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  1. If you're arming spoilers on TO with a non-ABS equipped Maddog that's normal.
  2. Epikk

    TFDi 717 or Leonardo Maddog?

    I do have both. The MaddogX is on another level. Up there with the bests. Period.
  3. Better performance. Especially dynamic lighting.
  4. Epikk

    Leonardo MD-82 APU no electric power

    Try the APU GEN Reset switch. Cheers.
  5. Don't worry, there's an ON/OFF option if you're not down with it.
  6. Hi Remote web based CDUs would be a nice addition to this gem. Cheers !
  7. Epikk

    So, how is it? (im stuck at work...)

    A pure beauty. Easy on FPS.
  8. Epikk

    FsLabs a320 for P3D 4.2 Released

    Download and install .231. It should be OK.
  9. Just export ("Route/Export" in PFPX) to P3D and load in AS ("Flight Plan/Load").
  10. Epikk

    Blue Sky Star and FSlabs

    There you go. :) Plus, CFM sounds (wich come from the real thing (flightdeck and exterior in very high quality), not YT videos) have been fixed and improved for the next update. Save your money and learn to appreciate real A320 flight deck ambiance. Cheers guys.
  11. Epikk

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?

    They shouldn't be compared. Period.
  12. Epikk

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?

    What I'm saying is a proper cockpit sharing simulation means each simmer should have his own side. This is not the case in the AS 320 since only only side of the the cockpit is represented = both simmers control the captain side.