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  1. Oxygen test and reset Pilot 98301·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)·(SLEEP:250)·98304·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) Co-Pilot 983201·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)·(SLEEP:250)·983204·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) The above scripts = Press, wait 1/4 second, depress Light Test (more than one way to skin a cat) ROTOR_BRAKE - 34600 34602·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)·(SLEEP:10000)·34601·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) or the nerd way 34600·2·+·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)·(SLEEP:10000)·34600·1·+·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) or use Key Event - #69978 0=Test 1=Brt 2=Dim 0·(>K:#69978)·(SLEEP:10000)·1·(>K:#69978) [script: move to test, wait 10 seconds, move to Brt] or you can set individually 0·(>K:#69978) 1·(>K:#69978) 2·(>K:#69978) SLEEP:10000 = 10 seconds (adjust to your preference)
  2. Customize Airport Position. Check Disable staircases. And while you are at it, disable the staircases for all of that airports gates that have jetways. Also later today...RTM😁
  3. Appears to be an outage at the moment. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  4. Hi @AlexFlies, I too, have had this problem that sometimes shows up in the CRJ when trying to change the altitude. The solution that seems to work is to switch the combo assignments. Put the right rotary "Increase/Decrease- Buttons 12/13" as the Assigned button/key. And the left rotary "Alt -Button 20" as the Assigned Combo.
  5. Might want to take a look at the camera definitions in the cameras.cfg file in this directory: \MSFS\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-700
  6. Click on the Marketplace tile.... The first row is Highlights [See All (12)] The second row is New Releases [See All (20)] Scroll to see the third row... Special Offers [See All(555)] Click--[SEE ALL (555)] See @fppilot post above.
  7. SNFLD1 is there. Scenery Library > Load Scenery Library > Load or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[L] also, make sure you set to Do Not use Navigraph Scenery Library > option 3 > Do not
  8. Option > General Options > Camera > Global Settings Quick View Function -> change from Hold to Toggle
  9. The AW Designs TNCM loaded fine for me just now.
  10. I have seen it when I have advanced quickly between the profiles. I haven't seen it since I started advancing between the profiles at a slower pace.
  11. I was hit with the update bug. Deleted and reinstalled the CRJ. Removed the LocalState CRJ folder. Removed and created new bindings on the Bravo. Nothing...Went outside to do some yard work. Came back in 2 hours later and now the CRJ is working fine.
  12. Add another display and run Little Navmap on it.
  13. One thing to try is deleting each one of the Save View bindings, then add them back.
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