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Guest peterpc12james

SU2-more crash to desktops? fixed?

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I have only downloaded SU2 a few days back, and due to being sick on Xmas time and traveling for my flying job, I have not yet installed SU2. However, since SU1 and all my repetitive CTDs occuring, as well as problems quitting FS or starting it after saving situations (default ones for sure) I have reinstalled FS9. Actually an entire reformatting of my drive was done. Not just from my fears of PMDG software rendering FS inop, but due to my fears of fsuipc and pfc.dll corruping FS's ability to save modes and or exit, restart.Since then I have followed all the messages etc... seems folks are still having troubles with CTD... yes? Or not anymore. I am considering never using any more addons. I know, silly and what a waste of money to never use them. I think what PMDG has done is remarkable, award-winnng and far more valuable than $40.00. Yet, in my situation, i have run FS9 blissfully, like never before, just flying the default 73' ... I have been able to sleep better at night. I have been able to know that when I can sim in my limited time, I will be able to blissfully actually just FLY and not fiddle, configure nor worry. That would take me to 1am... sleep I can not be without. For a simming nut like me, one that has been working in the biz for years it is most calming to just use FS as it was intented. Without any modules except for the awesome active cam, Fs runs stutter free, and problem free. Frame rates are 30+ easily, almost everywhere on my old P4 1.5 (with a radeon 9700 pro however).. in 1600x1200x32.When you just FLY like that, it is awesome. As much as I love the NG, and miss the real systems and glitz and flight models and wing views and immersion... I don't think my mental state can take on more CTD or FS9 error or corrupted situation.And once it happens once, it can't be repaired right? I mean, there are some files to delete right, but which ones does PMDG affect, that you can delete to return to FS9 basic install, if the NG fails me again.So, if anyone wants to give me advice it would be greatly apprecitate. But the difference between me and most simmers, is that I can now just fly, fly, fly and never experience any more headaches. As limited as my fun might be, the stress, inflicted by a faulty FS version are HUGE... I am sure some of you know what I mean. It's hell and it's like war with your computer. I can't use my PFC controls nor mabye the NG or any commercial addon ever again until getting a new machine.Yet, now I am at peace with my computer .. my airplane in the basement!- peter

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