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Changes Coming

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Tom Allensworth


blog-0639915001324854252.pngAs you might have noticed over the lead up to Christmas, we have been a bit busy here at AVSIM cleaning house and putting in place new features and small additions to the forums that we hope will make things easier for our members.


An example of that is the recent modification that we have added called "selective quotes". In the past, if you wanted to quote a forum message, you were forced to quote the entire message and then edit out the bits you did not wanted included in your message, or were not germain to your response. Selective quotes allows you to high light the pertinent text you want to quote, and then you click on the button for "Selective Quotes". It then puts that segment in your response without further editing.


I will be posting updates on what we are up to over the coming weeks. We are really excited about one expansion that we'll keep mum on for the moment.

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