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  1. The AW Designs TNCM loaded fine for me just now.
  2. I have seen it when I have advanced quickly between the profiles. I haven't seen it since I started advancing between the profiles at a slower pace.
  3. I was hit with the update bug. Deleted and reinstalled the CRJ. Removed the LocalState CRJ folder. Removed and created new bindings on the Bravo. Nothing...Went outside to do some yard work. Came back in 2 hours later and now the CRJ is working fine.
  4. Add another display and run Little Navmap on it.
  5. One thing to try is deleting each one of the Save View bindings, then add them back.
  6. LOL. The fear that sets in when panning and zooming within the cockpit and then hearing (click-click-click)
  7. Had this issue. I just restarted the sim and the avionics displays returned.
  8. All is fine here. Problem on your end.
  9. @Richard Jacks Watch the FBW A320NX videos by A320 Sim Pilot - https://www.youtube.com/user/filanjix/videos
  10. Remove the FBW mod from the community folder or update to the latest development version.
  11. I had this issue earlier. I removed the FBW mod from the community folder and the FMS worked. Just downloaded the new development version of the FBW mod and now the 747 FMS is working.
  12. @wthomas33065 Flew with the default livery C&D, manually entered flight plan, but I had A320 liveries in the community folder -> AP issues (right bank spiral) Removed all A320 liveries from the community folder. Started C&D, manually entered flight plan -> No AP issues. This may explain why I was not seeing any AP issues on Tuesday. I removed all contents from the community folder before updating and I ran several test flights. Added liveries back to community folder while flying default livery -> Sluggish turns in the flight plan. Removed liveries --> normal turns.
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