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  1. Hello The HotStart Challenger is most complex aircraft simulation ever coded on any plateform so far by far (I still can't understand why so many people don't realize this), so rest assured these behaviors are very close to the real thing. Anyway, the first thing to understand is that the Challenger is no Boeing or Airbus. So you should not except similar behaviors everytime. The way the ATS works in the sim is the way the real thing works. Same thing for VNAV wich isn't VNAV as most Airbus/Boeing pilots/simmers understand it : It's a modifier. You should join the Hotstart Discord Channel. You'll find many many answers there.
  2. Hello I have many but only really use one : Hot Start Challenger 650.
  3. It was just released yesterday. So it might be a bit early for feedbacks.
  4. Edited Ray. Didn't know about that rule. Cheers.
  5. I'm certain XP12 will improve with time. I trust LR team. Too bad about ray tracing not happening. Woulda been nice. I just hope they fix the turbulence model very soon (which is terrible atm) and keep improving the weather engine.
  6. Thanks for letting us know. As for the guys at JustFlight, I'm very disappointed.
  7. Still not available from JustFlight... this is so wrong.
  8. Nope... Non-SLs model will be "retrofitted" later.
  9. Downloading HF2 beta 1.0.6 Milviz support forum. Nice.
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