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First impression.

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Guess all got it downloaded now? A few tears and a lot of entertaining posts this week :-)Time for a quick semi -serious first impression one hour flight in Seattle area.Just a manual flight - no autothrottle or autopilot. Started with engine running on active runway.Noticed oil qty 100% - should be less with engine running. Same with hydr qty - should be less with gear down and slat extend. Just minor - no need to correct this.Overhead: Panel cut just below IRS and gear warning lights. No problem - I dont miss them.Anti -ice on and advanced throttles: Wing TAI auto cut off: I am impressed!!T/O warning test:Flap simulated OKParkbrake simulated OKStab trim greenband - not simulated.Speed brake simulated OK - but could not reset handle - a bit fiddling OK again, but dont know why.Entered a few numbers in FMC to have some T/O and flap select data. - Time to go!!The takeoff run feels perfect - acceleration and rotation: :-)Pitch control is much much better now. Maybe perfect. But since there is no motion (got the cheapest fix based simulator) to feel pitch change it would be nice with even more pitch stability.Throttle idle: flight idle not simulated. Guess not approach idle either.Time to turn back and test the ground prox warnings. Was really a mess pre SU2 mod.Terrain: OkSink rate: OKToo low gear: OKToo low flap: OK - but too late - came on at RA 50` Guess it should be approx RA 400` ?Throttle at idle: red gear warning not simulated.Lost the FD pitch bar during last climbout. But the BOV (BarOutofView)logic is very complicated and there is a lot of airline options - so I will be very careful to say what is right/wrong.Approach and landing:Easy to keep pitch stable at horizon and adjusting sinkrate with throttle -good!. But yaw control (joystick twist) felt a bit strange.Park brake set - and time to pick up the airworthiness certificate and sign it: Approved!There are lots of functions not simulated - many of them due to M$ flightsim limitations I guess. But most of them are minor.And if you dont know them - you dont miss them.Have not tested FMC and autoflight - but I think PMDG put most of their effort here - so it should be OK. If you can live without TCAS and OPT/MAX (FMC) you will have a lot of satisfying flight this X-mas.Tested in main cockpit view only.FS2004FSUIPC.dll -full version.Dell 2.8ATI 9700 pro.Wingman joystick.eker

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