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Autoland and speedbrakes

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Testing:1. Autoland: speekbrakes don't deploy 9 times out of 10 (approx)2. Disengaging A/P before landing and landing manually and flying a little slower than the approach FMC rec. (129knt flying at 125) making sure I place the main gear with more authority on the runway *then* the speedbrakes deploy like they should. Every time.Is the autoland speed perhaps a little high? Or the flight dynamics needs some tweaking? Stall speed set a bit low? The reason I think I speculate in this is:a/ When autolanding/flaring the touch down is a little *too* smooth. It first touches the runway, bounces gently and then lands. I would expect a bit more definive touchdown. I would like to feel just a litle more weight...b/ The nose remains high until speed has gone down considerably (not sure about this one though). I feel I have to work the nose down with the yoke, it never let go on it's own.c/ The speedbrakes don't deploy on autoland.I feel the plane is very willing to fly at lower speeds. I'm sure this has been properly looked into. But I just sense a pattern here that I'd be grateful if the Precison-Crew would shed some light on.ILS

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