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  1. What was the program and where did you get it from?RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  2. russellj

    FSX DX10 No Textures Aircarft

    It is a problem with some older (FS9) textures when running with DX10. If you don't use DX10 then it is OK.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  3. russellj

    737-900 ER Performance Data

    Thanks, its not quite what I wanted. Just a bit to small amount of info.I should have been more specific, I want the data so I can do flight planning.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  4. I'm looking for performance data for the 737-900 ER including fuel burn, range, ref speeds etc.Can anybody point me in the right direction?RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  5. russellj

    Goodbye DX10, hello DX9

    If your card is not DX10 capable, the check box is not displayed and you are running DX9.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  6. russellj

    Ariane Forums

    CheersRegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  7. russellj

    Ariane Forums

    I cannot find a link to their forums on their web site. Can anybody help me with a link.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  8. russellj

    Can't change Grumman Goose aircraft cfg

    Do you have anything in the following directoryC:Users<>AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight SimulatorSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21AIf so what files are there?The steps you need to follow are:1. copy the aircraft.cfg file fromC:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight SimulatorSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21A to C:Users<>AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight SimulatorSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21A2. Edit the file in the C:Users<>AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight SimulatorSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21A directory.3. Save the changes.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  9. russellj

    Can't change Grumman Goose aircraft cfg

    Double check that you replaced <> with your log in name. You have full read and write priviledges to this part of the file structure. I.e. There should be no reason to have to change permissions. ?Do you have the file in this directory already. If so check to make sure it is not set to read only.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  10. russellj

    Can't change Grumman Goose aircraft cfg

    This is a Vista security issue.You need to save it as followsC:Users<>AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight SimulatorSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21Aaircraft.cfgIf the directory is not there you need to create it.Vista stops access to the Program Files Directory, but first looks in the VirtualStore for the files first. RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  11. russellj

    Vista and aircraft.cfgs

    Vista uses a "Virtual" path to save data so you don't directly save to the Program Files directory. You need to save it here.It is found in the following location.X:UsersxxxxxxAppDataLocalVirtualStoreYou will see a Program Files directory in there. The structure of this for FS should be the same as the real Program Files Directory. If not you need to create it.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  12. russellj

    3rd Party Flight Planner Needed?

    Under Build options there is a setting to exclude SID/STARS. >I use FSBUILD mostly... 1 thing that annoys me is sometimes I>dont want the plan to have a SID star because the plane will>input it into the plan, but fsbuild will force me to put it>and once loaded up I gotta fiddle around with the plans>getting it just rightRegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  13. I have the exact same problem, but have a work around until I can sort out what is going on.If you you to full screen mode then the keys work.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  14. russellj

    Free FSX upgrade

    I can't see the word free, but it does say a very nice price reduction.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)
  15. russellj

    Utilities- when are they coming?

    Andy (I assume that is your name),Please be patient. The staement said we would have positive news, it did not say the utilities would be ready.RegardsRussell Jourdain (ANZ007/ZK-RHJ)