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Curious FD Behavior

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Hey PMDG/737 guru's,Here's a FD question for you. When flying an ILS, are the cue's not steering cues for the localizer/glideslope? If CWS was enabled would the FD cues behave differently?I decided to set myself some really nasty IFR and try a hand flown approach into KSLC 34R (CRS: 341). Nothing in the FMC. Just manually dialed in the ILS, took off, and shot an approach. Nothing overly clever.I circled to the east of the field, putting the localizer to the left of me on interception. The EHSI was in APP MODE, and correctly displayed the CDI needle deflected left. Strangely, the FD cues were directing me to make a gentle turn to the right. My first thought was that the FD cue was more sensitive than the CDI needle and was giving me some lead time to make my turn to final. But once I was established on the localizer, the FD cue continued to command a right turn away from the localizer path. For giggles I followed it and it just led me around in a shallow circle. It didn't appear to know where it wanted to lead me.The only odd thing about this approach was that I was hand flying it under CWS - so maybe the FD behaves differently in this mode?Thoughts on this?Jason Barlow

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