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  2. The State of Flight Simming

    That's one thing I never understood. Why didn't LM just force all addon-makers to (i) follow the add-on.xml method, (ii) install the files themselves into one (1) freely chosen, but fixed place outside of the sim afterwards, when they released 4.0? Developers would have cried.. for 2 months.. and finally given in. All that trouble with files scattered throughout the machine, two basic install methods and numerous config files and directories could have been a thing of the past today. Or, they just should have left things as they were so far. In any case, the present situation is calling for trouble, continually. Kind regards, Michael
  3. The State of Flight Simming

    Unfortunately true for those that buy/use a lot of add-ons (like myself), but most of that comes from add-on developers leveraging several similar but not identical platforms (FSX, FSX-SE, P3D V1-4) where there is just enough of a difference that can trip them up and release a product with more obvious bugs. Ironically most of my issues aren't with the base platform, but with conflicts across 3rd party vendors stepping on each other or legacy approaches that worked in FSX but so well in P3D V4. LM's P3D has "tried" to push that process into a more "organized" and less conflicting layout but isn't enforcing it, still optional ... early attempts (add-on process) caused some issues with textures which hurt it's adoption with vendors. But I feel as time goes by the kinks will get worked out, developers will be more familiar, and bugs will shift from being obvious to being more obscure ... but it's going to take time. Cheers, Rob.
  4. best atc for p3d v4

    I'm not sure about vectoring, is it still missing in PATC-X??
  5. best atc for p3d v4

    I already mentioned before here, but if you missed I'll repeat: much better natural voices based on geography, procedure names, very good integration (by design) with voice command programs, altitude and heading correction nags. PS: VFR of course if somebody's interested. Totally missing in PATC-X btw.
  6. best atc for p3d v4

    If I remember correctly, ProAtc is only IFR...doesn't manage VFR and doesn't manage vectoring. Depending on the mood and type of flight, I run VoxAtc, PF3 or Pilot2Atc. I would also add that these three programs have evaluation versions. Try and choose Regards,
  7. Great looking airport shots and sunset! HLJAMES
  8. Farewell FSW

    Now that's a word I haven't seen in a while ... I'm still optimistic some good will come out of this. Cheers, Rob.
  9. best atc for p3d v4

    name one.
  10. Dreaming is not harmful

    Very nice sunset colors! HLJAMES
  11. Farewell FSW

    How would someone else be more sure about who you are and what you do with your software than you? Allowing members to provide legal advice to other members is not something AVSIM wants to be responsible for, hence the restriction. Please review the Terms of Use you agreed to when signing up for an AVSIM account here: Pages/terms_of_use.html/ Specific section: Moving onto something other than EULAs because there are better things in life ... like I said, it's unfortunate FSW is gone, but I feel there is good that might yet come out of this as those FSW developers did work with the FSX SP2 code base and got familiar with it and expanded on it. Those developers established a level of code familiarity that may workout to NOT be entirely lost. Cheers, Rob.
  12. best atc for p3d v4

    If you plan to use voice commands later on then I'd suggest PF3, otherwise PATC-X. Cheers,
  13. manual gns 530-430w

    Hello I tried as you indicated but it is not possible
  14. best atc for p3d v4

    Just wondering what might be the best replacement for RC4 "user friendly" like? As I understand from the messages in this thread, this would be ProATC X. Both in features, functionalities and user-friendliness. Am I right, or in other words, should I opt for Pro ATC X to replace RC4 that I have been using for years? Thanks, Hans
  15. Farewell FSW

    Because anyone giving you advice on this matter would be giving you legal advice. Non-lawyers are not allowed to give legal advice and lawyers would generally not give that type of advice in a forum like this. Avsim avoids liability for bad advice by limiting discussions on the topic. In any event, the Academic version EULA is pretty clear. Reading it should give you all the info you need to decide whether it applies to you.
  16. P3D V4 White & Red Pixels(?)

    I have with the Fslabs at every airport with dny lighting. I dont know what is.
  17. I need an advice in Concorde things...

    Klaus, wise choice. You’ll have a great time flying her. And if you want to have fun with your Boeing or Airbus friends challenge them to a hop from EGLL to KJFK. Give them a 3 hour start and you’ll still beat them. If you want the best video of Concorde buy this double DVD set. It was used by FSL when refining the design and also in the tutorial.
  18. Farewell FSW

    I have been a long time user of DTG's train sim franchises and have been unhappy with the path they have forged in that arena as well. At the end of the day, game companies are like any other business in that they need to pay all of their workers salaries with hopefully some profit left over. Releasing a simulation platform is a massive undertaking and the market is fairly limited. Once the big rush of income comes in, it will slow down to a trickle in the future. So, how do you continue to pay all of the salaries well into the future? The answer for most game companies is to develop another game. DTG sees the answer to the sustainable income problem as paid DLC. With their new Train Sim World, they released a buggy engine and were quick to hop over to releasing DLC packs for it which are also buggy. They do fix issues with the game engine here and there but every new DLC introduces new issues and there are plenty of long standing bugs still in the software from the initial release. When DTG first released their classic Train SIm (Railworks) many years ago, it was very open to anyone to develop and release add-ons for. There were tons of freeware and payware content for the simulation. Over the years they slowly locked this down so that they could control all DLC which gives them a path to charge license fees and collect royalties from any other developer that wants to create a product for the platform. With the new Train Sim World they said from the beginning that they would release an SDK and be open to developers but I was skeptical and that hasn't transpired. The only ones that release content for TSW is DTG. I saw FSW as the same exact model as TSW. They wanted to tightly control the DLC so that they could make money off of it and have sustainable income over the long term. The reason FSW failed and TSW has not yet failed is because of the existence of competition. In the Train market, there really isn't any competition and hasn't been for a while other than the very limited Run8. That means train simmers are either forced to put up with sub par content at high prices or skip train simming altogether. If there was ever a high quality, fully featured, third party friendly train simulator released from a competitor, I am sure new purchases on DTG's train simulators would die fairly quickly like FSW.
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  20. PilotEdge and MCE

    I've had problems also. Would be interested in knowing your settings. Did you enable UseWithOtherATC=1 ? I couldn't get MCE copilot to ignore my voice transmissions to PE client. I have PE client set to look for END key (sent via FSUIPC from yoke button). ChuckO
  21. BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    Since this is freeware I hope the link is allowed? I guess I'm late to the party...
  22. FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    'bbogdansk' posted this on Steam in case anyone has not seen it: Quote: "Incorrect home page fix for FSX: Steam Edition I fixed the error that was showing the wrong webpage when starting FSX:Steam Edition. The home page was directed to "" which does not exist. I replaced the file "gshome.spb" with a recompiled file which directs the home page to "" which is the new site that should appear. Here's what I did, this is what the new "gshome.xml" looks like : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="SimUIResource" id="gsnews" version="1,0"> <Descr>Microsoft Flight Simulator UI Resource Document</Descr> <Filename>gshome.spb</Filename> <SimUI.Dialog id="gsnews"> <Size>1024,768</Size> <Position>0,0</Position> <Descr>Flight Simulator Dialog Template</Descr> <Caption>HOME</Caption> <SizeToContent>true</SizeToContent> <Label id="lblBrowser"> <Visible>false</Visible> <Position>211,80</Position> <Size>805,585</Size> <SizeToContent>false</SizeToContent> </Label> <HtmlDocument id="urlFirst"> <Filename>../fsweb/gettingstarted/gettingstarted.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlXPackFirst"> <Filename>../fsweb/learningcenter/keyconcepts/whatschanged.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlLocal"> <Filename>gs01.htm</Filename> </HtmlDocument> <HtmlDocument id="urlLive"> <Filename></Filename> </HtmlDocument> </SimUI.Dialog> </SimBase.Document> Then using the "simpropcompiler.exe" in the FSX SDK, compiled it back to "gshome.spb" I have placed the original "gshome.spb" as "gshome.spb.old" as well as the new "gshome.spb" in the Dialogs folder If you want the new file, pls post or check avsim library! " end quote Hope that helps.
  23. BVAI

    No, it is only designed for flying with VATSIM. but it doesn't contain any traffic files to be able to offer offline flying. BVAI is made using freeware AI Models from many wonder guys that have taken the time to create amazing AI models for the community, Regards, Simbol
  24. I hate to say this but it would not surprise me if the next big flight simulator will be developed for the games console, it`s what most big development studios are focusing on game consoles.
  25. I had the chance to fly a couple of flights with the latest version, and have had no problems other than runway incursions while I'm on approach. I'm using Ultimate Traffic Live for AI so I don't know if P2A doesn't see it. On both flights, I was with 1 mile of the runway when traffic pulled out in front of me.
  26. Farewell FSW

    Fact is there is a $140 discrepancy and that (IMHO) impacted on FSW. If it were a level playing field and FSW had lost out to, say, X-Plane 11 (in the same way Fly!, Fly!2, Flight Unlimited and X-Plane lost out to FS2000/2002) then fair enough. It's a given that X-Plane 11 and, to a lesser extent, Aerofly2 didn't help FSW - not to mention the vast quantities of hubris sloshing around at DTG. However, I am sure that after the Macbook has been dropped off at Ca$h Converters and they are nursing a lukewarm half at the Kipper & Powell Wetherspoons in Chatham High Street, they will feel justified in loudly voicing some disappointment that MS didn't insist that the barrier to entry was a bit higher for MS's other partner. Of course, if they'd asked us, we'd have told them, but what need had they of the 'community' - a handful of old clowns moaning about scalar values and dew points.
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