in my opinion it is caused by the aircraft reflection due to Tomatoshade
  23. Due to the shared cockpit functionality, there's an issue with radio autotuning. This affects standard ATC (if controlled by mouse via menu), dialing via LINDA and MCP Combos and also ATC tools like Pro ATC X. A fix should be here in a few days. Maddog forum
  24. new open beta released yesterday, vc is even better, night lighting is superb.
  25. cmpbellsjc

    Looking forward to this movie

    Well, after looking forward to this move since June, I finally went and saw it tonight. It was not even close to being as good as I hoped it would be and glad I didn’t spend the extra $20 to see the Imax version. For space/aviation movies I still rank The Right Stuff #1 and Apollo 13 as #2. I liked The Right Stuff because it included some test flight stuff. First Man seemed really slow at times and just seemed to be rather boring. Watching real footage and documentaries on the subject are far more entertaining imho. Not sure what kind of reviews it’s gotten but when I saw it Friday night at 9:45, there were only 8 other people in the theater to watch it. If you’re thinking of seeing it, I’d say to save the $30-$40 dollars, use that to buy a new addon for your sim and rent it on Amazon/Netflix when it’s available.
  26. Hi in my case lights still not activated (same conditions, visibility less than 3M, fog, night). immersion log sent to e-mail address. many thanks ! JM
  27. yvesamuel

    F1 Ground Environment updated for V4

    Thank's Gsalden for the info. Have a good weekend Yves
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