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  1. Need a confirmation on a new bug. A320 - Unable to view the COM frequencies or XPDR code while in the Instruments View 06 I am able to view the XPDR if in Instruments View 07. And when I zoom back, I am able to view the COM frequencies. Also, able to view it from View 04 but not View 05 while zooming back and panning. I did remove the 320NX mod so it is not the cause.
  2. You are incorrect. For instance in the C172, press M (magneto) then Ctrl +or - The key turns. T(Xpdr) then Ctrl + or - The first digit of the Xpdr code changes. Double press T then pres Ctrl+ or - the second digit changes,,,, C (Com1 stand by freq) same.....
  3. Increase rate: R, then Left Ctrl+Num + (plus) Decrease rate: R, the Left Ctrl+Num - (minus) Reset to 1x - Left Ctrl+Num (-) several times then Left Ctrl+Num(+) (2 times) 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8,...
  4. If you want to enter it manually, only set the departure airport and gate on the flight plan screen.
  5. At the Flight Planning screen Click - Open Filters Turn On - Nav Aids The ILS is at the end of the runway.
  6. Yes. I have seen the trees/vines growing on the Queen Mary.
  7. A temporary work around is just before requesting IFR clearance, switch the AI Control to Manage Radio Comms. The AI Copilot sets the transponder. After read back either switch off AI control off or leave it on.
  8. Avg across all cores flying in a SR22 over LAX is 52-56C. Package temp 62C. Air incoming temp 29C
  9. Thanks for the tip. Turned off TAKE-OFF AUTO-RUDDER. No longer drifting to the right
  10. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/master-a320neo-livery-list/167041
  11. I am enjoying this sim also. Only had a glitch during the initial download. Last night A320 KLAS to KLAX was smooth (I was not monitoring the FPS at the time of landing). All settings set to Ultra except DOF(med). i7-10700K (OC 5.0), 2070S XC Ultra, 32GB ram, 1440P.
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