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  2. Greetings Steve - first let me say you are certainly not patronizing - I appreciate very much your help. But sadly that did not work - however, my post of ORBX Forum solved the problem. Nick, the Administrator, attached three new files that completely resolved the issue. So I am assuming there must have been an issue with one or more of the Objects, but it is now fixed. Thanks to you and to all who tried to resolve this issue. Regards, Dane
  3. Hi all, I got my PTA few days ago and I tried to do some settings in it. But something went wrong. In some airports the ground was colorful. How can i fix it?
  4. After installing the ship addon again, I am now able to see some bigger ships. However, even with the sliders at 100% I only see a very small amount... in the massive san francisco bay I could count two ships that weren't leisure boats. Any idea what I've done wrong? thanks.
  5. Lose the sensitivity. I'm not on your back. I'm also not keen on seeing someone suggest a harmful workaround without providing all the ramifications of it to someone looking for help. That's my contribution. Having someone not lose 90 of their airports because of a careless recommendation made by someone who chooses not to fly with default airports.
  6. Get off my back. I was giving the guy an option and never said it was perfect as i said in my first post. It works for me because i only use payware addons. Instead of trying to pick a fight with me for no reason why dont you spend some energy to offer help/suggestions instead. ADE/exclusion poly is one as mace pointed out.
  7. If you consider that a work around, that is on you. While, it's benign and easily reversible, users should be aware of the overall large impact instead of just thinking it will fix their issue with one problematic airport.
  8. Looking at the code, the FO will only press the center fuel pump button if the PRESS light is illuminated on the Left Center Fuel button. So is PRESS illuminated for you?
  9. I use this method as i do not use default stuff ever and was merely offering this work around as an option, not as gospel.
  10. This sim is multi-platform so they've already created two separate sources for revenue. And keep in mind MS is using the new sim to showcase the ability of the new Xbox. I assume they're confident that they'll convert a lot of PC users over to the new Xbox with the promise of getting max performance without spending thousands of dollars upgrading your PC.
  11. I replied to your ticket. The product was always in your account, but under your FS2Crew account email address, which seems to be different than your normal email address. Our email notification probably went to your spam folder. Please login to your FS2Crew account and click "Completed Orders". Cheers,
  12. When you disable these files, you lose anywhere from 50-90 airports. This is not a good technique for trying to overcome default objects from poking through add-on scenery. For the OP question, it is highly unlikely that this field will be updated. It wasn't even updated for v4. While Aerosoft wrapped the product, it was a group called I.D.S. that created it. They have, up to this point, gone vaporware or have had no interest in updating the product.
  13. You tripped up the system by using only pack on the ground. FS2Crew assumes both are on, so it toggles both off. We'll refine this in the next update to accommodate your scenario. Cheers,
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  15. yeah I also had an issue with A2A windshield rain effects that were causing a device hung randomly in v5 not v4. Definitely have to wipe the shaders and let them rebuild every time there is a CTD of this kind. Old corrupted shaders will give a "device hung" too.
  16. The only time I'ver had CTDs is when I was specifically beta testing for them. Try the same flight with a default a/c. If it doesn't crash - you have your answer.
  17. What exactly are you wanting to build?? Is the Reality XP GNS530 not good enough? http://reality-xp.com/flightsim/gns530/features/index.html
  18. First you need to learn how to use the sim. Learn how to use it properly and you won't have micro stutters on a clean system with no addons.. A place to start - lock your fps at 30 and go from there.
  19. You sound quite frustrated.. suggest you spend some more time with the sim, and try to limit framerates rather than running with 80-90.. I am sure P3D can do better for you.. Joined 2011 and this is your first post... what have you been flying in the interim?
  20. By the way Tom. See you have just passed your 10 year anniversary here! Happy Anniversary. Join us more often here. There is great user-to-user communication here. Some better, some not so much. But overall its flaps-down the premier simulation site. And RXP support here has been great over the past few years. Don't be a stranger... LOL
  21. FYI. Inibuilds just put out a compatibility exclude patch.
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